Western Reaches

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Western Reaches
General information
RegionMid Rim
Controlled ByTrade Federation
Astrographic EntryWestern Reaches

The Western Reaches sector is a region of space located in the southwestern portion in the Mid Rim. The sector was discovered on the 302nd day of Year 20 (CGT) and prompted dozens of individuals and organizations to attempt colonization of the untouched world of Jakku. The Trade Federation laid claim to the sector and asserted its control over both the Jakku and Takodana systems, the latter of which was found several days later by scouts of a Federation-led coalition.


System Position Planets Population Controller
Jakku (-105, -205) 1 52,304,406 Trade Federation
Takodana (-150, -187) 1 ~500,000 Trade Federation
Jedha (-125, -195) 1 ~75,666,843 The Industrial Confederacy