Wulk Aggrakk

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Wulk Aggrakk
Biographical Information
Race Hybrid Gamorrean
Homeworld Coruscant
Mother None
Father None
Siblings Neria Derycke ( Blood Sister )
Born Year 14 Day 88
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 7'2"
Coloring Green
Eye Color Green
Political Information
Affiliation CorSec
Prior Affiliation Falleen Federation
Triumvirate Coalition
Veritas Press
Sienar Conglomerate


The Creation of Wulk

Among the Core worlds lies Coruscant, where a group of scientists discussed how they would create the perfect super soldier. They deliberated for a long time practicing with many races and hybrids. This is the story of one such person.

Wulk Aggrakk Wulk


Created in a laboratory by scientists, Wulk Aggrakk or designate Subject 0, was part of a genetic project to produce super soldiers. Utilizing Human and Gamorrean genetic samples to produce a soldier that was both pliable and strong, Wulk Aggrakk was the end result. Even as a shoat, Wulk was green and large in most proportion compared to other Gamorreans. He was often reprimanded by others for displaying his fierce temperament and severe brutality.However, he also inherited stealth and dexterity from his human gene pool.It was due to his impressive growth rate and that Wulk was taught with the use of the latest Imperial flash education technologies in combat at a younger age than a Gamorrean would normally begin their combat training. While growing up one of his favourite pastimes was training in the use of the vibroweapons, such as Vibroswords, Axe and Lance.He spent many hours training in these combat skills, building his strength and developing enough brute force to be able to wield a Double Vibrosword with extreme ease. He carries another weapon of his Gamorrean race, the arg`garok as this was good for combat but also for practical use.

Wulk also wanted to develop some of his human characteristics. Typically Gamorrean struggle with any language outside of their own or Galactic Basic due to the lack of vocal chord development. In Wulk's case he was able to learn and spent many hours when he was not combat training, researching other races to learn the languages that would be most beneficial. He figured that enemies would not realise this and it would assist him in knowing what a plan of attack may entail. He also gained information on other races so that he could work out their strengths and weaknesses in battle. During this research he also learned about other aspects of the galaxy such as planet terrain, and creatures. Even someone of Wulk's size needed to be able to locate food and shelter and which of the creatures to know to avoid. After all some home-worlds would be massively different to Coruscant. Needless to say the scientists were so impressed with his skills and dedication to all of his training that they intended to utilize him for combat before he reached full adulthood.

However, the Imperial oversight committee though looked upon him and saw not a soldier for the Galactic Empire but a freak to be expunged from the galaxy. The project was shut down and the company which had made Wulk Aggrakk was shut down, its scientists assigned to different outposts all over the galaxy.

Wulk in Combat

Hunted or Hunter?

Rather than be put down like some animal, Wulk Aggrakk made haste and escaped, running away into the wilds of Coruscant to fend for himself with the other bottom feeders in the dregs of the Imperial homeworld. Being in the wilderness gave the opportunity to further develop his skills. Using the arg`garok that he had managed to take with him he began making other weapons, the easiest to make being the Thorgk. His plan was to use it for hunting, but it also became necessary for fighting bandits whenever he was discovered, stealing their weapons in the process.Wulk took the opportunity to practice his weapons skills. "These pistols and rifles could come in handy" he said to himself. Up until now most of his combat training had been with melee weapons. His human side however showed itself again and he found he had a keen eye for a good shot.

To aid in his defense he also scavenged any armor and practiced making his own that was better suited to his immense frame. Although more or less self sufficient and happy in how own company, Wulk still had a very aggressive temperament which allowed him to kill anyone who threatened him easily. using his human guile and gamorrean strength, he had found surviving in the wilderness and easy task. At least for a while.

As it happened, realizing their mistake, the Imperial oversight committee sent out hunter killers to take down the now massive Wulk Aggrakk. Having trawled the cities they decided to look a little further afield. Finding the bodies of various bandits on the way with puncture wounds replicating the impact of a Thorgk they knew they were on the right path. They finally tracked him down and attempted to apprehend him only to find they could not overcome his martial prowess. In an epic battle involving a large explosion that Wulk survived, the Imperial Commandos sent to kill him reported that Wulk had been put down, knowing not that Wulk had survived as he slipped into the bowels of Coruscant's cityscape.

Wulk found that due to his incredible size he could not stay discreet in the city surroundings no matter how unobtrusive he tried to be. His combat served him well enabling him to survive encounters many times, but he became weary and bored of the same thing day in day out and opted to seek an existence elsewhere.

Finding an abandoned starship, a Horizon class vessel, Wulk fumbled with the controls until he learned them sufficiently with the help of the ship's navigational computer to escape Corunscant. As he tried to escape, the ship was boarded by the owner and his troopers, who just happened to be the head of the Imperial oversight committee that tried to have him executed. In a furious rage Wulk laid into his foes and death ran rampant within the close quarters of the Horizon starship. Very soon all of the troopers lay in a pool of their own vitae and the Committee head lay struggling before the massive Wulk, quivering in fear.

With a moment of stupid bravado the Imperial officer tried to pull out a hold out blaster. Wulk knocked it aside and grabbing the Imperial by the throat squeezed and twisted. With a loud crackle sound, the Imperial voided himself and collapsed to the floor, a puppet with its strings cut. Free of Imperial dominion, the massive genetic creation, Wulk Aggrakk set course for the stars.

Wulk in Rage


Wulk was anxious to see what the galaxy held for someone of his size and strength, and also what excitement was to be had. He made a decision to seek out and learn all that he could, seeing it as a remarkable opportunity to find a new home.As he started his travels he used the time to do some more research and had not been long gone when something caught his attention. He sat back and read more about the Falleen Federation.

Seeing potential in the Falleen Federation, Wulk deviated from his original course and committed himself to a society that not only accepted him but upheld the honors and tradition that allowed someone like him to excel.

Falleen Federation

Wulk was readily accepted into his new home. His potential was noted and through his efforts and hard work, was quickly given the rank of Sergeant. But this was not to last. Wulk very quickly became aware that the levels of communication were not as he had expected and after being made promises that were not delivered with no real explanation. This made his temper worse and he found it difficult to obey orders. Rather than end up either arrested or dead from disobey a higher ranking officer he made the choice to seek work elsewhere and once again began his research.

Wulk needed a home that would support him in his attempt to control his rage. While useful in combat, this was not the way he wanted all aspects of his life to be. One day it clicked in his head,the religious order Alissma seemed ideal to help him with this.His new goal, to become more social after his time in the wilderness and to get his temper under control, were the new skills he desired. Alissma had contacted him previously but he had been more concerned with what the Falleen Federation had to offer.

Wulk made the choice there and then to contact them and left his current role to join them.


Once he had been accepted into Alissma he discussed his aims and purpose of requesting to join them with their Leader. He wanted to change. He wanted to learn to meditate, to control his rage and violence with others, as this had not served him well or done him any favors in the past..other than to survive. He made it clear he wanted to follow the path of Ara.

As part of his rage therapy it was agreed that rather than take out his aggression on those he was trying to become more social with, then he could go hunting at his leisure, providing that he kept up with his meditation in order to regain composure.

Wulk set off on his path, using his past research and knowledge to enable him to find good places to hunt. He was please with his choice to join Alissma, they were supporting him. This was something he had never had before.

Another Chapter

Although Wulk enjoyed his time as Alissma, he became as he had wished and his reason for joining Alissma, more social in his ways. He sat down one night deep in contemplation and suddenly felt that the lonely life was not for him. In a moment of realisation he knew what he wanted. He wanted to use his natural rage to help. He sat down to thinking "hmmm", who could he go to? Alissma would never accept his ways if he used violence. He once again started his research, looking through many organisations, finally coming across one he thought might suit his needs and that he could also help. He had encountered across a government organisation and requested to join. Wulk was accepted into Triumvirate Coalition and joined the ground force team....He was now a member of Coalition Marines. He had found another niche for his rage. He could use it as a positive thing. His mental attitude for his temper was combat always. His realisation meant that this could never change...he would kill or be killed. But due to his new found attitude he was accepted by his peers.This is the nature of Triumvirate Coalition. Equality among all citizens. To live as they please. Wulk's new chapter had begun and he was happy again.

UltramarinesUltramarines Ultramarines

Triumvirate Coalition

Wulk's career in Triumvirate Coalition started off just as he had hoped, joining to Coalition Marines, leading his platoon through many missions to keep the peace across their sectors. The Ultramarines platoon was one of the most deadly in combat in the whole of Bravo Company, with Wulk rising through the ranks, reaching the rank of First Lieutenant and being nominated as CO of Bravo Company. There was good camaraderie between him and his brothers in arms. They had a lot in common, spoke the same language and shared the most amazing experiences.

However, some things never change and he once again found himself getting him in trouble due to his fiery temper. This was mainly with his leader as he struggled to take direct orders. Their relationship was like a small war zone, ruined and Wulk felt the need to leave.

Alone Again

His own rage still confused him; wondered why he could never control it. So he decided to stop fighting and find a completely different role for himself. Over the years his friends and contacts list had expanded and he had gotten to know two peeople he felt he could rely upon, Kiie Crystal and Neria Derycke. Kiie, the Veritas Press Conglomerate leader, knowing of his situation invited Wulk to be a diplomat. He served in this position for a short time and negotiated many deals between Veritas Press and other organisations. But Wulk being Wulk soon once again felt his roots calling him. He missed the thrill of combat, the stress of fight. This was what made him feel alive and he missed the feel of cold steel in his hand. Feeling demotivated he packed up from Veritas and went to seek out some action.

During a hunting-party with his friend Neria Derycke, she requested that he join her at Sienar Conglomerate. Neria had taken up a new role leading their new security force and told him that she needed experienced people like him. It didn't take much thinking about for Wulk so after leaving Veritas Press he took up his new position with Sienar Conglomerate.

Sienar Conglomerate

Once in the Sienar Conglomerate and under Neria Derycke’s command, he joined the ground combat forces. He created a platoon called Blood Angels, equipped with the same type of armor and technology that had already been implemented in the Ultramarines. With Wulk Aggrakk command and after many missions, they were known for their aggressiveness, fearlessness and indifference in combat. They were beckoned, especially for assault and rescue missions and the enemy forces were usually totally wiped-out.

Blood AngelsBlood AngelsBlood Angels

After showing his courage and loyalty, Wulk and his squad were invited to join a new division - OMEGA DIVISION. The Elite Troops Division. It was Sienar Conglomerate’s first special operations platoon. With equal effectiveness and dedication, Wulk and his men proved their value in combat, once again, and a cornerstone in the Sienar Conglomerate's army.

Throughout this time Wulk Aggrakk and Neria Derycke work directly together and a great friendship grew up between them. Wulk felt a great sense of protection and respect over her. One day, during a funny moment where they drank together, Wulk unsheathed his combat knife, cut his hand and then took Neria's hand, which without showing any fear or hesitation, let him take it in his hand. He cut her hand too. Then they joined both bloody hands and screamed ... BLOOD BROTHERS FOREVER ... They became blood brothers.

One day, after returning from another accomplished mission, Wulk received very bad news - Neria Derycke had abandoned the faction. It happened suddenly without any explanation. For a few seconds he felt betrayed by his blood sister. But he knew her well; he thought at once that something strange had happened.

Eternal Friendship

After several days of failed attempts to communicate with her, he finally managed to communicate with her. She simply explained to him that she had abandoned her job and was going to join the Corporate Sector Authority due to family problems. After a detailed explanation of what was happening, Wulk, without hesitation, left Sienar Conglomerate and he followed his great friend and blood sister.

He immediately took off in one of his ships and headed towards the coordinates sent by Neria Derycke. The trip was long and full of unforeseeable circumstances. He felt surprised when he received a statement from her inviting him to join CorSec, because she would command this faction. Albeit in face of tremendous risk, he aborted the hyperspace travel and inserted new coordinates for new destination.

CorSec Family

After he joined CorSec, Wulk was invited to command CorSec Special Forces department (CSO), which only proved that Neria Derycke really trusted in him. Although now he was leading a department, fighting and being on the battlefield was imbedded in him. He created his own combat platoon called Dark Angels, equipped much like all his previous platoons.

Dark Angels

Over time he proved its value as a leader, he simply proved that it wasn’t a simple animal of battle. Sometimes opportunities arose in times of crisis, and it was due to one of those moments, when Wulk Aggrakk was invited by Neria Derycke to be the Second In Command in CorSec faction. His predecessor had betrayed the faction, and Wulk was the only member that Neria trusted. He accepted the position with great honor and promised to serve the best he could and also he kept the CSO leadership.

Blood Brothers

During that time, the relationship of brotherhood increased, Wulk became a personal adviser and bodyguard to the Commander Neria Derycke. Where she was, he should be around ... that was an unquestionable reality. CorSec rose again and began to prosper, under the blameless command of Neria Derycke. New treaties and alliances were made as well as new cadets and other specialized personnel joined us.

Blood Brothers

But just as life has cycles, Wulk also has them too... He began to get cranky, unpleasant and bad tempered. The last events had created certain feelings in Wulk. Especially the relationship between CorSec and Galactic Empire, was getting very close and Wulk never forgot his all-suffering past. This close relationship was infuriating Wulk. After several unpleasant situations and endless hours of conversations between Wulk Aggrakk and Neria Derycke, he decided to relinquish his command posts and left. He needed to isolate himself and meditate. The spiritual knowledge he had learned during those days when he was at {{Alissma]] would be very useful now. With sadness, Wulk Aggrakk said goodbye to all members, paying special attention to his beloved friend and blood sister Neria Derycke… He entered his ship and took off into stars direction... He needed to be alone.

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