Xi`lo Scivelli

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Xi`lo Scivelli
Biographical Information
Race Falleen
Homeworld Falleen
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6 feet 4 inches
Coloring Dark Green
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Red Moon Horizon
Rank Council
Prior Affiliation Alliance Special Operations
Dark Star Hellions


Little is known about the early years of Xi`lo Scivelli. His parentage remains a mystery, and many including Xi`lo are unsure if they are alive or deceased.

Xi`lo Scivelli .. to whom this may concern..case note access

Xi`lo Scivelli is typical of many male Falleen, tall, athletic and strong. Any party seeking him out should be aware of his ability to blend into the background before he strikes.... and he strikes hard. He has the natural ability to keep any emotions in check and feudal in nature..be warned. Attempts to capture are often futile

Data Capture of Xi`lo Scivelli

Often seen wearing dark attire
Armour type unknown
Weapons of choice Nightstinger and Vibroblade at all times

Psych Evaluation...data download


Considered armed and dangerous..backup required..do not approach unaided

...data interrupted...download aborted

...case file...ongoing.....

Early Life

Xi`lo does not remember much of his upbringing, not even remembering who his parents were. He often thought that as a very young Falleen that he must have encountered some trauma before he was old enough to control his feelings,and that had made him blank out many of his younger years. But still he had no doubt that he had inherited his wiles and cunning from someone. He was aware that being Falleen came with a lot of natural instincts to fight, but he felt stronger than most. Accompanied with his extreme dislike for internal and external politics, made the decision to go off on his own.

Xi`lo set off to wander the planet, avoiding others where he could. The only encounters he made were to rob people for everything he could get. He had an incredible sense of patience, often stalking or waiting for days for the perfect time to attack. "They never knew what hit them" , he would often think to himself.

One day, quite unexpectedly, as he wandered the planet he realised he was being followed and turned to face them. Things had been a little rough lately, with not much in the way of prey. Before he could say anything the stranger spoke out, "Well I have to give you this..you are good"

Xi`lo looked at him oddly, "Not sure what you mean by that". The stranger looked upon him "I've been watching you for days, you have skill.but nothing that couldn't be improved upon...oh by the way, I'm Xank Cro`lok"

"Xi`lo Scivelli, and improve on what? I can look after myself..all I need"

The two stood on guard as they continued to talk. Xank was a member of a swoop club names Dark Star Hellions. Xi`lo was intrigued, it sounded like the lifestyle he was looking for. Xank told him he would speak to the leader, Ximaro Jix.

Dark Star Hellions

Within time Xi`lo was accepted as a prospect and excelled. A short period of time passed and he was promoted to the rank of Hellions Original Enforcer and later Sgt at Arms. One day it was announced that Xi`lo had become Dark Star Hellions newest Swoop Captain, having shown time and time again that he was committed to doing whatever was required by the club. The vote was unanimous.

His duties remain covert unless deemed otherwise. A full record of crimes has never been made available and is assumed that the victims of his crimes were never able to identify him.

Known Crimes

Murder - 1 count- Davian Rahad Unlawful Imprisonment - Edvard Gimelshwartz (released after negotiations with leader) Theft - Numerous counts

  • No convictions to date*