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LanguageYuzzum language [1]
Average Height2 to 2.5 meters [1]
Skin colorBrown to red [1]
Hair colorBrown, blue, black [1]
DistinctionsLong skinny limbs, neckless [1]
Known MembersList of known Yuzzum

Biology and appearance

Yuzzum hail from the forest moon of Endor. Like many of the races from Endor, the Yuzzum are generally quite primitive. On average they stand about 2.5 meters tall. They have round, fur covered bodies and long, thin arms and legs. They have large noses and even larger mouths.

Nevertheless, the species showed a great deal of genetic diversity. Some had wide, toothy mouths, while others had fangs. Their eyes ranged from black to yellow in color. Yuzzum feet were also variable, with some groups having hooves, some having pawlike feet, and others claws. Some Yuzzums had long, pointed ears, while others had no ears to speak of. Most Yuzzums were quite tall, although shorter individuals were born occasionally. These dwarf Yuzzums were often social outcasts. [1]

Society and culture

The Yuzzum found on Endor are similar in habit to the Ewok. They generally use spears and other primitive weapons when hunting for rodents and other small animals that make up their diet. The main advantage a Yuzzum has over an Ewok is its size, which is often used to frighten away or intimidate predators and outsiders.

Yuzzum can learn basic and other languages when given the opportunity. Among their own kind, however, the Yuzzum communicate using a musical language that is sung rather than spoken. Much of the musical language is lost on outsiders, and only beings with extra sensitive ears can fully appreciate the range of notes a Yuzzum uses.

Yuzzum names are generally unpronounceable by any other than another Yuzzum. For that reason most go by nicknames if they ever manage to leave Endor.

Yuzzums were sometimes exported as pets, despite the fact that they were sentient. Their musical language made them naturals to find work as singers. [1]

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