Zaeed Dravad

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Zaeed Dravad
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Siblings None
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information

Zaeed Dravad was born a Corellian to a wealthy family. When he was five he travelled with his parents to Coruscant, where he was kidnapped by a mercenary band and taken to Nar Shadaa.

When the mercs landed they got into a skirmish with a Mandalorian Bounty Hunter, who was employed by the Bounty Hunters Guild, to take out these mercenaries who did not follow Nar Shadaa's rules. After a quick firefight the victorious Mandalorian found the boy.

Wanting a legacy, a heir, the Mandalorian decided to raise and train the boy instead of collect the reward given for his return from the parents. Zaeed was a talented young boy and learned quickly, He didnt only watch his "father" but also the other guild members and species.

Soon he impressed the Mandalorian so much that by the age of 16, the Mandalorian gave him his prized Beskar Armor. Now Zaeed is a talented, ambitious, and ruthless Bounty Hunter that will do whatever it takes to get the job done.

When Zaeed was 25, he was contracted to kill a notorious Trandoshan Slaver. He found the Trandoshans ship connected to a freighter. The following is from Zaeed's personal logs.


I received a contract from a wealthy gang leader named Carth, on Coruscant. The mark was a dangerous Trandoshan Elite, who formed a gang of his own. Apparently this Trando had his stubby little fingers in some of Carth's "business", and Carth wanted him dead...

...I found some leads, and tracked the Trandoshan down. I learned that he had made his way to Kashyyyk. I set-off after him immediately...

...After I dropped out of hyperspace in Kashyyyk's orbit, my scanners instantly lit up, revealing two ships, one small freighter, and a larger freigher, clearly of Trandoshan design. The Trando ship was attached to the smaller freighter, it was obviously a Trandoshan pirate raid. I would normally ignore it, but I noticed the markings on the Trando ship, they were the same as the markings for my "target's", gang.

So I moved in closer, doing more detailed scans as I crept forward. All of the pirates were on the boarded ship, all of them were Trandoshan. I picked up one other lifeform, a single human, also on the boarded ship. I knew those dumb lizards were to busy looting to notice me approach...

...Once I was aboard the smaller freighter, I hooked up the main computer to my PDA, hacked through the firewalls, uploaded some special "bugs" onto the system, and gained complete control of the ships basic functions. Then I headed toward the cockpit...

...I arrived at the cockpit to find a crew of seven Trandoshans together with a big Trandoshan elite that looked like their leader. In the center of the room, was a young woman, tied up and on her knees. She looked scared, but capable of defending herself (probably a smuggler). The big Trando was starting "interrogations" with her. I ran his face through my database and discovered that this massive Trando Elite was my target...

...I was outside the door, waiting for a chance. I knew that Trandoshans could see infrared light and that darkness didn't bother them much, but if I switched all the ships lights out, I could probably distract them long enough to make my move. As I prepared my PDA to deactivate the lights, the Trandoshan hissed out something at the woman, leaning in near her face. I immediately took aim and fired.

A burst of green erupted from where the Trandoshans head used to be, his crew turned around instantly, and one hissed out, "What the Hell?". That's when I turned out the lights. Dumb lizards panicked so much, that they didn't even see me run in the room, vibroblade in hand. Shooting targets in a confined room, especially a cockpit is really stupid, so I used my vibroblade and started killing.

I moved from one to another, slicing throats, and bludgeoning my way through the lizards. All that could be heard was the frantic hissing of the dying Trandoshans. In a matter of seconds, only one was left, ... Will be added later