Zenron Rausk

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Zenron Rausk
Biographical Information
Race Coruscanti
Homeworld Coruscant
Mother Alienne Prennis (deceased)
Father Thaine Rausk (deceased)
Spouse Shoujo Rausk
Siblings Rynen Rausk (location unknown), Prennis Rausk, Treinah Rausk, Tnaen Rausk (location unknown)
Born Year -8 Day 5
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.85m
Coloring white
Hair Color black
Eye Color blue
Political Information
Affiliation Mandalore,Imperial Union
Rank O-5
Positions Mandalorian Akaat'alor
Prior Affiliation none

Zenron Rausk born in a noble family on Coruscant, where he got attended to an illegal deathmacth arena, branded as Academy to lure youngsters with hopes of joining the imperial army to fight for their lives for the sake of their "owners". After he got free of this place he escaped coruscant in an ETA-2 provided by his friend, and he flewn to the first system he found in the nav-comp. There he found the government, and when he got asked for the reason his arrival to the system, he told he came to join Mandalore. It was not a lie, as he would barely join anything that did not took his life, but as it turned out, he did not regret it either. He is currently the leader of the Mandalorian 1st Batallion.


Zenron was born in a huge family with 2 sisters and 2 younger brother. Their parents knew that with their wealth decreasing they wont be able to fullyfill their son's dream of being an imperial officer as simply as it once seemed. They found a cheap place branded as Academy, where their promised the young peoples education in weapons and fights. So Zenron moved into the "school". Years spent, and he made many friends inside the academy. There he met Orton Slyde who later became one of his best friends. There were many disappearences, but all of them tought it is only the competitive atmosphere that couses these events. It turned out elsehow: one night both Orton and Zenron was called onto the top floor of the building. Noone was allowed to go there of the students.

Upon entering they saw a huge cage in the middle of the room. They both got a vibrosword. Zenron asked for a 2nd one, as he got used to dual wield with meele weapons. As soon as he got it they were instructed to enter the cage. Once in, Zenron did not saw anything, but his Kel-dor friend saw it clearly, that they are sorrounded by thousands of people, who were watching the cage. "We must get out of here. NOW" he whispered to Zenron. The gates were closing in, and Zenron acted by insticts: with an uppercut he slain the controller of the cage doors, and they ran out. Noone knows what happened after that.

When they security arrived to that place, they found the corpse of over 1000 people, and all the "students-gladiators" gone missing.

Return and Escape

After he returned home, he found the giant building in ruins. As he learned from a citizen, Jedi have overrun the building, when they found evidence of his younger brother Tnaen being a sith apprentice. They imprisoned his family, but Rynen and Tnaen managed to escape. Noone knows where are they now. With Orton he ran straight forward the Jedi temple. As from the Academy the temple was seen, they knew exactly that there was a maintance hatch that the janitors used. They simply jumped in. How did they manage to get out unnoticedly with the prisoners is also a mistery. As soon they were out, he got contacted by an old friend, who told him he dropped out 2 fighters for him and Orton. They both made their run with these ships, and ended up in Tau Sakar.

Mandalore and the Vanguard

Vanguard station complex's partial wiew.

He made slow progress in his days at the Mandalorian Academy. He did not care much for studiing things he already knew, but once he decieded to take the final exam, and was assigned to his unit, he jumped ranks fast. He took place in several important operations of Mandalore, and in 2 years he became the leader of the Firebirds. This was the unit that contained most of the veterans in the mandalorian armies. He was later noticed by the Akaat'alor of the 1st, and been picked as XO for the 1st Akaata. In a bit less then a year he took over the 1st Akaata, and resides as the current Akaat'alor of the 1st.

He mostly spends his days in the deep space, where his station complex Vanguard is found. There is his private fleet among shipyards and space colonies.

Nowadays he can always be found on his Marauder Centurion, using it as his mobile home and base.