Eidola institutes new policy

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Eidola institutes new policy. Death to the crappiest of GNS writers.

A new missive that purports to be from the group of, increasingly journalistic and decreasingly militant, pirates has announced that while they are engaged in a hard-fought battle over the monarchial ports of Ithulla, they would like to offer the Bounty Hunters of the galaxy some work.

Bill Wildstar recently penned a journalistic travesty from his position as leader of Silverhelm Entertainment. The post, which hopefully GNS censors will quickly remove all traces of, consisted of seven paragraphs. Five of the paragraphs cut off halfway-through, while the others instead only cut off sentences within the paragraph, not the actual ending of the thought.

The content of the editorial disguised as journalism was naught but the drunken ramblings of a man not fit to lead a bordok to water, much less an organization. I am uncertain which agency gave Updates from the Frequent Sexual Philosophizing of Bill Wildstar my details, but I wish to cancel my subscription immediately. Also, I would appreciate if the editors of aforementioned publication could clarify the context and meaning of segments such as "which caused ELi to fall over, and catch herself on the And his face. He was very disappointed at Koz." and "then a nor A live in pantry...If you have one, call Vodo. That’s one The Slurm Cola 500 swoop race has been the hot spot for many business people", or perhaps Eidola's collective favourite, "After a night of meeting the parents, Vodo and A night of lovemaking."

We are announcing now that a bounty is being issued for Bill Wildstar, to the tune of 10,000,000 credits, payable upon evidence of death. While the extent of his butchery of the Basic language is unfathomable, the direct charge against him reads "For writing the worst attempt at erotica ever attempted", apparently a reference to his line "Fire in her eyes burned for Aurion, someone she was totally into."

So there you have it, an Eidola response to the Corporate Sector's attempt to look cool. A postscript attached to the missive also said that if our reporter didn't point out that Wildstar's ridiculous GNS had actually been posted with approval of the Imperial Remnant, not hacked, they would shoot three Shwpis.

So there you have it, whether this is more a sign of the complete incompetence and hapless blundering of Silverhelm Entertainment, the Corporate Sector or the Imperial Remnant, is up to our viewers to decide.

Hacked by: Teniel Djo
Organization: Eidola Pirates Date: Year 7 Day 139
Onboard the YV-666 Gráinne Ni Mháille at galactic position (0, 0).