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Kosan Tammer was born in the comfort of his parent's home within Zalxuc City almost 17 years prior to the rise of the Galactic Empire. While the couple had seen several doctors about infertility issues, none of them had been able to explain their difficulties. Exhausted and elated with the birth of their 'miracle child', Amelia and William Tammer never really attempted to have children again. Amelia Tammer left her corporate duties to stay at home and care for her infant son. (Full article...)

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This Month in History
  • Day 112, Year 2: Liberty News Investigations, a popular scandal sheet known for its lurid stories, began publication.
  • Day 113, Year 3: The Dark Empire arrested and executed the president of the Ubrikkian Corporation.
  • Day 114, Year 4: Governor Jerome Antilles of Lorell, a Hapan planet, was fatally shot while giving a public speech
  • Day 118, Year 15: Total Outer Rim Scouts discovered the system Vasuuli at location (-23, 118).
  • Day 133, Year 4:Charon was deposed as Emperor of the Galactic Empire and chaos ensued.
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