Ykita Quillan

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Ykita Quillan
Biographical Information
Race Zabrak & Unknown Hybrid
Homeworld Vorsia Companion
Mother Vortex (Zabrak)
Father Arcturus (Unknown) †
Born Year -4 Day 210
Languages Galactic Basic
Physical Description
Gender Female
Political Information
Affiliation Vorsia Companion.png Vorsia Companion
JouLogo.png One Nation Under Jou
Signature YQSignature.png

Ykita Quillan is a bi-racial Zabrak from her paternal mothers' side, while the race of her father was never identified. Having grown up through immense struggle and hardship on Vorsia Companion during its occupation by the hunting guides, her family sacrificed in order to maintain Ykita's education, in which she excelled. A keen historian, cultural attaché, and qualified physician, she abhors violence and maintains an oath to care as best she can for those she comes into contact with. With a strong sense of loyalty to the moon she calls home, Ykita uses her intellect to influence government policy for the betterment of the citizens and non-humanoids, while using her spare time to volunteer at local medical clinics or modify droid components.

The Story

Born to a Zabrak mother and a father of unknown racial origin within a military base on Vorsia Companion, Ykita spent her infancy among the company of bounty hunters as her parents made a living as part of a hunting guild for most of their lives, before their retirement on the moon shortly after Ykita was born. Due to the highly militaristic nature of the moon's inhabitants, Ykita was enlisted from the age of four within one of the academies, learning the galactic basic language, basic military drills, and weapons training as part of the rules of citizenship imparted by the guild to those living within its walls. An intellect was swiftly identified, with Ykita proficient at a much higher level than her peers in traditional academia, with her more physically militaristic talents being more in line with other students. Due to her birth outside the walls of Iridonia, her parents made the decision to not follow Iridonian law and have Ykita claim heritage to a particular colony, instead allowing their daughter to make the decision independently should she wish the follow Zabrak heritage and visit the homeworld.

Insubordination and betrayal from those within the higher echelons of the hunting guilds forced the planets' operations to abruptly cease with various power struggles and uprisings appearing across the surface of the moon. Despite his independent, retired nature, Ykita's father Arcturus was forced to take numerous contracts in order try and maintain enough finances for his family’s survival, but due to his abilities no longer being as sharp as they once were, the family was forced to alter their lifestyle drastically, moving into commissioned housing to stave off homelessness.

Barely over the age of seven years old, Ykita did her best to maintain her intellectual education with the aid of her mothers' homeschooling, enlisting with new academic institutions when the Black Sun crime syndicate seized control of the planet. The rhetoric of the new government seemed rather simplistic, maintaining a sense of control by keeping most below the poverty line, rewarding only those select few who enlisted as contracts for the Black Sun and thus being rewarded for family loyalty. This was echoed by the Gran bureaucrat, Governor Tar Alaks, who appeared more focused on renovations of the governmental palace into a personal retreat more than enhancing the impoverished citizenries way of life. While little funding made it to city facilities, overcrowding, and excessive immigration began to overburden all infrastructure across the moon. More sentients were forced into makeshift housing and homelessness due to a lack of available housing and necessary facilities, while the wealthy hoarded their own corners of the moon to enjoy their own salvation. Taxes crippled the lower classes, with majority of finances going to the criminal syndicate’s pockets instead of providing food for families. Ironically, shortly after renovations were concluded the Gran Governor was seen even more infrequently across the moon before a public notice was disseminated that detailed the passing of ownership of the lands to a private investor. This trend continued for several months as the moon was used as leverage in a variety of extravagant transactions, as would-be Governor's wanted their own patch of the jungles, before bulking at the administrative duties of maintaining a moon.

Black Sun forces take Vorsia Companion

With family finances dwindling and both Arcturus and Vortex unable to find sufficient work to maintain a home and an education simultaneously, the family moved Ykita from their standalone commissioned housing into one of the endless housing districts of the planet. These districts littered across the planet, full of ruined and decrepit high-rise buildings as public funding had been abused by the frequent changes in governance across the planet, with very little improving society. Running water was scarce, food was hard to acquire and employment opportunities were either for passing traders or the highly educated. Despite the predicament, Ykita's homeschooling continued, often involving other impoverished children and the occasional displaced teacher that was able to assist. While the high-rise was frequently raided by criminal entities and government authorities, individuals were rarely executed. Many were escorted off to black sites or assaulted for medicines or foods they had either stolen or reclaimed from the small contingent of sympathetic citizens within the capital. Taxation had ceased due to the common rotation of administrations thanks to new ownership, causing cities across the planet to deteriorate and collapse, ensuring more sentients flooded into what skyscrapers remained, and educational resources became even more strained despite the efforts of the select few trained throughout the camps to continue their curriculum.

After months in various dilapidated, cramped community high-rise buildings, one evening all power and lighting ceased. Local authorities had sounded alarms and panic inevitably ensued. Gripped with fear, Vortex begged her husband to find Ykita who was within city walls receiving tuition, distraught at her daughters’ safety as she observed the familiar sight of the Black Sun crest embossed on various vessels landing on the planet. The Blackout as it became known, saw the moon claimed by Lilith Delcroix, who instituted an authoritarian rule for the moon to maintain order, installing herself as the Sovereign Countess of Vorsia Companion.

Lilith took the moon through military strength, deploying dropships out of low orbit across the moon. Hired mercenaries took swift control of infrastructure thanks to limited resistance and an impoverished weakened citizenry, with only the more brutal criminal elements resisting the incursion. The Blackout takeover came to its culmination at the main governmental palace, soon to be rechristened Bloodthrone Palace. The last remnants of resistance were surrounded and engaged by forces of the soon-to-be installed Sovereign Countess. The conflict spread throughout the palace and surrounding streets, including a small district which housed education and health facilities. Arcturus had managed to locate and collect Ykita from a facility, but was pinned down by engaging forces on both sides. Slowly they moved towards their housing district, but inevitably had to pass through the palace courtyards, the epicentre of the last stand. Arcturus shielded Ykita as much as he could as they ran to safety, with the tall, pale father taking several blaster bolts to the shoulder and abdomen. While Ykita managed to get over a courtyard wall towards the jungles of the moon, Arcturus was wounded in the leg once more, forcing Ykita to watch as her father was caught in a crossfire and fell, mere months after her eighth birthday.

Covered in dirt and blood as she returned to her decrepit high-rise, Ykita displayed barely any emotion as she hugged her mother, before explaining the heartbreak to her. Still so young, Ykita was unsure how to react. She was distraught at the loss of her father, but didn’t know who or what to blame, inevitably forming a degree of resentment to the new Sovereign Countess due to her actions indirectly causing her father’s death. While holofeeds over the following days would include various addresses by the new moon leader, it became clear that the loss of civilian life, albeit inevitable, was regrettable to the new government, who pledged to correct the indiscretions in future actions with the introduction of a new governmental body and the Council of Three.

This new rule initially saw the mass migration of the citizenry from the moon, with dilapidated cities and infrastructure quickly being demolished by the Delcroix regime, with makeshift camps closed and those affected were moved to nearby planetary bodies outside of the Neshig Sector. With over one hundred million sentients moved off-planet, the vast majority of whom were of alien origin, Ykita developed a sense of distaste toward the new governmental body, having lost numerous friends through the mass migrations. Despite both her and her mother’s resentment and mistrust of the new government, they both slowly began to see promise as the remaining citizens of the moon were all offered employment opportunities and adequate housing in neighborhoods as opposed to cramped high-rise apartments. They both however knew that it would be hard to live under the new regime thanks to its ‘Human High Culture’ propaganda, ensuring their continued status as second-class citizens.

Despite the adversity and discrimination they faced, Ykita was able to return to and finish her education, this time more focused on humanitarian studies, medical studies, and cultures as opposed to military maneuvers and protocols. Ykita made an effort to support government efforts publicly despite her mistrust, but would not promote any pro-human propaganda during public statements or through published works. Ykita developed a strong sense of loyalty to her jungle moon home of Vorsia Companion, seeking instead to become a historian and someone who upheld the planet’s cultures and environmental fauna. This would also allow the Zeltron hybrid to ensure the history of the rundown high-rise districts, constant struggles for power, and the mass migrations would remain known to the public and not fade into the obscurity of history. In an effort to help bring extra finances for the family, Ykita took up an internship within Dark Skies Gearworks, using her medical training she was learning to uphold health and safety standards, while also assisting in the treatment of minor injuries and any mental health battles employees faced which she was stationed within The Masterforge.

Once she became a legal adult, having excelled in her academic studies and graduating with a medical doctorate from the James Academy on Vorsia Companion, Ykita began to consider her best course of action on how to apply her skills. On the one hand, she could aid Vorsia operations at a broad scale by undertaking a permanent role within Dark Skies Gearworks, or she could work with local infrastructure companies to deploy medical clinics to aid lower-class populations across the moon. Enlisting with the latter, Ykita worked with various medical professionals in setting up small clinics in adversely affected communities, ensuring that the less wealthy pockets could receive adequate medical care.

Yikita participating in discussions on Moroa

Despite her best efforts to make improvements, it became clear that she couldn't simply bypass the governmental body. As her next focus became non-human advocacy and their integration into Vorsian society, Lilith Delcroix began to be more prominently visible across the moon as she sought to maintain Dark Skies Gearwork’s’ position as the most influential corporation across the moon. While remaining independent and outside of the manufacturing business, Ykita was buoyed by the hiring practices of the company, as it became clear that their pro-human stance had apparently softened, with the bulk of the Gearworks workforce being non-humans. Ykita maintained communications channels with those within the manufacturer, including the Forgemaster’s Aide Tex Navos, to follow the expansion of the company, using the growing galactic trade lanes to continue the promotion of non-humans across the moon.

Upon Dark Skies Gearworks transition to Vorsia Gearworks, access to the Sovereign Countess had decreased drastically due to her travels to secure trade agreements for the moon, while the Forgemaster’s Aide had departed the moon, deciding not to be apart of the corporate restructuring. While Ykita continued in her efforts to promote non-human interests across the moon, she began to focus more on her struggles of the past, and the planet’s as a whole. Ykita wanted to see Fort Elysian maintain its history of rebellion and struggle to highlight the significant plight that faced the moon. She had a desire to uncover the vast volumes of data passing through Origin City, and the ecological impacts of a city constantly in darkness thanks to the forests that darkened La'Marre.

While she maintained a small office within the capital of Bloodthrone City, Ykita spent most of her days within the Holonet Communications Centre to understand what local sentients were seeking within the moon's infrastructure. Through these observations, Ykita instituted various policies with the support of the Bathori House around transmission privacy, and governmental access to help both Sovereign Countess administrators and Vorsia Companion citizens. Through these positive motions, Ykita soon had sufficient finances to migrate her home and the home of her mother to the south-westerly Necrogothal city. The beautiful landscapes provided calming vistas for the two of them to enjoy, while also allowing Ykita's mother to willingly take a job as part-time curator of the Sanctum Necrothal Vorsia Cathedral.

As her focus remained on Vorsia Companion, Ykita found herself in the unfortunate situation of needing to travel to the Morobe sector on more than one occasion, her first experience of interstellar travel. The velocity of travel always made her feel uneasy and kept her travels to as little as possible, enlisting a 3PO Protocol Droid to pilot her Fury-class Imperial Interceptor Corvette when discussions could not be accomplished via holonet communicator. These travels ensured she could acquire key information from former Vorsian residents who had departed during the mass-migrations, or to monitor the progress of former patients that had passed through her various medical institutions. While Lilith Delcroix had been seen spending the vast majority of her time within Tion Hegemony space, information began to disseminate across Morobe and Vorsia Companion about ideals of faith spreading across the nobility. Through their influence, these ideals of ‘‘the Grace of Jou’’ began to spread throughout common society over the coming years, thanks largely in part by state-owned media operations and those seeking political favoritism, with shrines, religious chapels and even fanatic followers sprawling across the moon, dedicated to Amaranalah Jou.

Despite her distaste toward the new views of many across the moon, Ykita was intent on continuing her work for the moon’s society. Unfortunately having to increase her travels to Morobe, Ykita found herself able to aid with administrative work relating to ongoing allegiance discussions between One Nation Under Jou and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Whilst not part of primary negotiation teams, Ykita was responsible for drafting documentation and maintaining records for historical accuracy. She was fully in support of the decision due to the potential it brought her homeworld, including the opportunity for an economic influx and increased tourism to the once economically exploited moon.

After prolonged discussions, Ykita celebrated as the agreement was finalized and broadcast over the Galactic News Service, but she was soon forced to return to Vorsia Companion abruptly due to an unwelcome situation. While discussions had occurred internally to amalgamate Vorsian health operations within the confederate medical operation known as Troika Medical Distribution, these plans had not yet been made public, and a young group of aspiring political nobles began to publicly call from Vorsia Companion's sedition from the ruling Sovereign Countess and One Nation Under Jou after the Royal Vorsian Healthcare facility Angel's Falls was demolished. Despite efforts to assure the public that this demolition was planned and simply a step toward restructuring with a new strategic partner, demonstrations escalated forcing a state of high security to be instituted, with thousands of arrests occurring across the planet in an effort to restore order. While demonstrations eventually calmed down and numerous prosecutions occurred, Ykita formally became part of Vorsia Companion governmental operations to ensure such uprisings would no longer occur. She began to work part-time for governmental operations, while the remainder of her time was used to offer medical services and doing what she could to uphold the history and culture of the moon through various museums and libraries across the surface.

Appearance & Personality

Identifying predominately as Zabrak, Ykita has a small number of vestigial horns and subdermal markings on her skull. Due to her father being of an unknown racial origin, she maintains several genetic features that are different from her other humanoids or Zabraks. These genetic attributes are particularly seen in her proportionally large fingers. Due to her hybrid nature, Ykita was not bound to particular Zabrak cultural experiences. She was not facially tattooed as a child and is not bound to any particular Iridonian colony.

Ykita Quillan and Javik, her 3PO Protocol Droid on Vorsia Companion

Ykita commonly dresses cleanly in suits, robes, or smart-casual attire. She is a reserved individual with limited exposure to the galaxy outside of Vorsia Companion and has been known to shy away from large gatherings and intimate gathers alike due to her dislike of violence and bravado. She maintains a small group of close confidants and is rarely seen outside of a work environment, living a conservative life romantically and having little time to explore other aspects of her life. Her intent is to eventually traverse the galaxy to understand her Zabrak heritage on Iridonia, but has delayed the trip on numerous occasions due to her distaste towards intergalactic travel.

Despite the sheltered nature and societal loyalty to Vorsia Companion, Ykita has no ill will toward aliens and humans alike, believing that expansive cultural integration is positive for planetary growth, despite what the older nobles believe is substandard. She is a supporter of cybernetic enhancement and the use of droids in society, intent on finding an equilibrium for society at large to ward off the potential threats of poverty or uprising. Through various investments, Ykita has amassed a sizeable wealth but maintains a very small contingent of vessels for comfortable travel to Morobe when absolutely required, and is seen regularly with her 3PO Protocol Droid known as JPO-3, or Javik.