Amaranalah Jou

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Amaranalah Jou
Amaranalah Jou Portrait.png
Biographical Information
Race Human
Quote We are made of cruel passions.
Physical Description
Gender Female
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Unknown
Positions Ex-Vigo
Ex-Jedi Praxium Navy XO
Ex-Novatech Intel Director
Ex-Kathol Republic Senator
Ex-Black Watch CO
Prior Affiliation Black Sun
Jedi Praxium
Kathol Republic

Amaranalah "Nalah" Jou is a female Human and was a Vigo in the Black Sun crime syndicate. She is a moderately tall woman with shoulder-length blond hair and dark blue eyes. She often dresses smartly in expensive clothing.


Disenchanted with the idealistic and naive approaches to peace employed by the likes of the Jedi Praxium and the New Republic, Jou found herself turning to the criminal underworld in the hopes of finding a sense of purpose to her life. She found that with the Black Sun, with whom she had long been linked to through former employer's Adam A Flynn and the late Irving Howie. Living for the Family, loyalty was of uttermost importance to this Vigo. For reasons untold, Vigo Jou stopped communicating in early Year 12 and her whereabouts in the galaxy remain unknown. Eventually, on an uncertain date, her seat on the Family Council of Black Sun was removed and Jou was forgotten by many.

But not forgotten by all. The galaxy was once again reminded of Jou’s name with the establishment of an independent sovereign state One Nation Under Jou in Year 21, almost a decade after her disappearance. Jou is celebrated within the One Nation as a culturally important figure despite her continuous absence from the galaxy at large. By some citizens Jou is attributed a level of divinity and is revered religiously.