Pits of Plooma (System)

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Pits of Plooma
General information
Sector Veragi
Galactic Coordinates (-9, 406)
Date of Discovery Before record-keeping began
Planets 0
Suns 1
Moons 2
Asteroid Fields 1
Controlled By None
Astrographic Entry

The Pits of Plooma is a deep space formation near the Galactic Rim. While not as famous as the Maw, the Pits of Plooma is another system containing a Black Hole. Once a binary system one Star imploded into a Black Hole that today seeks to devour its partner. Two volcanic moons remain under extreme gravity such that they are uninhabitable. The asteroid belt remaining is known as the home of Kyria Wild.

Asteroid Fields

Planet Position Size Population Control
Plooma Asteroid Field (5, 13) 1,1 301,741 None


Planet Position Size Population Control
Plooma 1 (9, 10) 3,3 0 None
Plooma 2 (11, 10) 3,3 0 None