Ankh Biomedical Services

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Ankh Biomedical Services
General Information
Motto "Nothing is out of reach"
Status Inactive
Leader A`ab Driff Ka`ar, Tom Krusher, Charlena Halo, Sienna Lynn
Owner Tom Krusher
Headquarters Morath Beta
Historical Information
Founded Year 12 Day 328
Dissolved Year 14 Day 139
Political Information
Affiliation Ankh Group
Industry Medical Services
Holosite Ankh Biomedical Services

Mission Statement

Ankh Biomedical Services seeks to provide the galaxy ..the very best in Service, Quality, Dependability and Honest Trading in every facet of our company and our employees. Our Medical Service is available to all in need by highly trained medical personnel. Priority is to rescue, preserve and protect the casualty to full recovery status without bias, prejudice or treachery. Duty to the survival of the injured is paramount and under oath.

Ankh Medical Security personnel provide a unique service as an escort and in the protection of the casualty, our ships and facilities... and have the dual role of Front Line Medics..fully equipped and trained in all aspects of survival in combat situations. Security is made up of two "Squadrons" and have the responsibility of Patrol, Construction and Installation of Shield Generators, Security Doors and other vital security measures on Ships, Facilities and Stations and protection of Ankh assets and her members.

Ankh Biomedical Products are equal ..if not better.. as any other in the Galaxy. All Ankh Biomedical products are produced under strict quality control in a completely sterile environment so that any risk of contamination of our products is minimal ..thereby our clients may have full confidence in Ankh Biomedical Products and be assured of their quality, performance and value.

The Liquidation of Ankh Biomedical : In the middle of year 14. Ankh Biomedical regrettably dissolved in part to stagnant sales of medical supplies in Derra. Upon closing shop on day 139, each member of Ankh Biomedical followed their own path. A number of employees decided to transfer to Ankh Recycling Enterprises and keep the Ankh philosophy alive.


We require Friendly, Dedicated, Career Minded, Active Staff. Positions available in:

  • Construction
  • Production
  • Logistics
  • Recycling
  • Medical Teams
  • Casualty Evacuation Teams [Medical & Security Combination]
  • Security Teams

Our Services

  • Rescue of Casualties
  • Emergency Transport and Care
  • Production, Supply and Sale of Medical Items
  • Production, Supply and Sale of Bacta
  • "State of the Art" - Medical Facilities
  • Force Testing by appointment
  • Security Facility Construction and Door Installations
  • Reliable, Friendly and Dedicated Service

See also - Ankh Recycling Enterprises [ARE]

Datacards Owned