Celestial Heavy-Tech

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Celestial Heavy-Tech
General Information
Status Active
Leader Ctov Shek
Headquarters Morta
Historical Information
Formed from Celestial Transportation
Founded Year 22 Day 106
Political Information
Industry Mining

Celestial Heavy-Tech is mining company founded on Year 22 Day 106 as the result of a partnership between Celestial Transportation and One Nation Under Jou. It is a wholly independent and neutral entity contracted to attend certain mining and salvage interests on behalf of One Nation. Celestial Transportation was retained as part of the company and continues to offer logistic services to the galaxy.


In Year 9 a rather perky Corellian fighter pilot for The Tion Hegemony named Wes Dewback and a Chiss who was outcast from his family and now working in Construction for the Tion Hegemony named Boog Danyon Came together with a similar dream, to provide the best transportation the galaxy could find, and to provide it at a price that anyone could afford.

Birth of Celestial Technologies and Celestial Heavy Technologies


  • CHT-banner.png (Year 22)