Draelor Nah`utal

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Draelor Decessus Nah`utal
Biographical Information
Race Kiffar
Homeworld Kiffex
Mother Aethia Nah`utal
Father Decessus Nah`utal
Marital Status Married
Spouse Relena Vercet
Siblings Anabelle Nah`utal
Born Year -16, Day 120 17:20 CGT
Languages Galactic Basic, Kiffu
Religion Follow of Kochik
Quote "Blood makes you related; loyalty makes you family."
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.8m
Coloring Tan
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Grey
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Empire
Title Sector Adjutant
Rank Adjutant
Positions Sector Adjutant of the Corporate Oversector
Governor of the Ch`hodos System
Chief Executive Officer of the Nah`utal Capital Group
Prior Affiliation Kiffar Intelligence Division
Awards Various Imperial Awards
Signature Draelor signature.png

Draelor Nah`utal (/'dreloɜː nauːtɒl/; born Year -16, Day 120 17:20 CGT) is an Adjutant in the Galactic Empire, a Sith Knight with the Order of the Sith, the Owner of the Imperial Boloball Leauge Season 9 Sub League A Champion Team Phasmatis, and the Owner & Chief Executive Officer of the Nah`utal Capital Group.

Intelligence Dossier

Physical Information

This Kiffar male's dishevelled appearance strikes that of an exceptionally seasoned man, with a concrete hint of testosterone in both his gestures and his nuances. He has a full head of lustrous, thick black hair that often appears scruffy or unruly, though it has sometimes been found to be cut short in the past. Under common circumstances, he bears a clean shaven face but he has often been seen with a bit of 5 o’clock shadow or a soul patch to complete his attractively rugged look. His eyes are a muted shade of grey that sometimes appears to turn to a crystal blue color when he is in or around a large body of water. His other facial features such as his nose and mouth appear to be average and at an appropriate proportion to the rest of his face. When he offers his own charming smile, he flashes a set of pearly white teeth. The rest of this Kiffar male's physical appearance appears to be average when compared to the rest of the Kiffar race, judging by their colorful history of hunting and building from the ground up with their bare hands. He looks as though he weighs roughly 205lbs* (92.9 kilograms) of solid muscle, appearing to have his muscular build refined down to a science. He stands at the above average height of 6'0"* (1.8 meters), towering slightly over many other Kiffar with a few exceptions. Additionally, some parts of his body are adorned with tattoos, including tribal markings from an unknown Kiffar clan on his chest and a bicep tattoo on either arm. The way he dresses himself ranges from plain black or white t-shirts to nicer dressy shirts, jeans or khaki pants to sweatpants to combat cargo pants, and his shoe wear ranges from comfortable shoes to combat or work boots. Most commonly though, he is found wearing a black t-shirt, a pair of blue jeans or tan khaki pants, and a pair of steel-toed work boots. He sometimes wears a slug proof vest over his shirt.

- Imperial weight and height standard used.

Personality Information

In general Draelor is a very approachable and laid back person, which has caused other people to find him very easy to start and keep an intellectual conversation with. Silent onlookers would find a very thick air of professionalism about him, though some might even see him as too professional, too cold, and perhaps even too calculating. Born into the leading family of a minor turned major Kiffar clan on the world of Kiffex has caused Draelor to develop a very commanding presence, which has led to a natural ability to lead others. Sometimes he can be the quiet type, but when Draelor talks, a multitude of people often listen. Some would say that Draelor is a very calm, collected, and thoughtful person. He can be very determined to the point of being combative about what he believes in, though this has caused problems for him in the past. He has been raise to be a fiercely loyal Kiffar, evident through his stalwart dedication to the ideals of the Galactic Empire and the mandate and beliefs of Clan Nah`utal. He is very protective, caring, and loving towards his family and the other members of his clan. Although Draelor shares some of the Empire's humanocentric views, he is not completely discriminating towards alien races. As do many others in the galaxy, Draelor has a darker side to him as well that is not often evident in first contact with him. The man has refined a very enigmatic, eerie, and even predatory nature about him that from time to time festers its way out from within him and into his personality. He has a slight temper that he has learned to manage, though those who have been unfortunate enough to see him anger have seen his darker side first hand.

Family History

Members of Clan Nah`utal

Draelor Nah`utal

Dating back hundreds of years on Kiffex, the ancestors of the great Clan Nah`utal have been closely and proudly guarding the mouth of the dense Wild Forests in the Southern lands of Kiffex. For the wildlife that lives peacefully in the thickets of the Wild Forests, they guard. For the exotic foliage and other natural beauties found within the Wilds, they guard. Against those who would seek to harm the innocence of the Wilds, they guard. Though, it is not just the innocence of the wildlife, or the diverse foliage, or the shrouds of mystery surrounding this forest that Clan Nah`utal guards. For they have also protected the Kiffar from a vile creature that dwells deep within the boundaries of the Wild Forests. Wildlings, the old legends call them. Atrocious creatures that only hunt during the night and rip Kiffar flesh straight off the bone should they reach it before being slain. To their children, they feed the skin and for themselves, they use the bones for their own clothing.

Sheyf of Clan Nah`utal and father to Draelor Nah`utal, Decessus is an old and proud Kiffar born and raised on the Kiffar homeworld of Kiffex in the Azurbani system. He had spent most of his childhood as a typical, young Kiffar male. At a young age he learned a lot about life from his father, including how to build with his bare hands, hunt for and cook the food that he consumed, and generally fend for himself in different situations. Over the years, he has passed on all of this knowledge and wisdom to his son and daughter, as well as many others in the clan he protects, making his family and his clan both exceedingly effective. He has spent all of his life on his homeworld of Kiffar, exploring the galaxy no further than the stars he sees in the night sky.

The mother of Draelor Nah`utal and another member of the leading family of Clan Nah`utal, Aethia is a kind and gentle woman who cares for her children and her clan very much. Just as a book should not be judged just by the cover that it possesses, Aethia should not be judged solely on her gentle nature as a mother to Draelor and Anabelle. As most of the Kiffar are by nature, she is just as capable a hunter and warrior as any other member of the Kiffar race or Clan Nah`utal. She is known to be a fierce hunter and warrior when she needs to be, often leading hunting parties into the Wilds. On the other end of that spectrum, she is also knows how to be a woman when the situation calls for it.

Anabelle, born to Decessus and Aethia, is the sister of Draelor Nah`utal and yet another member of Clan Nah`utal. She is similar to her mother in the respect that she is capable as a hunter and warrior, though she is more in tune with her feminine side in her everyday clan life and sometimes relies on her father and brother in that respect. However, her mother has taught her how to be as fierce a warrior as she is if the need ever came to light. From her mother, Anabelle has also learned to respect and follow the Kiffar Gods, though she has chosen to follow Pashia as opposed to Daephyr. Even though Draelor and Anabelle are years apart, they still were very close before Draelor left at the age of eighteen.

The Kiffar

The Kiffar reside on the planet Kiffex and most of them live organized in clans. Characteristically, the Kiffar living in clans have their faces tattooed to show their belonging to this clan. The clans are very often keeper of an artifact, an ancient building or other culturally important place or object. Those Kiffar that do not belong to an organized clan are referred to with the term "austerder". This also extends to other sentients outside the species and is considered for the most part derogatory. Kiffar austerders are treated with discrimination by their clanned brethren due to the circumstances usually associated with clanless Kiffar. Those that no longer have membership within a clan, or were not born into one (ie; born or adopted off world by non Kiffar, are descendants of a mixed relationship, or other circumstances), are considered second class to clanned members of the species. The hierarchy between clans is also very strict, with a distinction between major, minor, and ouvrir clans, as well as the distinction between Northern and Southern clans.

Less than 30 years ago, the already politically unstable, and for the most part primitive clans of Kiffex were brought into direct conflict in part from the urging of the intervening powers of the Black Sun, the criminal organisatoin occupying the planet and providing arms to both sides. The seething tribal conflicts however needed only a subtle urging, as they had been simmering for centuries since the semi-mythical 'Sundering of Clans'. The fighting took place for the most part between the more affluent and developing South and the traditional and isolationist Northern Clans. In the process the more central clans were either wiped out or forced to pick sides. This constant fighting eventually resulted in a waste-zone along the front, later to be called the De-militarised Zone, once a tentative peace was reached due to troop exhaustion, ill supplied troops and the withdrawal of Black Sun support for either side. The previously all-consuming civil war fizzled out rather unceremoniously. Since the end of the Civil war that split the planet's habitable territories in half between the two factions, the political climate on Kiffex has stabilized to an extent. Guided by leaders from both the north and south with an amicable professional relationship, the clans of Kiffex are no longer in a state of hostility. Instead they have put their focuses to modernization, planetary and inter-system trade, and on the subject of the planetary occupation by Black Sun.

Yesterday is History, Tomorrow a Mystery


In recent years, there has been a concerning lack of any publically available or privately obtained information and records on the Kiffar known as Draelor Nah`utal. There has also been an interesting amount of speculating into what this inconspicuous Kiffar’s past consists of, with rumors and theories floating around him as though they were the scent of his choice cologne. For the better part of the past ten years, he has often been discovered on various surveillance feeds around the galaxy: in hotels, cantinas, nightclubs, and casinos. It has been said that this Kiffar has been attempting to fly under the radar, and barring his success, has managed to travel from place to place avoiding detection. It has also been said that he physically and mentally capable of many things, considering the rumor that he is trained as an assassin or an undercover operative. But who knows for sure? These have all been rumors and theories that have existed for years and none of them have been proven to be true. Many have asked questions about this man that very few have the answers to. Government agencies have committed various amounts of credits to attempt to discover the truth about the man’s past and in doing so, they have discovered little useful information. Companies from varying industries have been mind boggled when they discovered that their guest didn’t exist, regardless of the fact that payment was made in full at the time of the visit. Regardless of the past, there has been more and more information available on him in recent years.

Present Day

– Galactic Empire :: Draelor Nah`utal is currently an Adjutant in the Galactic Empire under Grand Moff, Lord Mikel von Bianchi. Year 16, Day 40.
– Order of the Sith, Galactic Empire :: Draelor Nah`utal is currently recognized as a Sith Knight with the Order of the Sith, under Dark Lord of the Sith Mikel von Bianchi. Year 14, Day 325.
– Imperial Architectural Society, Galactic Empire :: Draelor Nah`utal is currently a Civilian Worker in the Imperial Architectural Society. Year 13, Day 69.
– Imperial Boloball League :: Draelor Nah`utal is currently the Owner of Phasmatis, a team in Sub League A of the Imperial Boloball League. Year 14, Day 120.

Extended History

Raising a Kiffar Son

To his core, Draelor was a true child of Kiffex. The first child of Decessus and Aethia Nah`utal, Draelor was born on Year -16 Day 120 17:20 CGT in the Clan Nah’utal Fortress of Basa Oihanak Gotorleku. Decessus was Sheyf (the leader) of clan Nah`utal, a prominent Southern clan of Kiffex whose ancestors stood as guardians of the Wild Forest. For Decessus, the clan’s safety was paramount. Decessus taught hunting, building, and self defense to both Draelor and his younger sister, Anabelle. Most importantly, Decessus instilled in Draelor the importance of loyalty: loyalty to his family, his clan, his very way of life. This wisdom was more than just rituals passed from one generation to the next. For the Kiffar living on the edges of the Wild Forest, their very survival depended upon it.

Draelor spent his formative years honing his skills as a hunter and warrior. Perhaps befitting a Nah’utal child born of two hunters (Draelor’s mother was just as fierce and capable a hunter and warrior as her husband), Draelor was a headstrong child. He began schooling at age five, but the lessons there did not hold his attention in the way Decessus’ private tutelage could. Even from a young age, the teachers of Clan Nah’utal found Draelor to be a disconcerting blend of cold yet combative. When his mind would wander during school, he would meet discipline first dismissively, then second with a temper.

His teachers consulted with both Decessus and Aethia in tones more concerned than upset. The talent was undeniable. It just needed to be crafted, molded, to fit the personality behind the child. Draelor was like any new blade a Kiffar would take on a hunt: sharp and full of potential, yet in need of the right smith to temper it before it could be effectively wielded.

Needing to channel young Draelor’s energies constructively, Decessus began to instruct his son by taking him hunting in the Wild Forest when Draelor was ten. It was on these hunting excursions where Decessus was finally able to impart onto Draelor the lessons Decessus had taught his son and all of Clan Nah’utal in a way that Draelor could relate to.

“Out in the forest, a Kiffar only had his strength to keep him safe,” Decessus lectured, as Draelor followed along carrying his father’s weapon for the hunt, “strength of body to overcome the mountains the world creates, and strength of mind to overcome the mountains that we create. And without the discipline to cultivate both, all the physical prowess in the world will go to waste.” The father then held his son up, and gestured to crouch as the duo had snuck up on a Geejaw perched on a low branch. Decessus handed his rifle to Draelor, whose training kicked in. Draelor readied the rifle and took aim.

Zzztttt as the shot harmlessly sailed wide of its target.

Draelor turned dejectedly from his escaping quarry to his father. “But what do I do when I can’t?”

Decessus gave his son a stern look that startled Draelor because his father did not react so harshly to the missed shot. “When your clan needs it, there is no can’t. Loyalty above all else.” Decessus then turned for home. Draelor followed slowly behind.


As the twilight of the Azurbani Sun began to set beyond the horizon, Draelor was sitting in the backyard reflecting on his day’s lessons. His parents were having a meeting with other members of the clan. Once a month Decessus called a general meeting for other prominent members of the clan to discuss the current problems that the clan faced, be it from rival clans or from activity within the Wild Forests. Draelor was left at home to watch over Anabelle. As is custom for the children of clan leaders, Draelor and Anabelle were guarded by a pair of Kiffar who had long since proven their worth in combat to the Sheyf. The three year old was playing around on some fallen trees near the edge of the plot.


Draelor oriented his alert gaze to the tree line. Something was wrong. He wasn’t sure why, but he could just feel that something was wrong. Whatever it was, Anabelle noticed too, because she began to run back to the house. A Howlrunner menacingly skulked into the open field, slowly tracking after Draelor’s younger sister. Gradually, it began to bend lower to the ground and its pace quickened. Suddenly, Anabelle froze.

Draelor at first didn’t know what to do. He felt he was too far away to reach Anabelle, but the guards watching over the two children were much too far away to reach the threat in time, though as they realized what happened they drew their weapons and came running …

“Strength of body.”

Without thinking, Draelor took off running—faster than he ever had before. He was getting closer to the Howlrunner, but the beast was bending even more, readying itself to pounce. As it leapt, so did Draelor. His elbow met the creature’s skull when it was not a foot away from his sister. Draelor quickly recovered from the blow and stood as a shield between the Howlrunner and his sister. Stunned, the creature turned to face Draelor. It reared up on its hind legs and let out a ghastly howl. Draelor could hear and feel his sister shaking with fear behind him.

“Strength of mind.”

Draelor looked at Anabelle, and then turned back to face their assailant with a glint of fire in his eyes. At that moment, the Howlrunner lunged at the siblings, jaws open. Draelor braced his legs, and met the beast. When it bit down towards him, he managed to catch its jaws open with his hands. Under the creature’s weight, Draelor fell to the ground, bringing it down with him…


When his parents returned from their meeting, they found their children huddled together in the back yard. Anabelle was still crying; Draelor was holding her, covered in blood, but not his. The unidentifiable remains of a creature lay in the grass nearby. One guard stood watch while the other began to render aide to Draelor, attempting to check his wounds, though Draelor would not release his sister. Decessus and Aethia looked on in disbelief for just a moment. Then, Aethia’s warrior instincts kicked in to gear. Ever the protective mother, Aethia began berating the two guards tasked with watching her children. “Those two are certainly going to be removed from my guard—and possibly even banishment into the Wild Forest for a few days if my wife has her way,” Decessus thought, “Of course, even I would take that fate over what will befall them if I don’t calm Aethia down.” Decessus told his wife that he would deal with the men while she tended to her children.

Aethia ran over to console her daughter. Holding Anabelle in her arms, she asked her son, “Draelor, what happened here?”

Draelor stood confidently to address his parents. Aethia did not quite understand, but Decessus recognized it all too well. As he finished dismissing the guards, Decessus walked over to stand by his wife so that he could witness this moment: the moment in which his son, looking wise beyond his years, realized his potential. It is in this moment that Draelor met his parents’ stare and repeated the lesson Decessus imparted upon him on their hunts.

“Loyalty. Above all else.”

A Kiffar's Journey into Adulthood

As Draelor became older he continued his schooling following the tradition of his clan and enjoyed excellent academic and athletic programs based on his position within Kiffar society. He was always seen within the walls of the Library of Knowledge, studying tome after tome regarding the Gods and other Kiffar lore. He often read of Kochick, Pegrotis, Iotcha and learn of them all. He learned to love and fear the Gods, to learn of their strengths, and weaknesses.

At the age of 16 he was considered an adult and continued his survival training with his father. The first mission he was given as a young adult was to lead a small group of his fellow kinsman into the guarded forest to rescue some Kiffar children from savage wildlings. Draelor's clan had guarded the secret forest for generations and were the only ones brave enough to enter this legendary forest. Draelor knew this was a test and would be a dangerous mission but quickly accepted the challenge.

Upon finding the camp of wildlings he ordered his clansmen to spread out and observe the camp. Eventually Draelor found the captive children who were bound and surrounded by a few of their captors. The wildlings were taking pleasure in poking the children with their staffs and even spitting upon the defenseless Kiffar. Draelor was so enraged by what he saw. He could feel his face becoming flush and was overcome with rage. He gave the signal to his comrades and all at once Draelor and the clansmen poured out of the surrounding woods and quickly fell upon the unsuspecting barbarians.

Initially Draleor and his company had the upper hand, overpowering a few wildlings as they hacked their way to where the children were bound and gagged. At this point Draelor began to exchange blows with a wildling with distinct markings, which suggested he may be the leader. Draelor's remaining clansmen eventually fell to the elite guard that flanked their leader, as Draelor fought with all his might. While doing his best to defeat the leader, Draelor suddenly felt a sharp pain at the back of his head and everything seemed to freeze. He could faintly hear the cackle of one of the wildling bodyguards behind him as his vision slowly faded to black and he crumpled to the ground.

He lay there with his eyes closed, unable to move but still conscious. The wildlings let out a roar as they celebrated their victory and turned their attention to the Kiffar children who were trying to break free from their bonds. The wildlings began to beat the children mercilessly, as Draelor heard their clubs smashing against the heads and bodies of his fellow Kiffar. Draelor laid there, remembering his survivalist training and doing his best to ignore the pain. He remembered his father'ss words as he was often instructed to dig deep to push past the threshold of normal tolerance. As he heard the helpless screams of the children, Draelor felt this undying loyalty for them. He could not abandon them, not when he was so close to succeeding. Not after all the schooling and training he had endured...

Draelor let out a low, deep moan that quickly escalated into a blood curdling screech as he reached for his blade and clambered to his feet. He reared back and swung his blade as hard as he could towards the back of the neck of the wildlings leader, who at this point was bent over the children. The blade didn't seem to hit any resistance as Draelor cleaved through flesh and bone, sending the leaders head rolling to the ground. The two remaining bodyguards squealed in surprise and immediately ran into the nearby woods. Draelor collapsed at the feet of the children, weeping as he slowly crawled towards them and tried to comfort them. "Savior! Savior!" The children chanted as Draelor eventually regained his strength and returned the battered children to his tribe.

The captive Kiffar explained of his bravery and how he used his cunning nature to act like he was dead then mount one last attack to not only save his brethren but himself as well. So it was that Draelor became known for his intense loyalty to his fellow clansmen.