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Hapes Consortium
Political information
Type of government {{{type}}}
Head of State Alexander Rai`ix Chume Tylger
Head-of-Government Alexander Rai`ix Chume Tylger
Commander-in-Chief Alexander Rai`ix Chume Tylger
Executive branch Royal Council
Legislative branch Royal Council
Judicial branch Ministry of the Interior
Affiliation Imperial Union
Societal information
Capital Hapes
Territory Hapes Cluster
Language(s) Hapanii
Currency Galactic Credit
Historical Information
Formed from Lorell Raiders
Date of establishment {{{founded}}}
Status Active
Holosite http://www.hapes.org


The Hapes Consortium is an ancient government holding dominion over a relatively small sector of space known as the Hapes Cluster, situated in Inner Rim. The Consortium maintained strict isolationism as a core principle for several millennia, shunning contact with outsiders since it was first founded by the female descendants of the Lorell Raiders. This allowed a distinct culture to develop, steeped in traditions that Hapans hold in high esteem even to this day. Following a bloody civil war that caused the near-collapse of their economy and revolutionized aspects of Hapan society, gradual contact with the Galaxy outside their borders was re-established over the course of several decades. Having rebuilt its society, economy, military, and industrial capacity, the Consortium has become a somewhat reluctant, yet arguably significant player in Galactic politics. The government maintains a non-expansionist stance, seeking to balance tradition and cultural preservation with its new-found responsibilities as a major power in the Galaxy.

King Andrew I

King Andrew I, or as more properly titled in the Hapanii language; Andrew Rai`ix Chume Starfyre was the first male monarch of the Consortium, having been granted the position by a majority of the remaining nobility after the conclusion of the Hapan Civil War and instigating what Hapans refer to as The Phoenix Age, named after the movement to which King Andrew owed his ascension to the throne. The Hapan Treasury had been all but emptied during the destructive war that preceded this Age, and as such the majority of King Andrew's reign was spent working to rebuild the Consortium, and re-unite the Hapes Cluster under a single banner.

With no heridetary heir to the throne known to exist at the time, King Andrew appointed Crown Prince Jessy James as his successor, who assumed the reign of the Consortium upon King Andrew's abdication in Year 1

King James I

Jessy Rai`ix Chime James Hapesah was the second male monarch of the Consortium, and was one of the longest-serving heads-of-state of the Galaxy in recent times, with a reign lasting no less than ten years. Widely recognised as a successful and loved leader of the Consortium, King James' coronation saw the beginning of The Golden Age. Though King James' reign was by no means uneventful - with the attempted military revolt by Grand General Harr, the Black Sun Crisis and the Dellalt Conflict occuring during his time in power, each was dealt with swiftly, with a favourable outcome for the King and the Consortium. The Golden Age was named as such due to the massive expansion of both the Hapan Armed Forces and the Consortium's government, with many business endeavours and construction projects to further restock the Hapan Treasury, seeing the Consortium through past the point where it needed to rely on the assistance and loans of other governments for assistance or funding.

The latter stages of King James' reign also saw the formation of the Imperial Union, a diplomatic body created initially between the Hapes Consortium and the Galactic Empire, which later expanded to include other governments. Though the Union agreement made provisions for military assistance in defensive actions, the Consortium was not obliged by the agreement to take part in offensive campaigns, thus servicing the continued Hapan desire to remain outsiders in the Galactic Civil War.

After ten prosperous years in power, King James chose to retire to the Hapan system of Rii, appointing Crown Prince Alexander Tylger to succeed him, despite having his own young child who would have, in some years, been eligible for the throne.

King Alexander I

Alexander Rai`ix Chume Tylger Arxianah succeeded King James on Year 11, Day 82, causing ripples of shock to spread throughout the Galactic Community at the abdication of King James. King Alexander's ascension was, however, viewed favourably by the majority as the Hapan Noble had long been known on both the Hapan and Galactic political scenes, and was seen by many as the best choice for King James' successor. In his abdication speech to the nation King James indicated that his retirement had been a long time in the planning, and the transference of power to the Consortium's latest male monarch occurred without any turbulence. King Alexander's Coronation occurred after the traditional observance of the 'Month of the Vacant Throne' in a ceremony with many external officials invited to attend.

Hapan titles

  • Lerin is the first level civil title for Hapanii. It is also the lowest of the low-level Hapanii titles.
  • Minesthe is the fifth level civil title for Hapanii, the highest of the low-level Hapanii titles.
  • Fel'da (minister) is the highest level civil title for Hapanii. It is bestowed to the Hapan Royal Councillors of the Consortium.