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The Haven Corporation is one of the oldest recycling corporations still active in the known galaxy. Originally founded in Year 0, Haven has been renamed, rebuilt, and reworked many times over the years. Currently, Haven is the lone recycling subsidiary of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Haven is a manufacturer of EVA Construction Droids, GZ-6B Wreckers, and an assortment of ships produced from the charred wreckage of vessels long since destroyed. Haven uses the most up-to-date designs and blueprints in an attempt to give the client the best possible product that credits can buy. Haven is also one of the few recycling companies in the galaxy that accepts recycling contracts from private clientele. Haven has a long and tortuous organizational history. Despite many mergers and name changes, the company's heart has nevertheless endured. In its current form, Haven is the result of corporate mergers between the Haven Corporation, Phoenix Recycling Corporation, the Imperial Resource Conversions and Kaos Reclamation Services. (Full article...)

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