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Cron Conflict Inset Planetary Damage.png

The Cron Conflict, also known as the Cron Insurgency or the Cron Disorders, was an interstellar armed conflict that occurred in the Tion Cluster between the sovereign government of Typhon Corbin's Tion Hegemony and the insurgent movement, Cron Resurrection, led by a mysterious Duros revolutionary named Paul Cron. Circa Year 11, Cron sent a priority transmission to the High Council of the Tion Hegemony. He claimed descent from the iron-fisted Xim the Despot who once governed the Kingdom of Cron which encompassed a large swath of the galaxy. With this justification, Cron demanded the Tion Cluster be relinquished by its government and its territory ceded to his nascent movement known as the Cron Resurrection. His demands were ignored. Soonafter, Helena Gladio, a Falleen barterer and Tion citizen, allegedly conspired with Cron to orchestrate a surprise attack against the Tion Hegemony. (Full article...)

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