Nathaniel Cholds

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Nathaniel Cholds is a Corellian born male, who was orphaned at a young age when his parents were murdered by space pirates, the pirates didn’t know there was a child onboard of the ship so the Captain of the pirates was nice enough to take the childs back to Corellia and put him in a orphonage. Nathaniel was bullied by the other kids in the orphange so he didn’t have many freinds when he was young so all he knew was to be alone, until another boy around Nathaniel’s age named Ryan Adnor was brought into the orphange none of the other kids liked him and Ryan never insulted or picked on Nathaniel, so Nathaniel decided to befriend him after a couple of days of knowing he is not like the other children. Later Nathaniel learned that Ryan’s parents were murdered by a group of thugs who foreced Ryan’s parents to pay for rent and Ryan’s parents weren’t able to the months rent so the thugs killed Ryan’s parents. Nathaniel and Ryan were friends ever since the first day Ryan was put into the orphange, when they were both 16, they were the age they could leave the orphange, they were saving money so they could leave the orphange for years and one day they went out looking for an apartment.