Nathaniel Cholds

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Nathaniel Cholds
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Parents Deceased
Born Year -16 / Day 24
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 5' 9"
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Distinguishing Feature Cybernetic Left Arm

Nathaniel Cholds is a Corellian born male. Whom was orphaned at a young age. Do to the fact his parents were murdered by space pirates. The pirates ransacked the ship and found a young Corellian boy. The Captain of the pirates having a soft spot for children he took the little boy back to Corellia. At that time he was put into an orphanage. Growing up Nathaniel was bullied by the other kids in the orphanage, because of his size and because of the pirates dropping him off. So Nathaniel didn’t have many friends. Feeling alone and helpless Nathaniel met a man named Jonas. Jonas was highly skilled with a Bowcaster. Seeing how fascinated Nathaniel was with it he started training him with it. Nathaniel started practicing everyday with it. Then came the day where Nathaniel's friend was gunned down in a gun fight. So Nathaniel witnessing this took the bowcaster for his own. Practiced with it daily until one day he was forced to sell it to pay rent and feed himself, Nathaniel regrets selling the bowcatser everyday.

A boy around Nathaniel’s age named Ryan Dyer was brought into the orphanage . Like Nathaniel none of the other children liked him. So Nathaniel decided to befriend him. They became the best of friends and did everything together. Ryan fully trusting Nathaniel trusted in him and told the story of what happened to his parents. Nathaniel learned that Ryan’s parents were murdered by a group of thugs. That took over the little town he was from. They were forcing all to pay them protection. When Ryan’s parents could no longer afford to pay they executed them. With this Nathaniel felt comfortable enough to tell Ryan his story and from that moment on they never kept secrets .

At the age of 16 they were old enough to leave the orphanage. While working odd jobs they saved enough to get an apartment together. After a few years of living together Nathaniel met a girl named Kaylee Kambel, her father was Imperial officer. Kaylee's father was very strict when it came to his only daughter. Had big plans for her to marry an up coming Imperial officer. Not knowing any of this Nathaniel decided to tell Kaylee how much he really liked her. With great joy Kaylee proclaimed her love for him. But with all good things Kaylee's father did not approve of Nathaniel, for he had no future as far as her dad could see.

Out of sight of Moff Kambel , Nathaniel and Kaylee kept seeing each. Planning one day to be married . This only lasted a couple of months for her father found out and had Nathaniel arrested. For crimes he had not committed. Nathaniel was charged put in jail for 5 months. Though her father tried for longer. While in jail under great restraint Kaylee married the man her father wanted her to. Upon his release, Nathaniel found out and became heartbroken. Nathaniel swore he would never fall in love with another girl.Taking odds jobs here and there barely making rent and keeping food on the table.

His friend Ryan moved out and got married, so it left Nathaniel to do it all on his own. After years of struggling Nathaniel decided it was time to move on and leave Corellia. A little nervous Nathaniel took a shuttle to the Corellian Space station. Trying to get his own ship Nathaniel found out they cost more then he had. Not having the credits to go back, Nathaniel ran across a flyer stating that Apex Productions was looking for a few recruits to hire. Seeing this as his best way out he contacted them and was accepted into their happy faction. With in days of joining their Family run faction Nathaniel met the top Kam Spider, Cynthea Jacobson, and Zachariah Jacobson. They entrusted him with a PES and a YT-2000, that Nathaniel called The Syndicate and Syndicate II. Nathaniel starting as a recruit within a month became Junior Pilot. Making his way through the ranks Nathaniel is becoming a great pilot.

Nathaniel would eventually leave Apex Productions and joined Endless Endeavors as a flight officer for awhile he liked it there until he found out one of his other acquaintances Ember Aranyos was hiring and he decided that he would love to do other things in his lifetime