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Production information
Galactic registry ID# 115727
Production date Day 106 of Year 8 (CGT)
Class Corvette
Model Bayonet
Manufacturer Zenstrider Holdings Ltd.
Technical specifications
Length 200 meters
Engine unit(s) Ter58 ion turbine engine (2)
Hoersch-Kessel ion drive (3)
Speed Hyperdrive: 4.0
Sublight: 20 MGLT
Armament Turbolaser (8)
Heavy laser (6)
Tractor beam (2)
Standard systems Docking bay (1)
Hangar bay (1)
Docking port (1)
Medical ward (1)
Flight-grade repulsorlifts
Escape pod (4)
Modified systems Fleet Command Module, Holonet Communications Suite
Complement Pursuer-class Enforcement Ship (1)
RZ-68 Troop Transport (3)
Jumpmaster 5000 (1)
Escort V-19 Torrent Starfighter (12)
Crew 150 (standard)
90 (skeleton)
40 (skeleton and slave-rigged/automated)
Passengers 200 maximum (compliment depends on mission requirements)
Cargo capacity 3,500 tons
Consumables 1 year (maximum crew)
3 years (minimal crew)
Commissioned Year 8 (CGT) as KSZ Nightshroud
Year 10 (CGT) as CDF Nightshroud
Role(s) Command
Relief and Rescue
Fleets Shadow Hunter Task Force Insignia.png
Shadow Hunter Task Force
Battlegroup Omega
Clan Kitade Emblem.png
Clan Kitade
Affiliation Shadow Hunter Task Force
Clan Kitade
Owner(s) Thearn Nightstaf
Commander(s) Thearn Nightstaf