Paraic of Argoth

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Paraic of Argoth
Paraic Portrait.png
Biographical Information
Race Devaronian
Homeworld Devaron
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Prior Affiliation Cloud City[1] (founder)
Order of H'kig[1] (founder)
Trans-Galactic Transportation

Paraic of Argoth is a Devaronian male. He is usually attired in a long green coat made of some strange but fine fabric and travels in a YT-1300 light freighter.

Circa Year 1, he served as the builder and the first Baron Administrator of Cloud City,[1] a Tibanna gas mining company and floating metropolis hovering over the gas giant Bespin.[2] The eccentric Devaronian hired a motley crew to build Cloud City including three Ugnaught tribes and Bromin Trax, a Corellian free trader and starship mechanic.[3] After stepping down as the Baron Administrator of Cloud City, Paraic joined his life-long friend Dunkler Klerus in the latter's quest to build an Anzat government and to attain racial self-determination for the Anazi people. Together, they created the New Anzat Order. After growing bored with the Anazi way of life, Paraic decided to fulfill his grandfather's ideas and thus founded the religious enclave known as the Order of H'kig.[1][2] After the failure the Order, Paraic collaborated with President Charlie of Tagge Mines to create an intergalactic religious council that would represent the most popular faiths in the galaxy.[2]

Almost a year later, he served a second term as Baron Administrator of Cloud City.[4] When he arrived at Bespin, he found his beloved floating metropolis had fallen into decay. The cloudcutters were not as shiny as before. Places where once hundreds had gathered were now deserted and empty. A humanoid citizen approached the Devaronian and remarked that the previous Baron Administrator had neglected the city. Then he glanced up at Paraic's face and recognized him. Ignoring him, the Devaronian strode on. As he walked to the Baron Administrator's office, he saw the bars, hotels, and casinos were shuttered. Upon entering his old office, he thought to himself: This isn't the prosperous city he once built. It was then he decided to assume leadership again. He walked to the communications center to announce that he had returned to restore Cloud City to its former glory.[4]


Main article: Timeline
  • Year 1 Day 43: Paraic of Argoth, the Baron Administrator of Cloud City, opens diplomatic negotiations with WendelCo.[5]
  • Year 1 Day 88: Paraic announces his retirement as Baron Administrator of Cloud City.[2] This concludes his first term.