Trans-Galactic Transportation

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Trans-Galactic Transportation
Trans-Galactic Transportation Emblem.png
General Information
Motto "Always On Time"
Status Defunct
Leader Paraic of Argoth (Year 2)
Praetor Moran (Year 2)
Brosk Cardassian (Year 3)
Genma Digma (Year 3)
Black Knight (Year 4)
Bawkneira (Year 4)
Headquarters Lorell
Historical Information
Political Information
Affiliation Hapes Consortium
Industry Transportation Provider
Holosite Trans-Galactic Transportation (Year 2)
Trans-Galactic Transportation (Archived)
"TGT is the best transport group I have seen..."
King James I of the Hapes Consortium[1]

Trans-Galactic Transportation (TGT) was one of the leading transport companies in the galaxy circa Year 3. In its advertising campaigns, the company claimed a strong history that stretched back to the times of the Old Republic. They were active in many different forms of transport and professed that every courier vessel was equipped with high-quality hyperdrives, as well as luxurious interior decoration.[2]

Originally, the company was intended for transportation within the Hapes Cluster. Trans-Galactic Tranportation is incorporated by the Hapan consortium and therefore the only transport company that is allowed to travel within Hapan territory.[1] However, with the opening of the Hapan borders to foreigners, the company began to operate galaxy-wide. Some of their routes included the Endor Express, as well as cargo-hauls between Nal Hutta to Hoth.

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  • Trans-Galactic Transportation Horizontal Holographic Year 3.gif (Year 3)
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