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|name= The Krath
|name= The Krath
|subsidiary= [[Koros Spaceworks]] · [[Minos-Mestra Munitions]] · [[Order of Krath]] · [[*AXE* Foreign Legion]]
|subsidiary= [[Koros Spaceworks]] · [[Minos-Mestra Munitions]] · [[Order of Krath]] · [[Matukai Dragons]]
|alliancename= [[Galactic Alliance]]
|alliancename= [[Galactic Alliance]]
|allianceally= [[New Republic]] · [[Rogue Squadron]] · [[Triumvirate Coalition]] · [[Krath Dynasty]] · [[Jedi Order]] · [[Arkanian Engineers]] · [[eXiles]]
|allianceally= [[New Republic]] · [[Rogue Squadron]] · [[Triumvirate Coalition]] · [[Krath Dynasty]] · [[Jedi Order]] · [[Arkanian Engineers]] · [[eXiles]]

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The Krath
Political information
Type of government Theocracy
Head of State Emperor Lazarus Kell
Executive branch Imperial Council
Legislative branch People's Council
Judicial branch Krath Tribunal
Affiliation Galactic Alliance
Societal information
Capital Shesharile III
Territory Outer Rim Territories
Language(s) Galactic Basic
Currency Nova Crystal
Historical Information
Formed from Kathol Republic
Date of establishment Year 2 Day 130 (as Outrider Trading)
Year 5 Day 103 (as Order of Krath)
Year 6 Day 232 (as Kathol Republic)
Year 9 Day 64 (as Krath Dynasty)
Year 18 Day 75 (as The Krath)
Status Active
Holosite The Krath


The Krath Dynasty (known as 'The Krath' from Year 18) is a theocratic government situated in the far-flung Outer Rim Territories. The Dynasty controls one of the largest sectors in the galaxy, the Kathol sector. In addition to Kathol, the Krath also controls the Minos sector and Wild Space. The government is the only polity with its own unique currency known as the Nova Crystal. The current value of a Nova Crystal can be found on the Krath Holonet.


Pre-Old Republic

The origins of the Krath can be traced as far back as Year -25,000, long before the formation of the Galactic Empire or even the Old Republic. Before the Sith and before even the Jedi Knights, Krath, Goddess of War and Love, was worshiped at altars built by ancient Tameht tribes in the Empress Teta system.

Millennia passed with Krath being worshiped in relative peace. Eventually young Tetan nobles came into possession of a talisman forged by Krath. This led to a coup within the Empress Teta system. Religions were formed, but infighting stifled any major ascensions to power.

Year 2

Several thousand years after the Empress Teta coup, a small upstart trading company was founded by Bar Cochba and Dargon Yotam. The company changed hands between several sentients and organisations, including Mystiel Raleigh, the Hapes Consortium and Keir Santage.

Year 5

Meanwhile the Krath were seeing a resurgence. Thraken Solo had come into possession of an ancient amulet and with it, and the help of Tapar Craken and Kal Fisto, he reformed the Krath worshiping cult as the Order of the Krath. At that time the Order was known for its powerful fleet and ruthlessness.

Year 6

Shortly after these events the Kathol Republic was formed from the ashes of Outrider Trading. The fledgling government initially retained the poor reputation it had gained as Outrider Trading, but eventually the poor reputation was overcome.

Year 9

The Krath Dynasty itself was formed from the merger of the Kathol Republic and the Order of the Krath. From this point on, the Krath, in terms of territory and treasury, has been in a state of constant expansion.

Year 18

On Year 18 Day 75, The Krath Dynasty announced that it would henceforth be known as 'The Krath'.


  • Krath Dynasty Holographic Year 14.gif (Year 14)

The Krath
Subsidiaries Koros Spaceworks · Minos-Mestra Munitions · Order of Krath · Matukai Dragons
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Other Allies N/A
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Branches Government · Military · Industry
Other Krath Statutes · Laws of the Krath

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