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Planet 3.png
System Elrood
Sector Elrood
Galactic Coordinates (55, -420)
System Coordinates (2, 12)
Astrographic Entry Akana
Type hot/breathable
Primary Terrain: desert, rock
Controlled By Rogue Squadron
Governor Rogue Squadron
Population 67,078,709 inhabitants

Akana is a hot and breathable desert planet currently under the protection of Rogue Squadron. The planetary treaties that allow for Rogue Squadron's control over the planet come directly from the system's Governor: Todor Ginchev. Ginchev, through the compliance of Rogue Squadron, runs the entire system aside from a few planets. He has given his approval and the go-ahead to Mua`Dib Xarda for the future colonisation of Akana for all Nikto outcasts and refugees fleeing Eidola-controlled Kintan. With the possible influx of population it is yet to be seen if Mua`Dib will be saviour to his brothers and sisters or just another ruthless taskmaster like the Hutts or Eidolons before him.