Aliit Gav Keldab

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Aliit Gav Keldab
Aliit Gav Keldab.jpg
General information
Location Unknown
Founder Jaster Gav
Founded Y19
Type Stronghold/Fortress, Retreat
Population Approximate Number Unknown
Military Aliit Gav, Unknown
Affiliation Aliit Gav

Aliit Gav Keldab, or Clan Gav Stronghold in Basic, is the stronghold of Aliit Gav. Located on (ERROR: Data Redacted) in the grasslands, the stronghold is found built into the large hillside. Defensible, solid, and comfortable, the home has a large variety of amenities.

These include a large hangar bay located beneath the home built into the hill and undetectable from the air, a training room, as well as numerous rooms for the clan members and guests. Hidden weapon emplacements help defend the home alongside the Mandalorians who live there, making it a very costly target to attack.