Jaster Gav

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Jaster Gav
Jaster Y19.png
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Annie Murdock (Deceased)
Father James Murdock (Deceased)
Spouse Single
Siblings B'arbara Murdock, Brian Murdock (Both Deceased)
Children James Gav
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.95 meters
Eye Color Grey
Political Information
Affiliation Aliit Gav
Positions N/A


Jaster Gav is a human male from Corellia. Encased in his matte grey Mandalorian Armor, Jaster is an intimidating sight to behold. His broad shoulders and height hint at his strong physique; while his weapons and armor testify to his warrior abilities. A sheath hangs from his back, holding a beskad, or Mandalorian Iron Saber as it is called in basic. On his hips he carries two custom DL-56 blasters and a custom Nightstinger slung over his shoulder. If you were to see him without his armor and helmet his piercing steel-gray eyes would capture you, while his dark hair and white skin make the long scar running down from his forehead, across his right eye to his jawline stand out in stark contrast. He carries himself as a man experienced in war and battle, comfortable with the rigors of hard life.

Intelligence Report

Early Life

Jaster Gav had humble beginnings on Corellia. Born some forty odd years ago to an average family on the outskirts of a minor spaceport city, he grew up innocent to the harshness of the galaxy. However, the realities of the universe soon visited Jaster and his family one fateful day during his youth on Corellia. A bounty hunter arrived at his house and ushered him and his family into the back room. There was an exchange of words between Jaster's father, James Murdock, before the bounty hunter raised his blaster and killed his father. Annie Murdock, Jaster's mother shielded him from the murderer and was also killed. Jaster was certain he would be next but the bounty hunter just turned and left. Hardly able to cope with the sudden and horrifying loss of his parents, having no where else to go and only having his brother and his sister, he took to the streets and wandered around his home planet for a time. That innocence was lost as well, a few years after the tragedy of his parents, Jaster lost his brother and sister as well. One day in the spaceport where they considered their home, a conflict between two bounty hunters and a young man in his early twenties happened before them. The young man drew a weapon, a saber of light and decapitated one of the bounty hunters, retreating for his life, his brother and sister attempted to stop the man, only to be killed in front of Jaster's eyes. Having nowhere else to go and no one else to care for him, Jaster took to the streets, thieving and fighting for his life. Life was rough and Jaster quickly grew up. He learned to fend for himself and it was a rough and bitter time for him. One day, unexpectedly, while Jaster was scavenging for food in the back alleys, a shadow fell across him and he looked up. He saw a man standing before him whose face was hidden by a helmet with a "T" shaped visor. He had never before seen a helmet quite like that, or the armor the man was wearing, but fear came over him and his blood ran cold. Survival instincts kicked in and Jaster leaped, tackling the man, but he was brushed away just as quickly. However, Jaster managed to grab a blaster from the boot of the armored figure. He came up in a low crouch and pointed the weapon at the other. His opponent made no other move than to lift his hand and ask him to put down the blaster. To his own surprise Jaster found himself doing as the other had asked and after standing up he returned the blaster. The man replied with a word in a strange language, "Mandokarla." Jaster did not know what the word meant and he waited for a translation, but the other only looked the blaster over and then knelt down to re-holster it. After standing up he told Jaster that his name was Sal Gav, and that he should come with him. Having nowhere else to go, and no present hope for a future, Jaster decided to follow Sal.

Service in Tion

Jaster joined the Tion Hegemony after finishing his training with Sal. Soon after, Sal died from catastrophic failure in his hyperdrive. Jaster was assigned to 2nd Fleet under the leadership of Dax Owok. Jaster prospered, rising the ranks steadily to the rank of Praetorian. During that time, Helena Gladio usurped her position with Tion along with a Dark Jedi known as Zara Strum, the latter female killing his Lord Hyperion Jeff Corbin. These events started the Cron Conflict, in which over the following weeks, accounted to the loss of control of several planets. During the war, 2nd Fleet launched a massive offensive against the planet Lianna which was under control by Cron. Jaster and a small group of Marines were inserted on the planet, only to be shortly later discovered by Cron Special Forces and forced to retreat to the nearby forest area. During that retreat, Jaster fiercely fought the Cron Special Forces leader in hand to hand combat to allow his mean the retreat. During that combat, they resorted to saber combat, Jaster using his beskad, the Cron leader using his rykk blade. Towards the end Jaster was cut down across his right eye, resulting in the scar that reminds him of this event everyday. Jaster then retreated to the woods after finally striking the Cron leader through the heart. In the woods, Jaster looked to his men. Aiding them while ignoring his own injuries. Soon after, they were assisted by the local military forces stranded on Lianna and were able to complete their mission, liberating the planet

Destruction of Morbus Station

Not much is known about the demise of the first Morbus Station, ran by Kira Morbus other than Jaster was involved primarily in its destruction. From information gathered, it would seem Jaster and one other unidentified person boarded the station. Soon thereafter, forces under the command of Jaster Gav swarmed the station and boarded it.

What followed next is still unclear, but reports indicate that Jaster slew numerous Anzati himself before finally being subdued by Kira Morbus. Intelligence suggests that Kira then escaped the station just before it’s destruction with the captured Jaster and tortured him personally aboard her vessel before being rescued by forced under Jaster’s command. More details to follow upon further investigation.

Known Weapons and Gear Used

Jaster's Armor in Year 20 (CGT)
Jaster's armor, designed by Kolomon Seph and The Sarlacc Pit