Aliit Talyc

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Aliit Talyc
General Information
Status Active
Leader Alor Greg Asha
Headquarters Unknown
Historical Information
Founded Y15
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral/Kai Oryk
Type Mandalorian Clan


Born from exclusion and the lost, Aliit Talyc was created to give a sense of family and solidarity to lost Mandalorians. The clan first came into existence in Year 15, although no efforts were made to create a public footprint until Year 19 when Greg Asha finalised breaking his ties with Aliit Dael'mor.

Following the founding of Aliit Talyc the Alor undertook a personal quest to gather all his assets from across all of known space, and with the sole purpose of consolidating a fleet for the service of the clan and stocking the armoury for those who sought a home. Started in secret in Year 16 this quest finally reached it's conclusion in Year 21 and has since been made available and used by clan members at their discretion.


Aliit Talyc formerly recognises no tie to any clan, organisation or government. They likewise have no vested interest in the split between Mandalorians over who is the rightful Mand'alor, though due to a personal friendship with Kai Oryk the clan leadership presently recognises his claim and would be willing to fight alongside him, should the need arise. However they will not fight for or in the name of anyone but their clan.


Aliit Talyc deviates from the traditional structure and has no aliit'buir, instead opting to simply have an Alor (roughly translated, Leader) and T'ad (Second). All other members of the clan are likewise referred to as ori'vod or vod'ika internally, typically replacing vod with a full or partial personal name, depending on personal relation to each individual and how close they are to one another. However, this is not a requirement and as such is merely an optional clan preference practiced between closer members of the clan.

Within the clan there are titles that may be earned, for example Al'jurir (rough translation, Armsmaster), although these titles afford no rank and merely designate an individual's personal speciality. Though those with a title should be respected in their respective disciplines when seeking guidance.


Within Aliit Talyc the core principles are family and honour. In keeping with Mandalorian traditions the clan believes that family isn't just a matter of birth or marriage, it is something earned not granted. For each member of the clan what this sense of family means varies but ultimately it means the same thing, knowing you have a home and people to trust.

This likewise holds over to their sense of honour, whilst the clan doesn't shy away from the underworld or criminal dealings they encourage honest dealings with those their kin consider friends and allies. They likewise encourage the clan to engage with those just finding their feet in the galaxy and venturing from their homeworlds for the first time.


There are no formal requirements for becoming Talyc, instead all potential members have to be vouched for and taken as family by an existing member of the clan in good standing. Further Aliit Talyc doesn't practice exclusivity and freely allows members of the clan to join other clans, should they feel the need to do so. The only condition of this openness is an understanding that there must be no conflict between Aliit Talyc and any clan they wish to join.

Upon joining members of the clan are unusually not gifted with armour and are instead given a weapon from the clan armour and a beskaryc kar'ta (iron heart), though other gifts may be given at the discretion of other members of the clan. This symbolises that to Aliit Talyc being mandalorian isn't about what you wear but who you are.

Known Members

Alor Greg Asha
T'ad (Vacant)

"There is no lie greater than family, unless we choose them for ourselves." - Greg Asha