Aliit Delitrox

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Aliit Delitrox
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General Information
Status Believed Extinct
Leader Cer Killid
Headquarters Antar
Historical Information
Founded Unknown
Political Information
Affiliation The Death Watch
Type Mandalorian Clan

"Clan Delitrox is a clan of explorers and hunters, all working toward the same goal. Our goals are to create armies of powerful creatures and find new planets to explore, hunt, and settle. Our clan as of now is small with only a few members, but we will continue to grow our numbers and in effect, grow in strength."
— Aliit'buir Maltron Dias


Aliit Delitrox was founded by The Death Watch second in command Xavage Delitrox, after his death in a hunting operation against an Acklay, Maltron Dias became the leader of the clan. Aliit Delitrox is one of the most prominent Clans of the Death Watch. The clan recognized Peter Max as Mand'alor