All That Glitters Is.. Parasites?

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Posted by: Kilian Delmarco - Faction: NOVAcom
Date: Year 14 Day 271 Onboard the Quasar Fire-class Bulk Cruiser Pandalorian Fire in system Utos (-60, 60).

NOVAcom Diathim 001.png

Case: "Good evening. Sullivan Case here, getting ready to share some groundbreaking news that is going to take the majority of the galaxy by surprise. The race known as Diathim, once thought to be angelic beings made entirely of light, may be hiding something under that radiant skin of theirs. Tonight, we have with us Dr. Phena Rith, a graduate of Thymre University based on Naboo. Doctor, please, explain to us what piqued your curiosity in the newest members of our galaxy."

Rith: "It is quite simple, Mr. Case. I merely wanted to prove the believers wrong. What better way to do that than with science."

Case:"Wrong about?"

Rith: "These creatures that have been popping up more and more on several planets. Many have been found on Derra, we believe these to be caused by the virus, but those born on, what is believed to be the homeworld for the race, Iego, we have found to have the same condition."

Case: "What condition would that be, Doctor?"

Rith: "Parasites."

Case: "Excuse me?"

Rith: "Basically, their skin consists of nothing more than microscopic organisms, billions of them in this case. They seem to live symbiotically with the host they come in contact with. They act as a harder outer shell, like a skin over a skin. The difference is that this skin, the parasites, would be the primary one, while the secondary, the beings normal skin, acts like a stretchy, clear membrane that holds all the important bits in place."

NOVAcom Diathim 02.png

Rith:" And as you can see, neither the Derra Diathim nor the Iego Diathim, have anything special about them other than these tiny animals that clothe them."

Case: "And.. how did you come to these conclusions?"

Rith: "Lots of tests, Mr. Case. It also boiled down to asking the right questions."

Case: "Which questions?"

Rith:"Why would a race of beings, made completely of light, have a homeworld in the first place? They have no need for imports or exports as they do not require eating or lodgings. Why is it that their light only effects and distorts those who can see only on a certain color spectrum, whereas mine are more or less immune. Surely, if a being of light wanted to, they could distort the vision of everyone. Hell, even if they did want a homeworld for kicks, they could hide it from view and no one would have been the wiser to their existence. These questions are what put the gears in motion."

Case: "Fair enough, Doctor. You mentioned tests before?"

Rith: "Yes. We acquired a group of volunteers, ones claiming to be from each of the planets in question and submitted them to various," Dr. Rith paused for a moment, then said, "physical examinations."

Case: "Can you tell us about those?"

Rith: "I cannot. What I can tell you is that nothing that bleeds like a Diathim could ever be made of light."

Case: "Did you say bleeds?"

Rith: "Correct. Though I suppose it was more of a quick eruption than a bleed. It took some pushing and prodding - trust me when I tell you those parasites are stronger than you would think - but we finally got through the shell and they are just as soft on the inside as you or I."

Case: "Doctor, I'm not sure."

Rith: "Oh right, weak stomachs. I've got two of those, so it is not something I have ever had to be worried about. We also discovered what it is that Diathim can actually do and what some would believe it is that they do."

Case: "And what is it that some believe they can do?"

Rith: "All sorts of things I won't bother mentioning. I'm sure you could surmise some on your own. I'm sure even some at home have their own ideas of what Diathim are or should be. I assure you that most of you out there are wrong and should leave thinking to those who are good at it."

Case: "And the reality?"

Rith:"The reality is that they can move quickly, heal themselves, cause illusions to those who have inferior eyes, glow, survive in vacuums, and fly. We are unsure of how long they can live, but the oldest of our volunteers was a little over two hundred."

Case: "Survive in vacuums? Doctor, you didn't."

Rith: "Only to some! Those not found on Derra had no idea. You should see the footage we have on those tests. Most educating. The same went for the ones on Derra who had not yet tested their flying abilities. Their healing came in most handy then."

Case: "Do you ever plan on releasing your results?"

Rith: "Perhaps some of the more boring tests. Most individuals would find what we did questionable and would complain if we released everything. Granted I'm sure some will complain knowing they even happened. Can't win them all, right Mr. Case?"

NOVAcom Diathim 04.png

Case: "Right you are, Doctor Rith. Though some do not share your sentiments when it comes to keeping this matter quiet just to squash the protests of the people. Next week, we have one of the Diathim who went through the Rith experiments and one of her co-workers who felt morally obligated to step forward."