Arakyd Industries (Year 2)

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This article is about the defunct company circa Year 2. For its later incarnation, see Arakyd Industries (Year 11).
Arakyd Industries
Arakyd Industries Year 2 Emblem.png
General Information
Motto "We put A.I. into our droids"
Status Defunct
Leader Choibacco (Year 2)
2IC Jerome Antilles
Historical Information
Formed from Sarin Incorporated
Founded Year 2 Day 108[1]
Dissolved Year 3 (presumed)
Political Information
Affiliation Hapes Consortium
Industry Droid Manufacturer
Holosite Arakyd Industries

Arakyd Industries, also known as Arakyd Industries Droid Manufacturers, was a premiere manufacturer of droids, heavy weapons, and starships. Formed on Year 2 Day 108[1] by Choibacco, Ann Yael and Hobo Raff, the organization described itself as "a group of honest hard-working people frustrated with poor business practices, bribery, back-stabbing, self-appointed tinpot dictators and egomaniacs."[1] Following its dissolution, a later organization bearing its title appeared in Year 11 formed by businesswoman Helena Gladio.


Arakyd Industries was a splinter group of Sarin Incorporated, an earlier company founded by Bothan entrepreneur Sarin Boda on Year 1 Day 197.[2] The majority of employees in Sarin Inc. were ex-members of the Bounty Hunter Alliance (BHA) and had departed the latter collective due to a disagreement with the high command. Once Sarin Inc. was founded, Choibacco was appointed by Sarin Boda to be the Vice President of the company.[3]

Unfortunately, a rift soon occurred between Sarin Boda and Choibacco. This rift caused a large portion of the membership to egress with Choibacco. Purchasing the inactive Droid Engineering company,[1] Choibacco formed Arakyd Industries from its ashes.[3] As such, Arakyd Industries was founded on Year 2 Day 108 by Choibacco, Jerome Antilles, Ann Yael and Hobo Raff. The company is believed to have thrived for at least a year before falling into disarray.

During the company's brief tenure, Choibacco and Ann Yael fell in love and were married in a lavish Hapan wedding hosted by King Jessy James. Arakyd Industries is believed to have dissolved shortly afterward circa Year 3 when Choibacco was appointed Governor of Dathomir and resurrected The Antarian Rangers.[3]


"Arakyd Industries (A.I.) is the premiere in droid manufacturing in the galaxy. Through it's professional staff, solid business structure and determination to provide the best in service and products for the galactic community. A.I. is just not an acronym, we put the best A.I. into our droids. Our staff is ready to receive you whether it be an order, a repair or if you wish a change in career, our doors are always open to all."[4]


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