Baltar's Jewel

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Baltar's Jewel
Class Freighter
Type GAT-12h Skipray Blastboat
Type Class 7 Hyperdrive
Date of Manufacture Unknown
Affiliation Ximaro Jix

Shane Tayjer(Previous)
Ethiriel Beorn(Previous)
Tar Alaks (Previous)
Saitam Orelav (Previous)
Mephiston Leonatos (Previous)


The Baltar's Jewel has passed through a lot of hands. It first came into public knowledge under the ownership of Mephiston Leonatos when it was docked into a Marauder Corvette and stolen from him. Through the following six months Tar Alaks assisted Mephiston to get ownership of the corvette in question. Shortly after, Tar Alaks purchased it from Mephiston and in turn gifted it to his friend and prodigy Saitam Orelav on the day he ascended to the Family Council of Black Sun as a Vigo.

After being hidden away in the crypts of the BSS Xanadu for years, the Baltar's Jewel was given to Ethiriel Beorn, close personal friend of the retired Vigo, Saitam Orelav.

In Year 13 The ship was found its way to Shane Tayjer who was then a member of Zann Consortium at the time. Shane later gave it to Ximaro Jix as a present , when Shane retired from Dread in Year 16. After some time, Ximaro repainted the ship to reflect its ties to the Dread pirate crew, placing the bloody hand symbol on it.