Be afraid, be very afraid.

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Article posted on the Galactic News Service by Doc Jessa on Day 160 of Year 11.

The following message has been relayed through the communication channels of Fuzz Inc. via the realm of the Binaros Smuggling Alliance...


Conflict is never a welcomed scenario. Pain, death and destruction always follow, however, the element of surprise is always the key to ensure your enemy is obliterated with minimal losses to ones own forces. Doc Jessa here again for Fuzz Inc. with more developments from the Unknown Regions. Our previous report released on Day 140 of Year 11 detailed a possible threat to the well being of Dark Lord Gorn Veynom, a stone cold Imperial responsible for the death of his brother Enlil, by the hands of Zhao Yun formally known as Sin Jade to the galaxy. It appears however from sketchy intelligence that has been transmitted from the region that the two are indeed working together and are planning an unprecedented conflict upon the galaxy. The transcript details a campaign title, known only as 'Combat', and classifications of vessels being dispatched willfully throughout the galaxy in preparation for the conflict.

With the charade of a conflict interrupting the galaxy and shrouding them in fear, the two could meet in solitude and conduct a large amount of discussion and plan attacks in secret. For some time it has been disputed that Gorn Veynom has wanted to sit on the Imperial Throne, and remove the head from Emperor Vodo Bonias' shoulders and parade it around the streets of Coruscant as a message that nobody is untouchable. The plans are also rumoured to detail a plot from Zhao Yun to usurp himself back into the Eidola Pirates and cripple their resources and manpower in an act of karma on the unsuspecting pirate warlords and queens. All we can detail at this point however is that all such intelligence is mere puffery and rumour, without several sources to confirm the rumours and speculation. However, since the independent information has been transferred on such a sinister matter, the galaxy needs to know to prepare themselves for the brink of another, and even greater, Galactic Civil War. It's time for the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire to put aside petty differences, time for the Falleen Federation and their green gills to spread the love with their Imperial Union brethren and embrace each other, and join forces to prepare for the threat for the squabbling will not protect them from the shroud of the Darkness. Whether the governments decide however to consider the situation a credible threat remains to be seen.

The thirst for intelligence however never seems to stop. In separate, independent transcripts received from the Unknown Regions, it appears that the Lords of Darkness have a number of covert agents working throughout the known regions of the galaxy, feeding intelligence to better prepare and plan the attack. The names on everyone's minds are Clarr Solo and Togan Jano, somewhat logical choices to recruit to the Darkness cause. Clarr Solo, the Owner and Leader of XXX Miners runs one of the only Mining companies that actually sells goods and services to the public. Removing this service would greatly affect the flow of raw materials and ugly class fighters to consumers, greatly hampering their efforts to build adequate defences to protect themselves. It can be said though that the possible news of Togan Jano being an informant is an even greater threat. The Owner and Leader of Centrepoint Space Station controls the Centrepoint Market, the galaxy's most used economic trading hub. The loss of this would throw the galactic economy into chaos. With its main competitor the Galactic Market echelons behind the Centrepoint Market in customer support levels, and with the Hapan Market closed and consumers not trusting governmental run markets such as the Trade Federation Marketplace, the Centrepoint Marketplace offers the only free, non-government affiliated entity all galactic sentients can use to conduct their business. Such a loss is unfathomable to well being of the galaxy.

Despite the possible loss of trusted public figures to the Darkness cause, sightings have been communicated throughout the inner realms of the Unknown Regions of former prominent public figures previously considered retired from the galaxy. Whether rumour or fact, the names of Warlord Khan, Redbat and Fizzban have been circulating continually throughout the Unknown Regions, only providing more proof to the galaxy that the Army of Darkness is forming. Several retired Imperial serviceman hiding out in the Unknown Regions after the mass exodus of personnel during the Emperor Uebles usurpation to power have believed to have also witnessed meetings between Gorn Veynom and former Emperor Charon, who would not doubt be only to happy to see the death of Emperor Vodo Bonias, this again however is just mere speculation. Repeated sightings also continue to occur throughout known space of a number of vessels with signatures previously thought extinct, possibly those previously used by Gorn Veynom during his exodus and exile from the Galactic Empire. Acclamator-class Cruisers, Victory-class Star Destroyers and hordes of fighters have been reported by worried citizens throughout various worlds, forever instilling all sentients around the galaxy with grief that the shroud of the Darkness has fallen on known space. One Corellian was arrested several days ago after he sacrificed a Bantha on the streets of Naboo in an effort to appease the Lords of the Darkness. One thing is for certain though, the galaxy is crumbling, its citizens live in fear of attack, and the ideal that nobody is safe is apparent in every being in the galaxy. As conflict appears to drawn near, the rumoured domain of Khan's Playground and its experimental torments of terror will only serve as a reminder that the worst is still to come. Fuzz out.