Fuzz Inc.

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Fuzz Inc.
General Information
Status Active
Leader Ignatius Paak
Historical Information
Founded Year 11 Day 140
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Type Public Relations
Holosite Fuzz Inc.

What once began as a simple news source, grew to be one of the galaxy's most well-known and relied upon information sources. Fuzz Inc. was founded by Doc Jessa in an effort to provide not only an informative, unbiased source of news but a more vibrant and fun tabloid that would give galactic sentients a reason to read their various holofeeds. As operations grew it continued to provide news before various events in Doc's life forced the operation to take a back seat, and even after an ownership change to politician Ignatius Paak, the company closed its doors. With Ignatius publishing a sparse collection of galactic commentaries, the company remains largely dormant throughout the galaxy under his majority ownership.

A Simple Idea

Where the Words Come From

While working throughout the frustrating halls of the Trade Federation Ministry of State, Doc Jessa began to hatch a plan to found a private organization that would provide information services to the galaxy, without the tedious affiliations of pre-existing, biased organizations. As he handed in his resignation to the Viceroy Jacob Jansen, he immediately contacted a number of former colleagues and friends for sponsorship with his new venture. While the initial operations were primitive, Doc was granted access to use a number of stations owned by the Binaros Smuggling Alliance. While he had envisioned a larger operation with a number of colleagues and droids to assist him with his research and publishing, the inception of Fuzz Inc. meant that this goal was a long way off as resources were extremely limited. Using what resources were available at the time, Doc decided to venture into the Unknown Regions of space to hunt for news on the lost Grand Admiral Veynom. Using a rented Zeta-class Long-Range Shuttle from traders on Glee Anselm, spent several weeks hunting for his story. Keeping a low profile to avoid attention from the raining criminal underbelly, he reached out to a number of information brokers for any and all information in regards to the Imperial, including access to satellite data and planetary scan information. After many long hours deciphering multitudes of data, Doc was able to locate the source of a number of transmissions and headed deeper into the Unknown Regions to find him. As he arrived, the facility was abandoned. However, despite his disappointment, he was able to find a number of communications between the Grand Admiral and a pirate known to the galaxy as Zhao Yun. Full of endless threats and Imperial propaganda, the transcripts made one thing clear, both sides were mounting an offensive on the other and the Unknown Regions were about to become a battleground once again. Hastily collecting what information he could, Doc boarded his rented Zeta-class Long-Range Shuttle and navigated his way back to his primary information station Glee Anselm Two in the Vorc Sector.

As he arrived back on the station, he began compiling all the information rapidly to ensure the article was completed before news broke to the galaxy of the events occurring within the realm of the Unknown Regions. Several days of writing and proof-reading finally created an article that Doc was happy with, and one that would launch the Fuzz Inc. organization, hopefully in a successful manner. After contacting his friends in the Binaros Smuggling Alliance, Doc was able to reach a broadcasting agreement that allowed him to use their affiliated department Black Star Communications for all his required galactic broadcasts, with the provision that all articles would clearly online that they were solely his personal views with no affiliation to those of Black Star Communications or the Binaros Smuggling Alliance. With all relevant documentation signed and filed, Doc released his first article under the banner of Fuzz Inc. to the galaxy entitled Conflict in the Unknown Regions? While the article received some negative publicity from various piracy and criminal organizations, including a number of death threats, the feedback was extremely positive with many organizations and civilian groups praising him for his new news approach instead of stagnant feeds currently in existence. With the success came one unexpected outcome, organizations and individuals were contacting Doc with news requests, wanting stories of their own to be told from his point of view. While humbled by the gesture, Doc declined a great many of these requests in an effort to maintain impartiality while also giving him the freedom to pursue news that interested him without the necessity of deadlines and pressure that would come with a hired task.

Moving Up In the Galaxy

With Fuzz Inc. suddenly in the public spotlight, a number of donations were finding their way to Doc, along with various sponsorship opportunities and teaching roles. Once he had completed moving his operations from Glee Anselm to a larger station the Binaros Smuggling Alliance was able to spare in Ruuria, Doc took some time in between stories to speak at his mind at a number of educational institutions including the Robin Hood School of Culture and Education in the Hapes Cluster and the Corbin Academy for Excellence in the Tion Cluster. During his classes, he was able to assist students with their interests in writing and professional development while also building a legal information network within a number of Imperial Union cells to ensure his future Fuzz Inc. stories were of the highest caliber with concrete evidence and indisputable proof. Over the next few months he realized several stories while traveling between Hapan and Tionese space, while also outsourcing a construction contract with the XXX Miners to construct a business center for Fuzz Inc. in the Sern System on Sern Prime. While the atmosphere of Sern Prime was regularly freezing, it allowed Doc to work in peace and quiet away from corporate espionage threats and unwanted visitors to his research.

With his lecture and classroom tours over, Doc focused his full attention to his new business hub, returning all resources he had borrowed back to the Binaros Smuggling Alliance and commenced his news operations at yet another location with the interest of finally generating some solid revenue to go with the ever-growing positive reputation. With a number of news and information organizations collapsing throughout the galaxy, including Galactic Tabloid Publications, Doc continued to work hard to ensure he not only stayed afloat but also capture the audience was dependant on the now-defunct organizations. As several stories found their way to the Galactic News Service, Doc found his donations and investments grow along with the reputation of his news organization.

The logo of Fuzz Inc. during the inception phases.

As Fuzz Inc. became more and more popular throughout the galaxy, his quiet life was becoming busier with an increased workload chasing interviews, and a personal relationship with Kayla Lenn. While he tried to devote as much attention to his relationship as he could, Doc found that after several months their business interests were both paramount to each other, and neither could spend adequate time together for the relationship to grow and so they split soon after, leaving Doc to run his news operations once again alone. Despite his appreciation for the peace and quiet in the past, the loss of a companion caused his work patterns to become more erratic and less of a priority as he focused on introducing more rest and relaxation time into his life, this, in turn, slowed Fuzz Inc.'s output for several months.

With outside stimuli and the state of galactic affairs becoming more stagnant, Doc found it increasingly difficult to find the groundbreaking stories he had once written during the inception of Fuzz Inc. As he released a number of stories that lacked the initial punch of their predecessors, Doc became frustrated and found himself loosing increasing amounts of sleep as he searched tirelessly for a new stem of information. Instead of finding a story, however, he found his long-lost father Graf Jessa. Due to the individual nature of Fuzz Inc., operations immediately ceased all output as Doc placed all his interest and attention into the health and relationship with his father. With the introduction came a number of revelations, including the announcement of a sister, that found Doc closing his offices from all operations as he began the search for the remnants of his family. As they both searched, Doc released a story on occasion through the proxy to keep his skills attuned, but all information ran dry in regards to his family. With his father becoming worried about his obsession with finding his family, they agreed to separate, which allowed Doc to return to operations while his father Graf continued the search. Upon his return to the galaxy, he received the heartbreaking fact that he had missed one of the galaxy's biggest stories. Emperor Vodo Bonias had abdicated the Imperial throne and Executor Thomas Cherokee, along with his once fellow compatriots in the New Imperial Order had joined the Imperial cause once again. With his news operations stagnant and with new ideas on his mind, Doc decided to sell off the various holdings and facilities he had maintained through Fuzz Inc., and return to service in the Galactic Empire.

From One to Another

As Doc returned to the Galactic Empire in the Ministry of Industry, his increasing responsibilities were giving him very limited time to focus on Fuzz Inc. and thus the company continued to remain as a figment of history instead of outputting news to the galaxy. Interested in purchasing a share in the company to see its operations resume, former Mayor of Cadinth, Ignatius Paak had sought out Doc in an attempt to persuade him into selling off a portion of the company. While Doc was initially hesitant at the idea of selling off his pride and joy, he entertained the politician to a number of meetings via holo communication as they attempted to negotiate a mutually beneficial agreement. As both parties to some time to evaluate their positions and conduct research, Doc was relocated to the Corporate Sector to oversee the surveying of various Imperial planets and newly acquired mining operations. Given his lack of attention to other ventures, he decided to sell the company to the Tionese politician, allowing someone to continue his work while remaining an outside consultant and honorary member of the organization. Dispatching a protocol droid to the Tion Cluster, Doc continued his operations as he waited for confirmation. Several days after dispatching the droid while conducting surveys, Doc's vessel was raided by a small insurgency. Throughout the attack, Doc's father Graf and sister Miranda were killed which caused the calm businessmen to return to his ways as a fighter of youth, where he slaughtered his pirate attackers, however not without being mortally wounded himself. While Doc collapsed and passed away in the Fibuli system on Day 144 of Galactic Year 12, his dispatched protocol droid had reached the Tionese politician Ignatius Paak who was stunned by his stock ownership of one hundred percent in Fuzz Inc. and the title of Fuzz being passed onto him.

With his newly granted title, Ignatius Paak decided to merge the operations of Fuzz Inc. into his existing public relations operations within the Tion Hegemony government. While the organization had previously remained neutral, Ignatius wanted the information networks reactivated to allow Imperial Union intelligence to flow from other avenues, not just official channels. While the networks became fruitful for a time, a large amount of information quickly became outdated due to all operations from Sern being sold off, and the vast majority of Doc's contacts frowning on legitimate government operations. As his operations began to grow in a more personal nature, Ignatius reassigned Fuzz Inc. to his own personal political campaigns, along with various other private ventures such as his cousin's modeling company and various other political contributions throughout the galaxy. The company soon found itself moving away from the news, into more of a Public Relations and Information source. With the assistance of a newly hired aid Ariel Maal, the operation was now spreading from the Tion Cluster to all corners of the Imperial Union and various pockets of the Outer-Rims to provide political aid and assistance to a number of democratic campaigns. However, operations began to slow when Ignatius resigned his position with the Tion Hegemony government. Various Imperial Union investors and clients shy away from using an independent source, which caused profits to cease and expenditure to rapidly increase, causing the closure of Fuzz Inc. once again.

As Ignatius undertook a number of personal ventures, including spending several months with The Veragi Consortium, his associates went their separate ways, and information sources were severed, effectively rendering Fuzz Inc. dead. Still maintaining the title of Fuzz as a more symbolic maneuver, the galaxy quickly forgot about the once successful source of news and was forced to return to other forms of biased political commentary. As Ignatius concluded his time within The Veragi Consortium, he purchased a private facility to enjoy his retirement with his cousin Helena Korr where they could spend the rest of the lives in luxury. As Helena prepared the facility, Ignatius posted a brief commentary on the galaxy through a number of corporate bodies, before holding a private stock offering for a select few members of the galaxy to purchase a standing in its operation should they wish to revive Fuzz Inc. With each stockholder agreeing to the terms, Ignatius still maintained a majority shareholding, before traveling to his secluded and peaceful home to commence his retirement.

Published Articles

Fuzz Inc. Leadership
Preceeded By:
Doc Jessa
Year 11, Day 140 - Year 12, Day 144
Owner of Fuzz Inc.
Ignatius Paak
Year 12, Day 144 - Present
Succeeded By: