The Veragi Consortium

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The Veragi Consortium
Veragi Consortium Emblem.png
Political information
Type of government
Head of State Banquo Knox
Head-of-Government Banquo Knox
Commander-in-Chief Banquo Knox
Affiliation Neutral
Societal information
Historical Information
Formed from Black Sun
Date of establishment Year 13 Day 209
Date of dissolution Year 13 Day 264 (renamed to Black Sun)
Status Defunct


The Veragi Consortium was the result of Dark Prince Banquo Knox's desire to further legitimize the Black Sun Criminal Syndicate. On Day 209 of the 14th Year, Black Sun was renamed to The Veragi Consortium and a mercenary group known as Gand Enterprises assumed the name Black Sun to prevent enemies from taking the name out of spite.

On Year 13 Day 264, the mercenary group holding the Black Sun name was renamed Garmen Corp and would dissolve shortly thereafter. The Veragi Consortium nearly simultaneously reclaimed its former name of Black Sun. The reversion was a result of a failure to convince the galaxy that the two organizations were separate and that The Veragi Consortium was no longer the criminal syndicate of its past.


A vast financial enterprise, The Veragi Consortium was an influential powerhouse whose presence was felt throughout the entire galaxy. Whether it was trafficking in advanced warships or brokering new trade agreements, The Veragi Consortium was a well known for its galactic business. Quarterly profits in the billions of credits funded an army of multi-industry experts, each pursuing new methods of enhancing the Consortium’s already extensive power base.

The Veragi Consortium was composed of a number of different ministries, each led by a vastly capable Minister with extensive experience in their specific field. Each Minister oversaw and employed any number of highly trained specialists to ensure their operational success, effectively turning each Ministry into its own successful business.


The Veragi Consortium controlled the Ciutric, Gree, Mieru'kar, Sevetta and Veragi Sectors.

Datacards Owned


  • Veragi Consortium Holographic Year 13.png (Year 13)