Helena Korr

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Helena Korr
Biographical Information
Race Alderaanian
Homeworld Alderaan
Mother Lily Korr
Father Alessandro Korr
Spouse None
Siblings Ignatius Paak - Cousin
Children None
Born Year -20 Day 273
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.6 meters
Coloring Pale
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Ignatius Paak
Rank Cousin
Positions Family
Prior Affiliation
  • Alderaan Modelling Agency
  • Denevar School of Dance
  • Juvenile Correctional Offices of Alderaan
  • Korr Construction
  • Alderaan Talent Commission
  • The Alderaan Academy
Awards HelenaGold.pngHelenaGold2.pngHelenaSilver.png

Helena Korr is of Alderaanian heritage and owns a successful modelling agency throughout the Alderaan Sector, headquartered on Alderaan. Despite a stressful upbringing including the sudden death of both her parents and a stint in Juvenile Detention, Helena has managed to grow a successful business that not only benefits herself, but a great deal of the community. Through her various modelling commitments and business contracts, Helena has won a number of awards for her work, and focused her attention on teaching other aspiring individuals how to get to the top. Putting the life behind her after the death of her uncle Vi Paak, Helena found herself working closely with her cousin Ignatius Paak on his various personal enterprises.

We All Start Somewhere

Back to the Beginning

Helena Korr was born on Alderaan to parents Alessandro and Lily Korr, owners of several local businesses throughout Alderaan. From the days that she left her crib she was being prepared for a life in the spotlight. Enrolled at the illustrious Alderaan Academy two years early, she focused on her basic education before she could even talk properly. Through the student growth programs, her speech, general education abilities and physical attributes were being directed towards a feeling of excellence, moulding her to be the perfect example of a woman to represent the people of Alderaan, while giving her the basic talents to succeed in society. While many children around her were taking a keen interest in space flight, scientific advancements or the art of diplomacy, Helena was more interested in pursing life as a dancer. While initially hesitant with her lifestyle choice, parents Alessandro and Lily eventually decided to embrace her hobbies and hired a number of instructors for their daughter. While she spent many hours of the day studying in her classes, the remainder of her free time was spent learning how to dance the most eloquent movements, which she then showed off to her parents and their guests during their number of public engagements entertaining wealthy benefactors and enterprise figureheads.

A Young Helena Korr.

On her eleventh birthday, she successfully graduated the Alderaan Academy as one of their top students and will little hesitation, enrolled at the Alderaan Talent Commission to increase her level of educational growth, while making herself available to other commitments that used her acquired talents. Through their insights and motivation towards her, Helena soon found herself participating in a number of recitals and concerts in some of Alderaan's most prestigious facilities and concert halls. While these events allowed her to get seen in a more public environment, her parents used this attention to improve their various businesses. Using Helena's skills as an advertising ploy, she quickly became known as the Korr Lady, which helped increase their profits, but began to put a large amount of pressure on the young Helena to perform. As her commitments with her education, along with her obligations to her parents continued to increase, it was evident that such a workload on such a young person would inevitably begin to take its toll. A week after Helena's thirteenth birthday, she collapsed on stage during a recital due to simple exhaustion, and was advised to take some time to recuperate. Taking a break, Helena and her family boarded their personal Consular-class Cruiser, Constellation, and spent a month inside the Tion Cluster to relax.

Meeting Someone New

Having spent most of her life following the wishes of instructors and her parents that pushed her to exhaustion, Helena finally had some time to relax and enjoy life. As they arrived on the warm planet of Cadinth, Helena was introduced to her immediate family, her Aunt and Uncle Mara and Vi Paak, and her only cousin, Ignatius Paak. While the parents spent time sharing stories about the past, Helena spent a great deal of time learning and understanding the life of her cousin, and she learned almost immediately that their lives were not that dissimilar. Despite the different walks of life and eventual career prospects, they both had relatively sheltered lives that were, despite the amount of people surrounding them, leading them into a life of solitude. Through this realisation, the two cousins began to build what would be a strong, almost sibling bond that would allow them to embrace and share with each other no matter the trouble or distance between them. for the remainder of their time on Cadinth, Helena and Ignatius were almost inseparable, going everywhere together and not leaving each others side. As Helena's vacation came to and end, the two embraced and promised to keep in touch whenever possible, before Helena boarded Constellation, and returned to her life in the spotlight.

Upon returning she soon realised that a lot had changed for her, even in such a short time. Many of her fellow students at the Alderaan Talent Commission had greatly improved their abilities, which caught Helena at a huge disadvantage. Finding herself overlooked for a great number of parts and opportunities over the following months, Helena began to fall into a state of depression. Hiding away by working inside her parent's businesses as a receptionist, her reputation as the Korr Lady evaporated, and many people that once sung her praises as a performer forgot she even existed. Her talents began to wain as the neglect continued, and soon enough she found herself becoming more interested in business than performing. As she turned fifteen she was still working for her parents, who welcomed the assistance. Her interests were now aligned with those of her parents as she began managing a number of Construction enterprises that her parents operated, giving her a quick understanding of how business worked, how to deal with various kinds of people while learning a number of trade skills no educational institution could teach. While the enterprises increased, which in turn boosted the income for her parents, Helena found herself floating through life without any real goals. While she had an interest in business and managing operations, she felt her skills failed to be leading anywhere, and she didn't want to sit behind a desk all day, or be on a worksite with uncivilised workers for hours at a time. As she brought her concerns towards her parents, they simply rejected her claims and pushed her into more work. This move only caused her relations with her parent to strain, allowing them to grow further apart. As their disputes continued to grow, Helena became increasingly frustrated with her parents' operations, and began to pocket credits from their businesses. What began as minor figures on various investments and businesses, soon grew bigger and bigger. After approximately a year of embezzling from her parents' companies, Helena was arrested and charged for theft. Dishonoured by her parents for her offences, only Ignatius remained in contact. Despite his law abiding nature, he forgave Helena and encouraged her to put their differences aside and do something that interested her, not her parents beliefs, telling her that all would eventually sort itself out. After a number of courtroom proceedings over several weeks, Helena was sentenced to three years inside the Juvenile Correction Facility of Alderaan, a month before her fourteenth birthday.

A New Life

Outside the Spotlight

Over her three year sentence, Helena changed. The first six months saw Helena endure her fourteenth birthday behind bars, without a single word from her parents. While Ignatius passed on a correspondence when he could, Juvenile Corrections was a lonely time for her, which she used to improve herself, both physically, educationally, and mentally. While spending the majority of her time inside the library, learning more about managing a business and its various resources, she almost spent several hours a day doing physical exercise. As her physique became more toned, she began to embrace her former talent of dance, and spent more and more time learning her forgotten skill. While frequently the target of verbal and physical abuse due to her quiet nature, she kept herself going inside by returning to her world of dance, which helped her turn the negative relationship she had forged with her parents, into a more positive outlook. As she turned fifteen, she received the heartbreaking news that both her parents had become victims of an accident while on vacation to the Outer-Regions of space, and had both passed away. Deeply saddened by the way their relationship had ended, and by the fact she was unable to show them her changed nature, she spent almost an entire year silent, failing to speak a word to anyone, including Ignatius. She stopped training and once again her abilities begun to falter. The books piled up and remained unread, as she simply struggled to comprehend anything after the loss of her parents.

Pick Yourself Up

The day before Helena turned sixteen could have been her last. Struggled to comprehend a birthday without her parents being alive was taking its toll. While they hadn't spoken on her previous birthdays, she at least knew that they could have established contact with her if they ever saw fit, but now that was never going to happen. As she tried to sleep, she stared up at the roof of her cell thinking about what life would throw her way. She had just under a year remaining on her sentence, but she had no parents, all their assets had remained dormant for years, and her life prospects were very low. Despite the fact she was almost through her sentence, she lay in bed struggling to comprehend living another day. Calmly, she placed her pillow over her face in an attempt to harm herself. She tried a number times to perform the task but each time she just threw the pillow against the wall and cried. Eventually, after the forth attempt failed, she cried herself to sleep and arose the next day as a sixteen year old, and with a waiting communication. Despite her struggles, she managed a smile when Ignatius greeted her over the holovid to wish her a happy birthday.

Helena at the Denevar School of Dance.

Knowing of her struggles and of her situation, correctional facility officials allowed her extra time to talk with her cousin, who continued to offer a sibling like admiration which helped her pick herself up. Amazingly, she returned to her cell with a smile on her face, and from that point on, she returned to her previous ways of dance and physical training for the remainder of her sentence.

The Rebuild

Change of Direction

After her release from the Juvenile Correction Facility of Alderaan, Helena immediately travelled back to her home to analyse the state of affairs. Through unpaid debts and other issues, a number of businesses had be foreclosed, while others were in a grossly poor state. As she travelled to the memorial site of her parents, she spent several hours talking aloud, sharing stories of her past to their graves while seeking guidance on what to do with their investments. As she returned, she contacted a number of local real estate operatives and headhunters on the purchase of the various property that had found itself in her name since her parents demise. Selling off all the businesses her parents had built, Helena put some of the money towards the restoration of the family property, returning to a liveable state, before deciding on her next venture. While project management had served her well in the past, Construction had caused a great deal of physical and emotional pain, and such a move was not encouraged by a number of business advisors. After several months thought, Helena took her Consular-class Cruiser, Constellation, and headed for Denevar, a neighbouring planet to Alderaan, and enrolled in the Denevar School of Dance. Based on the reputation, Helena believed such a school would give her the opportunity needed to get her career back on track, and surpass the glory of her childhood. Her dedication and poise quickly gained her recognition by her instructors, who soon placed her in a number of competitions. While both Helena and her instructors knew that she would not win the competitions in her current state, she used the opportunities to analyse the system, and build a number of contacts and connections with her fellow competitors and the organisations involved in the various competitions.

Her first break came when she was entered in the New Talent Awards on Denevar. Considered an outside chance by everyone, including herself, she managed to produce a mesmerising performance that showed her true natural talent. While her struggles had put her through a great deal of hardship, her abilities and talent were finally beginning to show, and she was awarded second place for her performance. Thrilled with her achievement, Helena was awarded with a large credit prize, which she used to purchase a small property in the centre of Denevar to call her own. As her eighteenth birthday came and went, she became eligible to become an instructor at the Denevar School of Dance, an opportunity she accepted without hesitation. Under her tutelage, she saw a number of aspiring students learn the skills to become exceptional dancers, while becoming romantically involved with one of her fellow instructors. Inexperienced in the area of relationships, Helena slowly begun to become more open with her partner, sharing her intimate secrets and her body with him as they grew closer together. While the two shared an immense passion for dance and theatre, they also had a keen eye for business, and set up a number of foundations to benefit those who were less fortunate and unable to enrol in such areas of music and dance, giving them the opportunity to learn and embrace their artistic talents. Together, they opened a number of offices across the Alderaan Sector, which gave them both a reliable and strong reputation of philanthropy.

Getting Older

Helena and her partner stayed together until shortly after her twenty-third birthday. Despite their love for each other, their relationship turned into more of a mutual admiration, and they failed to see the spark that brought them together all those years ago. While the foundations grew as the years progressed, Helena decided to return to Alderaan and return to the spotlight she once cultivated under the watchful eye of her parents. Upon her return, she returned home with the intention of opening up several self help institutions to turn people away from a life of crime, given her previous experiences. Before planning was put in place, Helena was approached by a local talent manager known as Yul Vazquez with an offer to advertise a number of products as a spokesperson and model. Flattered by the offer, Helena became sceptical as to why a dancer would be approached with such an offer, but was soon reassured that given her previous ventures and philanthropic donations, along with her beauty and skills as a dancer, such a move was not uncommon on Alderaan. As she travelled all over Alderaan promoting a number products for various businesses, her modelling portfolio grew. What began as a simple job began to become a way of life as more and more businesses became interested in her talents. Taking on more and more clients, her workload was becoming unbearable for the twenty-three year old, and despite the growing financial profits of her employment, she began to show increased stress and frustration, which reflected in the effort of her work. Scaling back her portfolio, her efforts once again returned to a state of excellence, and her competitive nature once again returned. Given her experience at promoting goods for many companies, Helena decided to enter herself in the Alderaan Model Awards. Despite still competition, Helena won the awards ceremony and cemented her place at the top of the Alderaan modelling community.

Thinking Bigger

Helena Korr - Galaxy's Hottest Model Advertisement.

Forget Sectors, More is Needed

Having taken out the Alderaan Model Awards, Helena wanted something bigger. Over the next few years she continued to promote, but began to take more contract and positions of employment outside the Alderaan Sector, branching into the Inner-Regions of the Galaxy. At the age of twenty-seven, she had reached the top of her game and had enough connections to seek the top prize, she wanted the title of the Galaxy's Hottest Model. Using a great deal of money from her various investments, she submitted a campaign to the event organisers which was vigorously re-enforced by her various sponsors and supporters. With her application approved, she was entered in the competition with other models from all over the galaxy. As the competition ran over a number of weeks, Helena received strong support from Ignatius in the Tion Cluster as she battled the competition through the intense rounds of competition. As it came to a close, Helena found herself up again a number of Twi'lek beauty queens and a member of Hapan Royalty. Figuring her chances at winning the competition were next to nothing, she began to prepare for the inevitable loss. As the final day of the competition finally dawned, she was fully prepared to put on an artificial smile and congratulate the winning competitor. Little did she know that after an hours deliberation by the judges, Helena was chosen as the Galaxy's Hottest Model. Ecstatic about her win, Helena congratulated her fellow competitors and gave a sterling speech about her upbringing, personal hardship and aspirations to follow her childhood dreams. Well received by the surrounding audience, Helena found herself at the top, with no real idea on what she should set her sights on next. Returning to Alderaan, she spent the following year managing the Alderaan branches of her foundation, before deciding to open her own company. Purchasing a large property adjacent to the entertainment district of Alderaan, Helena, using the skills she'd learn as a teenager and during her time in prison, opened up the Alderaan Modelling Agency. Given her awards, thousands of applicants flooded the new agency with interest in her services and educational insights. Sifting through the large number of employees and models, Helena built herself a team that began to outsource its talent to businesses on Alderaan. As it grew, the clientele only wanted more models to demonstrate their goods, and before long the venture was expanding throughout the entire sector. Still maintaining the original name, Helena bought complete control of her foundation from her former partner and merged it into the operations of the Alderaan Modelling Agency. Through the merger, it offered new and prospective talent the chance to grow their skills from the ground up, before being welcomed into the modelling world with a greater ability to gain employment and galactic recognition.

Morning Cuz

With her business ventures flourishing, Helena began to step back from the day-to-day operations and focused on higher management as the profits kept flowing in. As more and more companies wanted her staff on their various advertisements and participating in their corporate events, Helena didn't need to rely on just herself anymore, other talent she had nourished and trained could do the work for her, while paying both parties exceptionally well for their services. Receiving a communication from Cadinth Memorial Hospital in the Tion Cluster, the thirty year old found herself heading back to her childhood sanctuary to visit her aunt. When she arrived, Mara Paak lay in a hospital bed with an apparent hip injury. After further analysis, doctors revealed that she was also suffering from Drakñahr Syndrome, which caused the bodies vital organs to rapidly degrade over a number of years, inevitably causing decreased bodily function and death, and that her time was short. Despite the news, Mara was surprisingly upbeat thanks to Helena's visit. The next day, Vi and Ignatius Paak returned to the hospital, and Helena embraced her cousin as they spent time together at Mara's beside, before her eventual passing. After the three of them buried her, Helena spent time with her cousin that she rarely saw, and they shared stories about where their careers has taken them, and how their busy lives had only become even busier since they last saw each other in person. Distraught by the loss of his wife, Vi Paak decided to move back to his home of Alderaan, and Helena assisted him and Ignatius with his move. As they arrived back in Alderaan, Helena used her acquired real estate contacts to help Vi purchase a property on the outskirts of Alderaan from him to live in peace. In the interests of keeping what family she had left together, Helena decided to appoint various managers across her business in order to keep her solely on Alderaan, and to keep an eye on Vi while Ignatius remained in the Tion Cluster, in the hope that he would one day come live on Alderaan so that they could finally spend a larger amount of time together.

Spiralling Out of Control

Bad News & Good News

Helena did what she could to keep in contact with Ignatius as he travelled throughout the Tion Cluster. She knew of his various political and personal enterprises and was glad to see he was moving up in the world. He own career inside the Corellian Modelling Agency was going strong. The various agencies around the sector were being managed effectively, and the money was rolling in, but Helena was loosing interest as Vi Paak's health began to rapidly decline on Alderaan. Spending thousands of credits on the best medical professionals she could find, she hoped to keep him comfortable and get him up to a level of fitness so he could travel to see his son. After a number of days in hospital, Vi Paak passed away with Helena by his bedside. Old age and loss finally claimed the widow, and Helena thought it best to deliver the news in person, rather than through a holocommunication. Helena boarded the Consular-class Cruiser, Constellation, and headed for Ignatius' station, the Danuvius, to deliver the heartbreaking news. Upon her arrival, she was greeted by two individuals who were dining in the Mess Hall of the station, Ariel Maal and Koth Baras, associates of Ignatius. Helena introduced herself as the long lost cousin, and the three began to learn about each other's pasts, and despite the news she had to deliver, she was able to laugh and have some fun with the two of them. As Ignatius arrived a few minutes later, back from a trip in the Cluster, he was very happy to see her and gave her a customary hug and warm welcome as always. Giving her a tour of the station, Ignatius and Helena finally reached his quarters where Helena delivered the news about Vi. Heartbroken he was unable to see his father at the end, Ignatius wept quietly in his chair as thoughts of his father ran through his head. Cleaning himself up, Ignatius escorted Helena to his Nu-Class Attack Shuttle, and they travelled back to Alderaan to finalise the funeral proceedings.

Ignatius and Helena both agreed that he should be buried with his wife, and Helena used her connections within the modelling community to ensure the entire process was simple with the frustrating Alderaanian representatives. With Vi's body secure onboard the ship, Helena let Ignatius rest while she took the ship back to Cadinth for the final ceremony. The family home was still in good working order, clean and presentable despite nobody living there. Together, they laid Vi Paak to rest beside his wife Mara, and like they did with Vi for her funeral, the two alone conducted a small ceremony in remembrance of the stellar politician, father and friend. Together they embraced and cried over the loss, knowing that they were the only two left in the family. As they wandered the streets of Cadinth to clear their heads, Helena discussed the idea of working with Ignatius more, keeping what was left of the family together and avoiding the usual disappearing act they often found themselves faced with. Thrilled with the idea, Ignatius was willing to give Helena access to everything, give her any position she desired within his growing personal enterprises to accommodate her. Despite Ignatius' political senses and cunning nature of diplomacy, Helena had the best public relations skills in the sector, and decided to join him, working on press releases and other public information with Ignatius and Ariel. Smiling for the first time in a while, Helena even suggested she could use both herself and Ariel in the campaigns to get even more interest. Ignatius hugged Helena and welcomed her to the growing group of people working with him, and they boarded the Nu-Class Attack Shuttle Ignatius and headed back to the Danuvius station to deliver the news to Koth and Ariel. As they travelled back, Helena made contact with some of her trusted advisors and informed them of her personal decision, selling her majority share in the company she built to her loyal subordinate, maintaining a solid share in the company to keep in touch with its investments and decision-making process. With a new found path on her horizon, Helena returned with Ignatius, and working with Koth and Ariel, began experiencing a life working with family, a life she enjoyed.

Changing Personalities

While on assignment, Ignatius found himself under attack, and was forced to take the life of someone. When Koth returned to Ariel and Helena, she was sickened with worry for her cousin. She knew in her heart, despite news reports, that he was innocent and wanted to do everything she could to assist him. While Koth was unusually quiet about his actions, Helena did everything she could by reaching out to former contacts to ascertain information, but her efforts were in vain. After a number of communications, Helena found herself heading for Revyia with the others, to finally meet Ignatius after a number of weeks on the run. Despite the others being unwilling to continue working with him in the Black Sun, Helena was eager to keep what remained of her family together, and stood by his side. Having no real affiliation to a political ideal, she fit in well to her new lifestyle, and was easily able to establish a new business network exporting goods and materials for a private enterprise. While the work was only on contract, it kept her busy while she wasn't aiding her cousin. Despite her sadness at not having Ariel and Koth around, she noticed changes in Ignatius that she appreciated. He was more relaxed and at ease, more casual and open about himself, instead of being tunnel-visioned towards legal proceedings and political endeavours. Purchasing a property just minutes from Ignatius on Revyia, she found herself enjoy a luxurious lifestyle, in the company of friends and family, a lifestyle that she cherished.


As Ignatius worked for a number of less legitimate organisations, Helena kept her skills sharp by participating in a number of corporate takeovers and small political campaigns. While the income was fruitful, the desire was short lived. Helena found herself helping Ignatius where she could but grew tired of the constant change in her life and wanted to settle down in peace away from the galaxy that she had been on display for her entire life. As she approached Ignatius will her concerns and desires, she was surprised when he was feeling the same himself. Through numerous discussions over the following weeks, Helena and Ignatius decided on retirement from the public guise of the galaxy. While Ignatius invested in a secluded property from them to live, Helena paid a visit to Ariel Maal and Koth Baras to see how their lives were progressing. Both lives were positive and their endeavours were leading them to new heights of personal achievement. With a report for Ignatius, along with several presents and personal correspondents, Helena met Ignatius at their safe haven to enjoy her life away from the public spotlight, in a luxurious residence where she could put her feet up and relax.