Koth Baras

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Koth Baras
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Olina Baras
Father Luka Baras
Spouse Iliana Baras
Siblings Xera Baras
Children Chora Baras
Born Year -28 Day 107
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.82 meters
Coloring Pale
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation The Baras Foundation
Rank Operations Officer
Positions Management
Prior Affiliation

Security Consultant for Quence Barto

CorSec Young Recruit Program

Koth Baras is a Corellian with only one way of life, the life of a soldier. Born into an abusive family, he ran away at a young age and enlisted within the CorSec Young Recruit Program and learnt the skills to become a highly effective soldier. Hand picked to run the most elite operations and dangerous insurgencies, he had the experience required to complete any military task. Having spent time ensuring the security of Corellia, Koth has faced a number of personal hardships and anguish throughout his life. Despite the pain it has caused him, he always keeps is hard shell in tact, keeping a warm and open persona with those he meets. Having retired from all services regarding to Corellia's Security, Koth Baras now found himself as Head of Security for Ignatius Paak, a well known Tionese politician, whom he travelled with to ensure his safety, but also to keep his skills sharp as he trained Ignatius during their endeavours throughout the galaxy. When Ignatius became embroiled in a criminal investigation, Koth found himself aiding his friend, before finally taking his rightful place at home with his family.

Birth and Death

Not every childhood is a good one

Koth Baras, the son of Olina and Luka Baras, was born on Corellia with a twin sister Xera Baras. While Olina was a regular mother, taking care of her children and looking after their wellbeing, Luka would regularly gamble away the family's earning on Pazaak, and come home drunk and abuse his family thanks to the effects of Corellian Ale and a dangerous Ryll addiction. Despite the abuse and abrasive attitude of his upbringing, Koth remained relatively warm and loving to those around him, learning to channel the anger he had for his father into a cause more worthwhile. As the twins began to grow up and attend a primary school education, their freedom became more frequent. Koth would spend as much time as he could with his sister at school to avoid the loud and abusive home they lived in. When they returned home one afternoon just after their sixth birthday, his father had lost a month's wages and was forcing the family into bankruptcy. Furious with her degenerate husband, Olina began to fight back against her husband. Outraged at her disloyalty, Luka beat his wife repeatedly. As her body lay unconscious on the floor, blood began to pour out of her many wounds and Xera did all she could for a six year old to contain the bleeding. Drunk and delusional, Luka simply laughed at his child and kicked her away. Despite the pain and anguish her father was causing, Xera continued to help her mother, keeping pressure on her wounds and trying to stop the bleeding from continuing. Her persistence, while admirable, only made her father more furious, and in a drunken, ryll-fueled rage, Luka hit his daughter across the face, propelling her into the wall at a vast rate. As her body lay motionless on the floor, Koth slowly moved over to the other side of the room to attend to his sister. Despite his efforts, he was unable to revive his twin sister, and she died. As Koth held his deceased sister in his arms and quietly wept, Luka began hurling abuse and profanity at his son, which awoke Olina, Despite her groggy nature, she was immediately able to identify what had occurred and screamed at her husband, who hit her again and again. Koth looked over at her mother who was screaming from him to run away, but he couldn't bare to leave his family. As he held his sister, he watched his father beat his mother to death. Luka kept swinging, the power in his punches made bones break and bruises form, and while he was preoccupied with executing his wife, Koth quietly kissed his sister on her forehead, before sneaking through a hole in the wall and running as fast as he could, away from his murderous father.

Despite only being six years old, he ran as fast as he could, as far as he could to escape his father. Through the rich districts and the ghetto it didn't matter, he had to get away. As rain began to fall around him, his simple clothes became heavier and made it harder for him to run. His bare feet began to scratch and cut against the rough surfaces on Corellia, and he had no where to seek refuge. As the night feel, he sought refuge in an alley on the outskirts of the city, far away from the reach of his father. He rummaged through several garbage disposals to find some food, and looked for a warm place to sleep. As he moved further down the alley, he couldn't find an appropriate place to sleep, and in his haste to find a new location, he slipped on the wet ground and fell on his back, knocking himself unconscious. As he awoke the next day, he found himself in a bed in strange surroundings. As he stood up and looked around the room, he felt the back of his head and a splitting headache returned, before a young girl walked in with some medication. A young mother Doril Wess and her daughter Iliana explained to Koth what had happened, and that he was in the centre of Corellia. Reluctant to reveal his personal situation, Koth simply thanked them for their help, and welcomed their invitation to stay with them. While he appreciated the new found friendship he was beginning to form with Iliana, he would frequently be found weeping in his room for his sister and mother. The heartache would be with him all of his lifetime, but for a six year old boy, he struggled immensely with the ordeal.

Moving Past It

As he turned fourteen, Koth was at an impasse in his life. While many of those around him where attending a high school education, including Iliana and his various other school acquaintances, this didn't interest Koth. While Dorill tried to encourage Koth that a normal life began with a solid high school education,

Koth gets his Corellian Apartment.

Koth was more interested in getting out into the real world, and wanted to register with the Corellian Security Forces' Young Recruit Program. Somewhat nervous but understanding about his decision, Dorill allowed him to enlist in the program, and Koth was shipped off to the nearby world of Drall to begin his training. While it was a rough and tough program, for Koth it was a dream. Top of his class in all forms of aptitude, he couldn't be beaten in a physical fight or a strategic war. For the next four years he continued to keep up his stellar record and was admired by not only those enlisting with him, but his various instructors and aides. Upon his graduation, he was offered the position of Sergeant within the Security Forces on Corellian, and given a sizeable signup bonus and reward for his achievements. As he returned home to Corellia, he began the immediate search for a place to live. Despite his foster family being on the same planet, Koth didn't want to burden them again, and he was nervous about seeing Iliana again, given their close friendship during their childhoods, he was worried something would have changed between them. Keeping things simple, Koth purchased a serviced apartment at one of the various Corellian Skyscrapers that graced the city. Given then frequency of his eventual deployments, he felt somewhere that would keep his apartment clean in his absence was essential, and it kept his living circumstances comfortable, yet simple. Installing a number of security measures, including a secret weapons hold, Koth felt his surroundings were finally coming good, and began to venture back out into society.

As he spent time learning the locals and understanding their habits in accordance with his training, he came across a familiar figure and is warm-hearted, kind persona immediately dissipated. His father was wandering the streets of Corellia as a free man. While his apparent addictions were nowhere to be seen, he still executed two people and was walking free, a thought that enraged Koth. Following him home, he realised that Luka still lived in the same rundown house on the outskirts, and Koth began to research the death of his family. Streaming through an endless line of holofeeds and droid databanks, he realised that nobody had been charged with the murders of his mother and sister. Corellian Police believed his father was the cause, but a lack of physical evidence hampered a conviction, and forced Luka to walk free without spending even a single day in prison. Trying to remain calm and collected, Koth returned to his apartment, where he collected his personal, unmarked DL-44 Blaster Pistol, and journeyed back to the old family home. Climbing in through an open window, Koth found his father sleeping in front of a holofeed. Calmly putting his blaster away, he rummaged through the house and found a small supply of Ryll. Loading all the remaining Ryll with the contents of a stimulant created a lethal cocktail, and Koth injected it in his father's arm to make it appear like an apparent suicide. He took a deep breathe and sat down on the sofa as he waited for his father to regain consciousness. As he awoke, a startled Luka tried to reach for a weapon to defend from an apparent intruder, but the drugs were already taking over his system and he sat helpless as his death began to take hold. Koth calmed stood and walked over to his father and looked him in the eyes. Exchanging some final words of hatred and anger, Koth smiled as his father took his last breathe, before leaving and returning to his apartment. As he placed his DL-44 back in its compartment, Koth became enraged and threw an ornament across the room, shattering it against the wall. Disgusted at what he had done, he lay helpless on the ground, wondering what kind of person he had just become. While his training inside the Young Recruit Program had taught him to kill and to disregard all emotion when committing such acts to survive, he never thought he'd actually kill someone in cold blood, let alone his own father.

Life Changes

Never Speak of this Again

A year had passed and he'd finally started to show signs of a normal life. Associates who knew Koth understood that something was wrong in his life, yet he kept his dark secret to himself and kept up with work inside the Corellian Security Force and the protection of its citizens. His assignments were primarily minimal, escort runs and security work for local dignitaries was simple for a guy just out of the Academy. Koth didn't mind the work because it kept the credits rolling in and kept him out of harms way. While many dignitaries tipped well and gave him access to other perks, Koth still knew there was a void that needed to be filled and finally decided it was time to pay a visit to his foster family.

Koth is forced to disobey an order from his CO.

Slowing walking up the porch of the house wearing a casual pair of pants and a shirt, he tried to remain calm and collected. The thoughts running through his head caused a headache, the idea of having to say something was causing his brain to run at its fullest capacity. He took a deep breathe and quietly knocked on the door. Moments later a beautiful woman appeared with a big smile and leapt into his arms, it was fairly obvious that Iliana was happy to see him. Despite the fact they were similar ages and grew up together, they viewed each other more as friends than brother and sister. They both enjoyed each others company and shared everything together, but they both knew that they had feeling for each other, even in their teens. As Iliana composed herself, they both shared stories about the last five years of their lives. Both now nineteen, they'd been on very different lifestyle tracks. Koth shared his various hardships and adventures in the Academy while Iliana told him about life in high school and college. However her smile was lost when she told Koth about the death of her mother Doril. Koth did his best to comfort her but she couldn't help the tears. As she cried in his eyes, she couldn't help but feel safe and warm, and looked into his eyes and kissed him gently. It was a new stage in their lives, and a time in which they could finally move to another stage in their relationship.

Iliana sold the family home and moved in to Koth's city apartment the next year. Koth spent a few months of the year abroad throughout the Corellia system, but managed to spend most of his time at home with Iliana. It didn't take long for Koth to propose to her one night on the balcony of their apartment, and Iliana accepted the offer without a single moments hesitation. Koth, for probably the first moment in his life was happy, and felt at peace in her company. While she continued her work at a local school after the wedding, Koth began to be assigned more work off Corellia, and began seeing more dangerous assignments against local militias and armed insurgents. While Iliana was worried about the work he did, she knew of his skill and that he'd always come home to her as he promised. After a long stint away on assignment, Koth returned to find that his wife was pregnant and expecting her first baby girl. Temporarily re-assigning to a desk on Corellia to ensure he was home, Koth ensured his efforts were always in the best interests of his now growing family, and even took a large amount of time off to stay at home as Iliana's pregnancy became more and more advanced. After nine months, a healthy baby girl called Xera was born. As administrative matters were keeping Koth from his family, he openly resigned from his desk job and spent time with family on a full time basis to raise his little girl. Despite the lack of income coming in, they had enough credits set aside to keep them going, and the three of them spent more and more time together, being happy together, to see Xera grow older and older.

They Grow Up Fast

Koth always knew how to keep money going without an income, but it was finally coming up short, and with Xera's fifth birthday, she was ready to start primary school which meant Koth needed to look for work once again. Iliana insisted she could work but Koth wanted her to be happy, and persisted alone in finding work. Private Security work didn't seem to be interested. Despite his impeccable service record and obvious skill, the fact that he'd been out of combat for five years scared prospective clients away. CorSec was really his only option, and the work they were offering was often high-risk, and would keep him away from his family for much longer periods than before. After a number of days discussing the options with Iliana, Koth found himself begrudgingly back inside CorSec. His first few assignment ran smoothly, and allowed him to get his rhythm back, however he soon found himself with a new Commanding Officer who had a severe lack of field experience and yet didn't appreciate being second guessed or challenged. During a number of field operations, the squad suffered a number of casualties, and Koth was forced to disobey the orders of his Commanding Officer. Despite the breach in protocol, Koth was able to turn the mission around to a success, resulting in no more casualties and a clean sweep of his objectives. However, once he returned to CorSec Headquarters, he was placed under arrest where he awaited a court martial.

The proceeding was quick. The court agreed with his decisions that saved the lives of a number of his fellow operatives, and through his actions the mission was a success, but they couldn't let it slide that he wilfully disobeyed the orders of his Commanding Officer. Frustrated by their politics, Koth protested to the court. Detailing his long and dedicated history, not to mention exemplary service record and that the wrong decision was about to be made, that incompetence was going to win out. Despite his protests, the court was forced to honourably discharge him from service. His Commanding Officer was reassigned to another branch of CorSec, while he found himself out of a job with a family to support, with minimal compensation. As he left the court, his distaste for politics was obvious. He'd been rejected by the system he swore to protect, and despite everything he had done, his life was coming to an abrupt halt. On the steps of the courthouse, he was approached by a number of merchants and foreign diplomats who were looking to hire his now available services. Koth took various contact information and returned home to deliver the news to his family. After a long night of arguing and discussion, Koth finally assured Iliana that everything would be fine, and he began to research his prospective employers. It didn't take long for Koth to decide on one. Quence Barto, a politician from Corporate was in need of protection from people seeking to remove him from office in similar circumstances to how he was removed from CorSec, but with more violent measures. After a number of meetings, Koth was officially hired and spent the next few years travelling to and from Corporate on assignments with Quence, protecting from politicians and criminals alike.

Enough of This

You weren't the man I thought you were

Koth returned home on his thirty-forth birthday disgruntled and angry. While he was happy to see his family after a long absence, he had once again been played by politics. Despite all the research and all the time he'd spent with Barto over the years, he failed to identify his various underground connections, and his harsh policies to aliens. While he chose to ignore his views initially, Quence's increased bastardisation and abuse of the lower classes forced him to resign from his position. As he left his employer, a number of criminal enterprises approached him for information, all of which he turned down and reported to the local authorities, but this didn't make him feel any better. He was once again out of a job and needed something to do to fill the hours. His daughter was now in high school and his wife was filling her days with short courses and other volunteer work throughout Corellia. Taking a break, Koth decided to join his wife in her various work, and it wasn't long before he appreciated what she was doing. One night as they enjoyed dinner together as a family, Koth discussed the idea of opening a foundation with Iliana to help the under privileged and those who needed clothes, food and medication, but couldn't make it into the city to collect it. Thrilled by his thoughts and the gesture, The Baras Foundation was created the following day. Over the next five years, Koth and Iliana travelled around the outskirts of Corellia, setting up food storage facilities, free clinics and shelters to help those in need. The non-profit organisation regularly received donations from private citizens, corporations and even the Corellian Government in their efforts, which allowed them to open more facilities all over the system. While he was helping people and making a difference, Koth started to grow tired and wanted to see the galaxy again, he wanted to protect and serve, put others above himself and see some combat. Iliana was more than happy to run the foundation alone, and Koth began the search to find another employer.

And Here We Are

Koth found himself an assignment in the Outer-Rims that looked appealing. The work would see some combat and he'd get to do the high risk assignments he wanted, but it was for a worthwhile cause. He discussed the various details with a representative over a holofeed, and agreed to represent a recruitment officer the following day. Koth sat for hours in a bar waiting, but nobody arrived. They had his picture and information so there was no way they had an excuse not to show up. As the clock continued to tick, Koth became more and more agitated. After continual waiting, a man brought him a drink. Ignatius Paak introduced himself and explained how, but coincidence, he was looking for a security expert to travel with him on political assignments. Koth was hesitant and decided to reject the offer, wanting something of more substance and meaning. Ignatius understood and finished his drink, not realising a photo of his associate, Ariel Maal had fallen out of his jacket pocket. Koth smiled as he understood that the task would be larger than just one person, and decided to accept his offer of employment. Ignatius then escorted Koth to his private station called Danuvius, where he introduced Koth to Ariel and explained in more detail the tasks that he wanted performed. Koth had read some holofeeds about Ignatius on the journey and knew him to be honourable and trustworthy, unlike his previous employers. Koth stayed with them as they travelled throughout the Tion Cluster, keeping in constant communication with his family, and even visiting them back home on Corellia when Ignatius wasn't busy. Life was swell, the income was excellent, and his family was happy. His life had finally started looking up.

The Family Man

After several months of service with Ignatius, he resigned his commission within the Tion Hegemony. Koth was then charged with a great amount of travel around the galaxy, aiding him in finding new contracts and ventures outside of the Cluster. While on an expedition on Nibiru in the Zuma sector, the pair became increasingly intoxicated after a long day of planning and research. As they returned to their shuttle to return to the others in the Tion Cluster, they were attacked by a drunken individual. Caught by surprise, Koth was knocked unconscious, leaving Ignatius to fight by himself against the man. Despite the training he taught Ignatius in the short time they had known each other, he was no match and was beaten easily. Groggy and dazed, Koth managed to regain his consciousness and reached within his jacket to slide a blaster over to Ignatius, who killed their attacker. Covered in blood and overwhelmed with shock, Koth calmed him down and advised him to run and to seek refuge while limited communication. As Ignatius ran, Koth disposed of the body in a nearby desalination facility, shredding it with a compactor. With the body disposed of, Koth did everything he could to dispose of all evidence possible, including Ignatius' ring and other identification before returning to the others in Tion space. As he outlined the situation to the others, he remained in his quarters, scanning all available frequencies and analysing all the news reports for information. Despite the lack of a body or any substantial evidence, local authorities had issued a warrant for Ignatius' arrest. Several days later, Ignatius was able to successfully make contact and pass on relevant information, specifically that he was hiding out on Byss. With a goal set, Koth took command of the Hammerhead Cruiser, and a set a course for Byss. Upon his arrival, Koth was able to send a number of false transmissions to fool local security, and landed the ship at an abandoned spaceport on the outskirts of the planet. Leaving the Nu-class Attack Shuttle in the docking bay and instead taking the Jedi Ambassador Shuttle, Koth left a note in the cockpit for Ignatius, before returning to the others.

With Ignatius safe, Koth began to think about himself and what he should now do to pass the time. Despite the lucrative contracts and work begin offered, he couldn't help but return to thoughts about his family. When Ignatius made contact again and set up a meeting for them all on Revyia, he put those thoughts in the back of his mind as he travelled. As the meeting begun, Koth detailed information about the investigation, and Ignatius explained what he had been doing and that his life had lead him to the Black Sun. Hesitant to follow, Koth decided instead to step back and think about his family. Given the people behind Ignatius' warrant, he could now become a possible target and with that his family. Understanding, the two shook hands and Koth, along with Ariel, boarded the donated Theta-class T-2c Shuttle from Ignatius, and headed back to Corellia. Allowing Ariel to stay with him and his family for several days, Koth felt at peace with his family. When Ariel left they grew even closer. Koth now had much more time to spend with his family as his lust for action had departed. Despite his obligations as a father, Koth decided to return to work at The Baras Foundation with his wife Iliana, and help with the foundation they created, while watching over his child.