Who the hell gave you access?

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Article posted on the Galactic News Service by Doc Jessa on Day 266 of Year 11.

The following message has been relayed through the communication channels of Fuzz Inc. via the realm of the Binaros Smuggling Alliance...


Sometimes even in such hostile times can a subject cause such unified uproar. Doc Jessa reporting again for Fuzz Inc. with a simple observation about the galaxy's mood regarding a single communication from the domain that is Julro Mapit - Why? A small time trader and communications specialist, at least in her own opinion, Julro Mapit, known throughout the galaxy for her bright pink haircut recently caused an uproar throughout the galaxy over a galactic news communication that detailed an opinion of facial garments, including veils and other hooded garments only she seems to be wearing on a regular basis. Figuring such a subject was worthy of communicating galaxy-wide, the article was released through Eidola communication channels to a flurry of disapproval from all concerned, even from representatives inside the Eidola Pirates who remain is disbelief as to how she gained access.

Many questioned the need for such an announcement in the first place. With Sith and Jedi constantly wearing garments throughout the Inner Core Worlds, such ideas never were under consideration. Speaking with Thomas Cherokee, Executor of the Galactic Empire, he stated that "humans of all backgrounds are welcome to practice their individual cultural affectations." Fuzz Inc. researchers have come to believe the idea was brought to light for a number of minor reasons. Firstly, it's believed that in a bizarre move the Eidola Pirates granted Julro Mapit temporary communications access while drunk on either Corellian Ale or Jawa Juice after a heist that had been planned and executed over a number of long months. Other intelligence believes that Miss Mapit was seeking galactic prominence to assist her in a soon to be released Galactic Talent Competition, however such a competition has been denied rigorously by several parties. Finally it's rumoured that the facial veil was brought to light after a furious Warlord Squall Chitose physically harmed Miss Mapit after continually disobeying orders. Namely, when ordered to eliminate a number of Weequay slaves during a relocation effort, Miss Mapit proceeded to cuddle them and put pink wigs on their heads and hold a quiet tea party in an effort to sway Warlord Chitose from having them executed. After Warlord Chitose proceeded to 'slice and dice' the slaves single handedly, he proceeded to slice off Miss Mapit's jaw, now requiring her to wear a veil to hide her horrid appearance from public viewing, this however is all just mere speculation.


Despite the nature of the article, it has unified the galaxy together with a single passion for blood, and a number of small militia forces from various corners of the Outer Regions have been reported searching for Miss Mapit's location. While a number of these forces have not requested Eidola's approval for the assassination, it's believed through sheer rumour that such an act would be approved and even rewarded by the pirate organisation. While many have picked up their swords and blasters in search for Julro, many have voiced their political disapproval demanding action from their local governments to apprehend the pink haired lunatic. Political protests, burning Julro effigy and veil destruction have all been popular throughout the Inner and Outer Regions, but one thing remains in question - it's believed that approval from all members of Eidola is required to be accepted, so why did they let Julro in? Fuzz out.