Conflict in the Unknown Regions

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Article posted on the Galactic News Service by Doc Jessa on Day 150 of Year 11.

…The following message has been intercepted by Black Star Communications, through holonet transceivers using encrypted protocols…


On behalf of Fuzz Inc., I’m Doc Jessa. Coming out of the Unknown Regions is some startling news. Not since Year 1 has Gorn Veynom been seen regularly outside the Darkness of the Unknown Regions. His dark presence has fathomed up a rare appearance at an Imperial Ball or political upheaval on occasion, but since his study of the dark arts has occupied his time, the galaxy has run amok in his absence. As the Imperials separated after the Age of Charon and then reconvened under the second rule of Emperor Vodo Bonias, pirates and smugglers commenced unprecedented operations throughout known space, plundering colonies and military convoys whenever they saw fit, without compassion or sympathy for their victims.

When I mention pirate, no doubt many galactic sentients think of the infamous Keir Santage and his various exploits during the days of Outrider Trading, Malbranche and Eidola Pirates. His murderous deeds and feats of manipulation and theft plagued the minds of many in the galaxy until his untimely death by the hand of Dark Prince Plojo Rosom of the Black Sun. His actions however, brought what some would call the Age of Piracy to the galaxy. As his daughter, Teniel Djo took command of his assets; more piracy operations and some would say conglomerates spawned themselves throughout the galaxy, instilling fear and hostility to words out of reach of Galactic Governments and large corporate conglomerates. One such individual that heeded the call of piracy was one man, Sin Jade. Many details are sketchy in regards to his various questionable operations that he ran throughout the galaxy, but from what’s available, he was frowned upon by a large number of law enforcement agencies and conducted business with a number of fugitives and wanted persons in the galaxy. His widely publicized disappearance however left the galaxy looking of their shoulders in fear of his re-emergence.

I am here to report however that incomplete and heavily encrypted intelligence has been filtered through the Unknown Regions by a number of sources indicating Sin Jade has resurfaced. His identity has been fabricated and his underworld identity of Zhao Yun has now come to light, and his apparent objective is none other than the head of Gorn Veynom. While the Dark Lord no doubt continues his studies of the Dark Side aboard his personal Imperial Star Destroyer, Zhao Yun has made his resentment clear and has been recruiting large numbers of mercenaries and pirates out of Mustafar and Taris, along with surrounding systems to help with locating the Dark Lord, and he has proclaimed himself the Lord of the Darkness throughout the Unknown Regions of space in a manoeuvre to draw the Dark Lord out of hiding and into an open conflict. Rumours have began to circulate however that the Dark Lord is openly seeking conflict with the so-called Lord of the Darkness, inviting him to prove his prowess in a title over the dominion of the Darkness. I can only urge all sentients to steer clear of travels and venutres in the Unknown Regions, for a dangerous and unprecedented conflict appears to be brewing that makes the From the Ashes sagas seem like a cool glass of Corellian Ale in comparison.

No doubt more news will follow, Fuzz out.