Dust never tasted so bad.

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Article posted on the Galactic News Service by Doc Jessa on Day 167 of Year 11.

The following message has been relayed through the communication channels of Fuzz Inc. via the realm of the Binaros Smuggling Alliance...


Every sentient in the galaxy has essential needs in life. The basics of food, water and shelter are necessary for all to survive in the world. For some, these are immencely easy to come by, you can wander the sprawling markets of a government capital and pick up a fried Wampa burger and a Jawa Juice, or enjoy a five-star standard of living in a magnificent palace or household. Some in the galaxy however are finding the essentials hard to come by. Doc Jessa here reporting for Fuzz Inc. on news coming out of Anzat, the headquarters for the Anzatan Commonwealth and its sudden development of the Anzat system. Over the years, under the leadership of Prime Minister Malakai Brooks and Camaris sa Vinitta, the Anzatan Commonwealth (previously known as the New Anzat Order) ran a neutral government with the sole pervue to benefit the Anzatan society. Embracing the needs of soup eating Anzatian's, and offworlds populating the surrounding planets, the helped instill the ideals of a family throughout the government, running a seamlessly distant government, away from the prying eyes of the Civil War, but when attacked by the Horizon Corporation, led by Venom Kazvar, they were still able to adequately dispatch of the enemy.

As time past however, the government exchanged hands, became victim of a coup de 'tart and fell into the hands of the Empire. Placed in the capable hands of Valdemar von Ismay and Wilhelm von Ismay, they instituted a Chancellery and begin to re-mould the image of the fledgling government into something that would be able to adequately defend itself again the imminent threats of the galaxy, and with the long standing alliance with the Hapes Consortium in tatters, the Order was at the mercy of the Galactic Empire. What began as brotherly love soon dissolved into petty squabbles and conflicts throughout government departments. With things at a breaking point, Wilhelm von Ismay enlisted his colleague, Daniel Jade Antaria to settle the conflict. Fearing diplomacy had run its course, Wilhelm viewed the resolution as a necessary loss to better the Order, and Vlademar received a blaster wound to the back of his head by Daniel Jade Antaria, giving sole governance to Wilhelm von Ismay, who immediately shed all ties with the Galactic Empire and attempted to promote the New Anzat Order as a neutral government.

After he assumed the leadership he began shaping the Order under the banner of the Anzatan Commonwealth, and oversaw the initial expansion of the Anzat System. As the planets of Anzat and Tokmir began to expand, sentients frequently re-located to experience a greater way of life, thankful that their days of war, fear and despair were behind them. As the final plots of Anzat and Tokmir became occupied, sentients began to rejoice, enlightened that despite a scarred history of battle, construction has still continued to better the citizenry, and enrich the Anzat System. Despite the growing prosperity of the cultural world, citizens of the Commonwealth continued to grow tired of democratic politics, as another institutional squabble between another two Ismay brothers, Owen and Wilhelm, consumed all political capital and again halted the prosperity of the Anzat System. Instead, it featured merciless political campaigns, with many political figures being burned in effigy. Many local unions called for the removal of the Anzatan government, labeling the current system of government a' bloodsucking death trap not even for the Hutts of Tatooine.' After the election of Wilhelm was confirmed, he married Jedi Keishi Miahr and the government appeared to be returned to normal, until Wilhelm met his untimely end, a lightsaber wound to the chest by his wife, Keishi Miahr. Viewed as another coup de 'tart, the galaxy disapproved of the Jedi's action, condemning her move to power as against the Jedi way. Despite galactic disapproval, she continued to run the Commonwealth, installing a new Privy Council to oversee the expansion of the Anzat System.

With Anzat and Tokmir overflowing with loyal Anzati citizens, the system had now reached its breaking point. With the population reaching epidemic proportions, citizens are continually being crammed onto Luxury Space Colonies and Asteroids to make space for as many people as possible. The move however is causing unrest by citizens being cast aside and forced to move. With the Commonwealth Military redistributing people at whim with an iron fist, all sentients affected by poverty and lower class status are being shipped onto these colonies and asteroids out of public eye, keeping a false illusion of prosperity in public view. Once loyal citizens of the Commonwealth since the leadership of Prime Minister Malakai Brooks are viewing the forced relocation as a political manoeuvre, and a gross betrayal of their trust and loyalty. As freighters continue to leave the capital of Anzat, many have been decorated with grotesque messages of disgust again the Queen and her government, demanding she halt the relocation efforts.


Since the relocation efforts have been instigated, upwards of over seventy Luxury Space Colonies have been constructed around Anzat to deal with the overflowing population, while uncharted, unsafe Mysterious Asteroids are having artificial cities constructed to deal with the impoverished and sentients that have been nicknamed the 'Scum of Anzat.' As construction efforts rage, a continual cloud of dust, ash and debris flood the city, creating unexplainable amounts of poor visibility, which have recently resulted in a number of speeder crashes, and loss of Anzati life. One Anzati lost her two children and husband in the crash and despite her grief, she managed to make a brief statement explaining that "the abandonment of us in unacceptable and treasonous to the Anzati cause. I have lived on Anzat for a lifetime without any harm or discomfort coming to my family. Thanks to my forced relocation, I now suffer both on a regular basis, and I only have the Anzatan Government to thank." So the question remains, would you live on an asteroid filled with disease, crime and the ideal that you're not wanted by your government, with no mechanism to voice your disapproval, or avenue to leave the system? With the constant history of a Commonwealth being focused on its governmental egos and fist fighting conflicts, maybe it's time to focus on creating a happy society. Fuzz out.