Camaris sa Vinitta

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Camaris sa Vinitta
Camaris sa Vinitta Alternate Portrait.png
Biographical Information
Race Anzati
Homeworld Denevar I
Mother Alyss sa Vinitta
Father Isgrimnur sa Vinitta
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.5-1.7 meters
Coloring Chalk-white hair
Political Information
Affiliation Unknown
Positions Former Dark Prince of Black Sun
Former Prime Minister of New Anzat Order
Prior Affiliation Galactic Salvage Incorporated
New Anzat Order
Offworld Mining Company
Dark Vengeance
Bounty Hunters Guild
Zaltin Corporation
Black Sun

Camaris sa Vinitta, also known as Sicyon, is a Anzati male. He is historically notable for serving as the Prime Minister of the New Anzat Order circa Year 4 and, later, as the Dark Prince of the Black Sun crime syndicate in Year 6.


Youth on Denevar

Camaris sa Vinitta was born on Denevar I. He is the son of Isgrimnur and Alyss sa Vinitta. He is named after his great-great-grandsire. This Camaris had been an adventurer in the days when the interstellar space drive was first used by the Denevar civilization. His valorous feats had earned him a noble title and a land allotment on Denevar I. He was given a baronage by the ruling dynasty of that period and the sa Vinitta clan soon prospered. While the ruling dynasties rose and fell with the bloody tides of history, the sa Vinitta clan retained their prized lands and hereditary titles. Camaris the Elder had been a natural leader — intelligent, forceful, and capable. As the paterfamilias of the sa Vinitta clan, he carefully stewarded the lands entrusted to him, and many commoners flocked to his spaceports. He became one of the wealthiest barons on the planet. He had the foresight to commingle his bloodline with other space-faring clans on Denevar I and, as such, his clan's longevity was ensured.

When Camaris the Elder died however, his steady hand and grand vision were dearly missed. Soon enough the sa Vinitta clan was little more than haughty nobles and arrogant weaklings. Greedy mistresses and lavish feasts were all too common. It was only thanks to Camaris policy of arranged unions that the clan held on to its possessions. It was his vision that still kept their clan's holdings intact.

Around this time, Camaris the Younger was born. He grew up unaware that he was anything special and felt like any other boy on the planet. Much to the disapproval of his parents, he refused to take private lessons and was educated like most youths on Denevar I. He grew further apart from his family's antiquated customs and supercilious attitudes. Like the ancestor after whom he was named, he longed to be an adventurer and to embark upon an inter-solar voyage for fortune and glory. His family resented his lack of ambition. He was shunned by his parents during his academy training and mocked by his relatives. At family gatherings, he stood out with his egalitarian mindset and his unique outlook towards life.

Offworld Adventures

At twenty-one solar years, Camaris was rapidly approaching the age when sa Vinitta males were forced into an arranged marriage. He had no intention of wedding a fat bride with chafing thighs. He promptly gathered his belongings and utilized a contraband HoloNet terminal to search for employment somewhere far, far away from his native world. Fortuitously, Galactic Salvage Incorporated (GSI) needed personnel for a large-scale operation at an undisclosed location, and Camaris was hired to command a Class VI Bulk Freighter for this colossal undertaking.

Prior to the operation, however, Camaris had to wait on Tanaab for his bulk freighter and its motley crew to arrive. He idled away the hours in an unsanitary tavern called "The Underground." It was one of the only establishments where they served Gamorrean Grog and its nightly happenings included vibro-axe brawls, blaster fights, and other violent showdowns. When he first entered the dimly-lit tavern, the interior had been devastated by the powerful blast of a thermite bomb directed at one of the patrons. Camaris was told the target survived but lost her two unborn children because of it.

One evening at this tavern, Camaris witnessed a walloping fight involving a huge, mucilaginous Hutt known as Kavvel. The Hutt had wrecked the turbolift with his spasmodic tail and provoked an uproar. A glow-lamp was overturned, and the tavern plunged into chaos. A thermal detonator was hurled by an unseen hand and quite a few bystanders ended up... underground. While helping the injured patrons, Camaris encountered a doctor called Ranofer Zedlav. Together, they aided two women harmed in the melee with the Hutt. They repulsor-lifted the women to The Running Jackal, a nearby starship owned by Tara Tylger whom Camaris later learned was the target of the bomb attack. The treatment of the two women proved to be a failure as the patients were violently uncooperative. After Camaris was bitten by the woman called Xya, she knocked him unconscious with a terrific kick to his jaw.

This hostile encounter with ungrateful, sharp-toothed femme-fatales traumatized Camaris for many sleepless nights. His perception of the galaxy and its peculiar life-forms was forever altered. Whether this psychological reaction was due to neural parasites transmitted via the painful bite, he did not know. But, from that point onward, he trusted others less. He never went anywhere without his DL-44 blaster pistol, and he kept his own counsel. He was more introverted and recalcitrant. Strangely, he noticed that his new unprying demeanor was appreciated on some rare occasions.

Skulls in the Stars

For the next several years, he served in Galactic Salvage Incorporated. The company was under the auspices of Tycho Celchu, a Corellian entrepreneur. Celchu employed a diverse array of alien personnel. Celchu placed Camaris in charge of a sizable armada of bulk freighters and instructed him to salvage a military convoy destroyed in a space-battle at Obroa Skai. Camaris was confronted with the unexpected burden of command. His inexperience was resented by his subordinates, and his orders were ignored. Hours were wasted arguing until Camaris physically asserted his authority.

After this mission, GSI dispatched Camaris to investigate legends of a treasure-fleet in the Cron Drift. Piloting a YV-666 scout-ship, he discovered the legends were true: A Super Star Destroyer lay adrift in this dangerous briar-patch of space. Unfortunately for Camaris, there were other scavengers interested in the treasure-fleet. Among the scavengers were Dark Prince Plojo Rosom of the Black Sun crime syndicate and his peroxide-blonde bodyguard Tara Tylger. They chose to join forces with Camaris and to explore the titanic space vessel together in an attempt to unlock its mysteries. Camaris, Plojo, and Tara entered the Super Star Destroyer through triple airlocks. They explored the vast 15,000 meter-long cylindrical interior, but the original mission of the derelict destroyer — as well as the location of its fabled treasures — remained unknown to them. Slowly, the explorers realized something was drastically wrong. For reasons beyond their comprehension, a rift had occurred in the space-time continuum within the vessel. Warping through time, they discovered a portal that led to parallel dimensions of infinite possibilities. To add to this mystery, disembodied voices terrorized them.

During this mind-bending encounter aboard the derelict vessel, Camaris underwent an abominable metamorphosis. The precise details are unclear to him as he was rendered unconscious. Vague memories of nightmarish monstrosities came to him during his sleep. He awoke in a sinister cairn on a fog-shrouded planet. Two tentacle-like proboscises had sprouted from his cheeks. He was tended by an old troglodyte with gleaming red eyes. He felt an odd sensation of thirst and craved to feed upon the troglodyte's brains. The old man was Camaris' first "soup." It was then Camaris realized he had transformed into an Anzati, a near-human alien who preyed upon weaker life-forms. The Anzati were a long-lived species possessing regenerative capabilities beyond those of humans. They were also telepathic, allowing them to dominate someone's mind to give them a chance to feed.

By this time, Camaris' impatient employers at Galactic Salvage hadn't received word from him in ages. He had been classified as missing-in-action. Ashamed at his new form and having nowhere to turn, he traveled the Perlemian Trade Route to the Anzati homeworld in a desperate search for answers. The legendary planet held an eerily magnetic attraction for him. When he arrived at its gothic capital of Nova Anzatia, he was granted a formal audience by Prime Minister Malakai Brooks of the New Anzat Order.

As their conversation unfolded, Malakai sensed in Camaris a raw talent for command. Malakai startlingly offered the position of Commander of the Army to Camaris. This unexpected appointment instilled confidence in him. As weeks passed, he studied the Anzati culture and gained a deep respect for his new Anzati form, a respect that soothed the rupture with his distant past on Denevar I. Malakai and Camaris grew closer during the logistical preparation for a surprise attack on a heathen colony, and Camaris was mentored by Malakai to become a leader.

All You Can Eat

When the hour of battle finally arrived, Camaris and his jackbooted shock-troops — "the regulators" — swept through the colony at a devastating pace. Thanks to superior tactics and superior equipment, the Anzati force annihilated the colonial militia. Driving the remaining combatants into the city square at the base of a monolithic skyscraper, Camaris' shock-troops displayed their ruthless efficiency. When Prime Minister Malakai landed in his Lambda Shuttle, he was escorted by Camaris and his regulators to the roof of the high-rise where the colony's governor and family were hiding. Conceding defeat, the frightened governor surrendered and placed his life in Malakai's hands. What followed was a grotesque spectacle of Anzati mass-feeding. Together, Malakai and Camaris devoured the governor and his offspring atop the high-rise, while their marauding Anzati troops left none of the colonists in the square alive.

After this brutal campaign for the Anzatan nation, Camaris felt listless. He took a leave of absence from the Anzatan regime and wandered the cosmos. His appearance drastically altered. His face was painted grey and, on his forehead, a red circle was drawn. Few recognized Camaris at this point.

When Malakai retired as Prime Minister, he tracked down the elusive Camaris. Malakai had founded Offworld Mining Company (OMC) to bolster the Anzatan industrial sector and was in need of a Chief Executive Officer. He offered the position to Camaris who accepted with trepidation. While recruiting for the company, Camaris met an Anzati temptress named Ann Yael-Antaria — the long-suffering mate of the famously-endowed, rage-prone Wookiee Choibacco Antaria. Ann Yael was appointed by Camaris as his second-in-command and personal assistant. Whether or not the close interaction between Camaris and Ann Yael aboard cramped freighters led to a sexual liaison is unknown.

Due to internal squabbles in the Anzatan regime caused by the dictatorial, power-hungry Prime Minister Perrin Wolfstar, there was a political schism among OMC personnel. Malakai took control of OMC and Camaris retreated into solitude. Disinterested in the ongoing Anzati disputes with Nikklon Mining Incorporated, Camaris instead enlisted as "a bounty killer" for Dark Vengeance, a shadowy brotherhood of assassins led by the ill-famed Xanathar Branwen. Camaris used his hunting assignments to slake his hunger for brains — soup. Repeatedly proving his mettle, he ascended the brotherhood's hierarchy to become Branwen's trusted second-in-command.

The Thrill of the Hunt

Xanathar Branwen's Dark Vengeance collective often conspired with Mosep Chitose's Hapan Security Forces and other government agencies to apprehend and disintegrate known outlaws. Such missions were highly crucial to Dark Vengeance's external reputation as they demonstrated that bounty hunters could successfully capture fugitives who had escaped retribution by the law. In one instance, the Galactic Empire placed a bounty on the porcine head of Hovstad Stockmann, an unusually-intelligent Gamorrean mercenary who had defected from their ranks. Camaris was commissioned to find the elusive Stockmann, and the success of this task greatly increased his notoriety within the Dark Vengeance collective.

After months of bounty hunting, destiny poked its filthy little snout out again. Branwen and Camaris conceived an ingenious plot to ensnare the Eidolan pirate Teniel Djo, the wily daughter of thief Keir Santage. The bait for the trap was Imperial Moff Victor von Ismay who had been stranded on the wrong vessel. Camaris was supposed to capture Teniel but, in a reversal of fortune, Branwen accepted a bribe from Teniel to kill the bait instead of herself. Ultimately, Moff von Ismay ended up murdered, Xanathar ended up a lot richer, and Teniel escaped a grisly fate by an inch. Wrathful at this betrayal, Camaris drove Branwen from their brotherhood of assassins and rechristened Dark Vengeance as the Bounty Hunters Guild.

While Camaris was stewarding the Hunters Guild, the New Anzat Order spiraled into decay and corruption. The once-proud nation had been a safe haven for those refugees seeking a neutral ground amid the turmoil of the Galactic Civil War. This sacred philosophy of neutrality was violated when Prime Minister Enzo Delaere — a weak-willed Anzati bureaucrat — capitulated to the Galactic Empire's bullying stratagems. The exact details behind Delaere's act of cowardice are unclear but the aftershocks of his decision are still felt to this day.

After the capitulation of Prime Minister Delaere and the appointment of Lady Gabriella Storm as the Imperial regent, a popular uprising occurred. Princess Storm summarily executed many innocent Anzatans in an unsuccessful attempt to quell the revolt. Leading the revolution was Malakai Brooks who requested the support of Camaris. His request put Camaris in a difficult position. The criminal underworld was dominated by the Empire and, in order to thrive, close relations with the Imperials were essential. Thus Camaris could not support the Anzati insurrection.

As the revolt faltered, Malakai sought asylum in the Rebel Alliance where continued his campaign to liberate the Anzatan nation. Meanwhile, Camaris refused to denounce the Empire's subjugation of the Anzati people as he was shrewd enough not to reveal his true sentiments on the matter. Eventually, he relinquished command of the Bounty Hunters Guild and accepted a job in the Zaltin Corporation.

Return to Denevar

Far away from Anzat was the Ingo system in the Bortele Cluster, located in the Mid Rim swath of the galaxy. Long ago, the Anzati nation had battled to gain control over the system and a warlord by the name of Chan had decisively conquered it for the Anzati populace. Consequently, Chan was designated the first Governor of Ingo. Camaris thought that this distant province of the Anzati nation would be an intriguing place to visit. As he was making plans for his voyage, he met a cantankerous Wookiee dwarf who planned to build a space-city on Ingo. This diminutive Wookiee — Kir Jax — needed an intrepid star-pilot to smuggle unrefined materials to the city. Camaris offered his talents. The materials had to be retrieved from Denevar II near his homeworld.

Camaris hadn't returned to the Denevar system ever since he fled an arranged marriage. After procuring the materials on Denevar II, he undertook a solemn pilgrimage to Denevar I. By that time, Galactic Salvage Inc. had been renamed the Tenloss Syndicate, a more overtly-criminal organization with dubious goals. Tenloss had acquired a subsidiary corporation named Vyzerod Mining, the company that had provided the raw materials Camaris was picking up.

As Camaris entered the atmosphere of Denevar I, he realized the Tenloss Syndicate and Vyzerod Mining had gained control over most of the planet. Open-pit mines and industrial refineries disfigured the surface of his once-beautiful world. Little remained of the ancestral lands of the sa Vinitta clan. Remarkably, Camaris didn't feel any anger, only sadness. He felt the outcome was inevitable considering his weak family. One day, he might return to claim his great-great-grandfather's sword, "Thorn," and restore the glory that had been lost.

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Prime Minister of the New Anzat Order
Preceded By:
Malakai Brooks
Camaris sa Vinitta
Year 4 Day ???Year 4 Day ???
Succeeded By:
Tigris Ninx
Dark Prince (Black Sun)
Preceded By:
Tara Tylger
Camaris sa Vinitta
Year 6 Day 326 — Unknown
Succeeded By:
Daa`iata Tnaysc