Bodo Baas

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Bodo Bass
Biographical Information
Race Krevaaki
Homeworld Unknown
Born Prior to year -600
Languages Krevaakese, Basic
Physical Description
Gender Male
Coloring Red
Hair Color None
Eye Color Blue/Black
Political Information
Affiliation Jedi Order (Year 8 - Present)
Rank Jedi Master
Positions Jedi Master
Prior Affiliation Old Jedi Order
Knights of Ossus
Old Republic
Rebel Alliance
Jedi Praxium
New Republic
Jedi Order


A Krevaaki male, Bodo Baas was descended from Jedi Master Vodo-Siosk Baas. He was trained in the ways of the Jedi by a master who lived around 1000 BCGT. It is not known exactly how old Jedi Master Bodo Baas is but he is confirmed to be well over 600 years old, almost rivalling Master Relm Hesek in age.

Early Years

Bodo Baas was discovered at a very young age by an unidentified Jedi Master who was investigating the Planet Krevas for possible Sith activity. After finding Bodo, the Jedi immediately brought him back to Coruscant for Jedi training where it was revealed the this infant was the offspring of former Jedi Master Vodo-Siosk Baas. Bodo was very talented in the force from a young age and quickly surpassed his fellow younglings and was granted the rank of padawan and assigned to Jedi Knight Relm Hessek.

Life as a Jedi

Bodo Baas sparring

His fast acceleration to padawan resulted in Bodo being cocky and arrogant as he felt he was more powerful than his peers but was promptly reminded by his master and friend Relm Hessek that arrogance is not the way of the jedi and can lead to the dark side. Bodo often questioned his superiors authority and decisions believing them weak-willed and cowardly. He quickly garnered the reputation of a 'one man army'. The council worried by Bodo's increasing skill in the force and unorthodox attitude prompted them to assign him to the Knights of Ossus. The Knights of Ossus were an ancient sect of teh Jedi loacted on the planet Ossus in the Auril system dedicated to preserving knowledge of the Jedi and force. At first Bodo was enraged the council would send him to a remote, pointless system and felt that they feared his power but through the teachings and practices of the Knights of Ossus, he learned to calm his anger in favor of patience and humility. Bodo became an astute member of the order possessing great knowledge form his time on Ossus and was promoted to the rank of Jedi Knight.

Holocron with Vodo's force ghost

Bodo would remain on Ossus for approximately 200 years, refining his knowledge and exploring the deep kyber crystal caves the planet was famous for. It was in his travels that Bodo would discover a Jedi holocron that once belonged to his ancestor Vodo-Siosk Baas. Within the holocron contained Vodo's force ghost and information on long lost lightsaber and force techniques. Bodo used this holocron to enhance his abilities in both the force and lightsaber combat with his ancestor's force ghost as his unofficial teacher. Bodo became a phenomenal lightsaber duellist mastering many forms but favouring the likes of makashi.

He also added his own stories, including the death of his ancestor Vodo-Siosk Baas rise and fall of the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Ruin, to the wealth of knowledge in the holocron. By recording his personality into the holocron, Baas became its primary gatekeeper, an interactive holographic guide to the holocron that could transmit the knowledge contained within and behaved as Baas would. As primary gatekeeper, Baas was the first individual encountered by those accessing the holocron; to speak to the personalities of other masters in the holocron and hear their teachings, a greater level of wisdom was required.

However, after centuries of practicing and refining his abilities, Bodo returned to the Jedi Temple where he was greeted by his old friend Relm Hessek; now master of the Jedi High Council. Relm delighted to see his old padawan apologised for sending him to Ossus to which Bodo replied he understood and it was necessary to prevent his journey to the dark side to continue and thanked Relm for his teachings and friendship.

Centuries passed, Bodo was sent on countless missions, becoming a revered Jedi and was granted the rank of master and offered a seat on the council numerous times to which he refused all citing that he enjoyed exploring the vast galaxy and didn't want to be restricted to the duties of the council. However, with tensions rising in the senate with the chancellor being accused of poor management and cowardice towards the increasing hostilities between the trade federation, Bodo eventually accepted the seat on the council joining his friend and former master.

When the Trade Federation blockaded Averam, Bodo offered to travel to the Averam to resolve the issue. To his disappointment however, the council denied his request instead sending him to Kuat to broker a deal with the shipyards there to help combat the trade federation. It was here that Bodo met with Admiral Suntzu who agreed to provide the Republic with ships to take back Averam. With the help of the Rendili StarDrive and Kuat Drive Yards, the republic was able to beat back the Trade Federation blockade at the Battle of Averam to which Bodo Baas was present in his starfighter to help in the fight. After the blockade was lifted, Bodo returned to Coruscant whilst the Republic forces commenced the ground invasion.

Ten years later, the Jedi Council received rumours of heavy industrial activity and an unusual amount of traffic to remote and uncharted systems. He visited numerous systems including Vandor, Bothawui, Nal Hutta and Devaron. Unfortunately his investigations turned up nothing, until he discovered the planet Kamino after being provided Intel by one of his Jedi friends back at the temple about a weapon used in an assassination of a senator that apparently originated there. Upon arriving on the water world, Baas was greeted by the Kaminoans who showed him the clone army that they had created for the republic. When baas questioned them about the clone army, the Kaminoans informed him that the Jedi had order the creation on behalf on the senate ten years earlier. Stunned by this information, Baas immediately reported to the Jedi Council informing them about the clone army. After recieving this information, Bodo was immediately ordered to return to the Jedi Temple.

Still curious about the origins of The Clone Army, Bodo scoured the Jedi archives for clues and answers and meditated to try and shed some light on the subject but couldn't find any that would indicate the senate had ordered such an army; instead he felt the origins were much darker and sinsiter than they appeared. After consulting the matter with the council, they all agreed that there was something much larger going on-but before anymore progress could be made on the matter, now Grand Master Relm Hessek informed the council that the newly founded Confederacy of Independent Systems had succeeded from the Republic and had declared all-out war. The Clone Wars had began.

The Clone Wars

While curious about the clone army's origin, the Jedi had little time to investigate as the responsibility of leading the war was thrust upon them. The clone wars began to spread to all corners of the galaxy, with more and more starsystems joining the conflict daily. With the outbreak of The Clone Wars, Bodo became a general of the Grand Army of the Republic and went on to partake in numerous battles across The Galaxy.

Fall of the Republic

With more and more systems seceding from the Republic and joining the Confederacy of Independent Systems, The Clone Army began to sustain more losses than the Kaminoans could produce. Seeing the devastation being wrought across the Galaxy, the Jedi began investigating the possibility of Sith connivance in the current war. In particular, Bodo began investigating the power structure of the Republic itself to discover whether the war had a Sith origin, or whether the Sith may be taking advantage of the galactic climate.


Bodo Baas in exile

Joining the Rebellion

From the Ashes

Rebel High Command

Dawn, Year 2 Day 327, Bodo Baas was awakened was a Rebel officer who informed him the Rebel Supreme Commander had requested his presence in Rebel High Command. Bodo Baas was greeted by Supreme Commander David Salohah and Jedi Master Relm Hessek who informed him they had made a very important discovery and required his assistance.. Confused, Bodo gazed the array of races that made up the Rebel High Command; ranging from the mysterious Gand to the cunning Falleen. Bodo could see the leaders of the many Rebel Alliance cells gathered around the central terminal arguing over some message from The Unknown Regions. Bodo questioned his friend Relm Hessek what they were squabbling about, to which Relm stated that they had received an encrypted communication from the Unknown Regions. Bodo, still perplexed by the situation, questioned what was so special about this message and why the Jedi were needed-But before his questions could be answered, a young Rebel technician rushed into the room claiming he had decrypted the message. The room went silent as Supreme Commander David Salohah ordered the technician to input the decrypted message into the terminal. The message read:

I come to you today with important news for our Empire. I have decided to interrupt my quest in the Unknown Regions in order to communicate to you all some information of the highest importance. The Unknown Regions have delivered some of their secrets to me. On an remote world, I have discovered remains of an old lost civilization and their technology, incredible technology. And I want it to serve our cause, our cause only. I will send more information soon ... but my communications time is extremely reduced to the unique configuration of this solar system. The advantage is that none can track the origin of the transmission. The inconvenient is that I can only use a public channel of the Holonet ...
Long live the Empire ...
— Grand Admiral Veynom

Panic erupted in the Rebel High Command centre, some officers suggested they send a task force to this "Remote World" to see this technology for themselves whilst others demanded they destroy the technology to prevent it from falling into Imperial hands. Bodo grew tired of listening to the endless debating and offered to send himself to investigate this mysterious signal instead of diverting precious resources from the war effort against the effort; and destroy it if necessary. The decision was put to a vote; Bodo came out on top with the majority of the vote. He bid his farewells to Relm and set out on his journey to the source of the message. Bodo arrived in the X-110 System in an Atlas-class Troop Transport Shuttle provided by the Hapes Consortium to avoid gathering attention form any Imperial ships that may be in the area. As he arrived, he was beheld the Moon of Marharawen; a small ice moon. He attempted to send a warningreport to the Rebel Alliance but something was jamming his communications; with no way of contacting his allies he knew he had to destroy whatever technology was on this moon.


However as he attempted to land his shuttle, something began to take control of his ship. Bodo lost control of his ship and the force controlling his ship forced it to crash into the icy surface of the moon, knocking Bodo unconscious. He awoke to find himself in the middle of a blizzard and found his ship in ruin and irreparable. Bodo was overwhelmed with the moon's connection to the Dark Side which furthered his suspicion the moon was of Sith origin. Bodo suspected the strong presence of the Dark Side was affecting the moon itself which explained the strange weather, as a planetoid of this side could never support an atmosphere. Bodo set off into the icy wastes to search for more clues about this place. He wondered for two days with no luck until, on the third day he spotted a flashing white light in the distance atop of some sort of tower acting like a marker. When he arrived at the tower, it was revealed that it marked the entrance of a bunker that appeared to stretch further down into the moon's surface. He was about to enter when he sensed he was being watched from afar, he surveyed his surroundings but saw nothing that indicated someone was there but the intense presence of the Dark Side was clouding his own connection to the force.

Bodo entered the bunker, unaware he was being observed by Grand Admiral Gorn Veynom. Baas was suprised to find that the base had had it's power restored.



Bodo Baas was mindful of the way in which Jedi used their powers. He stressed that Jedi were not to seek power, lest they become dominators and oppressors, and so fall to the dark side. Certain Force abilities could carry the temptation to abuse power, he believed, including Alter Mind—the ability to shape the thoughts of others. While Baas believed this ability to be useful, he also advised that when used incorrectly, it could bring one too near to the dark side. An overemphasis on self-reliance, which he believed could be commuted into selfishness, was also something Baas considered to be a road to the dark side. Other personal aspects he advised against included inattention and carelessness.

Baas did not believe that darkness should be used to combat darkness. The Jedi Master counseled caution in the training of Jedi students. He believed that while impatience to learn more was a good aspect in a pupil, it also carried with it a temptation to seek the easy path of the dark side. Baas kept advanced teachings from students who were not prepared.


Bodo Baas was a powerful Jedi. Knowledgeable in divination, Baas foresaw events well past his own death. Through the Force, he could see all possible futures, stretching into far distant times.