Calyxx Zion

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Calyxx Zion
Biographical Information
Race Arcona
Homeworld Cona
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse None
Siblings Saudi Zion
Children None
Born 29 years ago
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.6 meters
Coloring Brown
Eye Color Green
Political Information
Affiliation Avance Coalition
House Soyak-Ikron
Rank Director
Positions Directorate of Research and Logistics
Prior Affiliation The Wraiths
Centurion Arms
The Jensaarai

Calyxx Zion, once an abandoned child driven into the life of commercialized war, now is one of the most recognizable faces in the Last Bastion of Freedom, The Avance Coalition. Zion has no known family apart from his step brother, Saudi Zion, who mysteriously disappeared on a prospecting trip to Gymello. He holds a close proximity to House Soyak-Ikron.


The first known account of Calyxx Zion is from an orphanage on the planet Cona in the Southern Hemisphere. The orphanage being extremely understaffed and funded had less than adequate screening procedures. He was adopted at a young age by a traveling merchant, who kept Calyxx under lock and key, forced to work in the merchant's traveling botanic laboratory. They would travel from system to system collecting the local plant life, analyzing it and extracting concentrated substances to be created into new and profitable drugs. Though freedom was not a luxury for Zion, his forced work gained him an extensive knowledge platform space travel mechanics and organic matter.

As the years ticked by, Calyxx was allowed more and more freedom both planetside and in his experimentation. He used this new freedom to develop a high quality extract concentrate from a species of plant he cloned and crossbred which he called gyroherb. Behind the merchants back, he was able to produce and sell enough to give him enough credits to purchase his own ship, the HWK-290 "Thought Poison". He waited until the time was right,and escaped to his ship and set a direct course to the Deep Core, hoping that his trail would be lost and his freedom would be secured.

The Wraiths

While gathering supplies on a back water planet in Sector 5, Calyxx met a mercenary by the name of Joruus Fell. Joruus was a recruiter for The Wraiths and promised a life of adventure and credits. Not having much of a plan, Calyxx agreed to join the mercenary group and enrolled in the Atra Navea Academy deep in the heart of the Trilon Sector. Joruus mentored Calyxx through the Academy, with which he graduated very quickly with honors and was assigned to the Vanguard Battlegroup and Unit Commander of the Ranger Unit and fierce fighter leader of the Sabaoth Defender Squad "Sequoia".

Always striving to do more for his organization, he soon took over the Sentient Resource Department within The Wraiths tasked with recruiting and public relations. Recruitment numbers rose, and soon a new Battlegroup was formed. Calyxx was chose to XO Typhon Battlegroup under the command of Archon Anastasia Ivonegrot. The two created a battlegroup matched by few battlegroups. Calyxx also now served on the War Council, the highest command group of The Wraiths.

The farther Zion rose in the merc group, the more his disdain for the corruption of it's leadership he acquired. Ralgarrch kept a iron fist on his members and held an obscure view towards The Avance Coalition which sustained The Wraiths. Calyxx became more and more unhappy, the more he learned. He gave his resignation when he realized the organization he loved and worked so hard for had goals and objectives that did not match his own.

Centurion Arms

Not having many connections outside of The Wraiths, Calyxx soon met an Avancian named Eff Kaar. Eff knew the truth about Ralgaarch, and could relate to why Calyxx had left, for the same had happened to her. She introduced him to The Jensaarai, where he made many friends, and shortly after she appointed him Vice-Consul of Civil Affairs within The Avance Coalition. Through Eff, Calyxx also met Lord Navik Ikron. Navik once owned The Wraiths and was a founder of Soyak-Rainer Enterprises which would later become The Avance Coalition. Navik also owned Centurion Arms, which his daughter Kara Ikron lead. She needed good help leading the weapons-manufacturing company, so Kara took Calyxx as her Blademaster and 2IC. They soon established a production center on Bakura-5.

The Jensaarai

Shortly after Calyxx joined Centurion Arms, Navik was appointed 2nd Seat of Avance, and would have to give up the Jen`taral position as leader of The Jensaarai. Gabriel Fisher was selected as the new Jen`taral and Calyxx was offered the Derivan'ari rank as 2IC. Reluctant to leave Kara and CA, he accepted to the position. Immediately Calyxx set to work developing the Bakura Sector's infrastructure. He found that his new leader offered very little input into the organization, and after a short while, Calyxx found himself as the new Jen`taral of the Jensaarai. He selected Xrati Zee to be his new 2IC.

Together the two lead a very successful campaign of Bakura. Avance was enjoying an extended peace time, which gave The Jensaarai time to expand their forces and reach into the rest of TAC space.

Avance Coalition: Directorate of Research and Logistics

After leading The Jensaarai for a number of years, Calyxx felt his civilian roots calling him. He had grown tired of the military scene and gave his resignation to Lord Ikron. A new branch of the Coalition had just been formed and Calyxx happily excepted the title of Director of Research and Logistics of The Avance Coalition.

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