Navik Ikron

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Navik Ikron
Navik Ikron Avatar.png
Biographical Information
Race Corellian (Human)
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Ariana Soyak
Father Haltyr "Stronghold" Ikron
Spouse Tara Tylger
Siblings Venix Soyak, Lyra Ikron
Children Krystofyr Ikron, Krysania Ikron (deceased twins) and Kara Ikron
Born 38 years ago
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.8 meters
Coloring Graying brown
Eye Color Graying blue
Political Information
Affiliation Trade Federation
The Jensaarai
Rank Chancellor
Positions Former First Seat of the Avance Coalition
Prior Affiliation The Wraiths
Avance Coalition
The Jensaarai
Rebel Alliance
Falleen Federation

Navik Ikron is one of the most prominent and experienced Corellians in the galaxy. He is an old warhorse and keen tactical leader. He is a lover of Corellian Whiskey, a connoisseur of carnage, a Mandalorian, and above all else - proud of his heritage.

Pre-Combine History

Navik was born into a wealthy family whose business profiteered off the Old Republic’s war effort against the Confederacy. As the Empire rose to power, the Ikron family’s business only boomed.

The family business, the Ikron Corporation, initially started in the shipment of goods as well as providing customs services to Imperial home worlds. It eventually became a sub-contractor to assist in the creation of Imperial armor, uniforms, and tactical communication devices. They were the prime contractor servicing Corellia and Kuat by Y -15.

Growing up in affluence made Navik a very resentful and spoiled youth. He would often pick on his younger brother and wine if his brother had been preferred in any manner. Navik’s family comprised of The Ikrons and the Soyaks. The marriage between the two families had been arranged two generations prior, but had only been brought together by contract at the Rise of the Empire. Navik’s father, Haltyr Stronghold, despised his wife but did his duty for his family and his Moff. Ariana Soyak was a beautiful Corellian woman, but was kind and gentle where-as Haltyr was brash and emotional. Navik was more like his father while Navik’s younger brother, Venix Soyak, was more like his mother.

By the age of eighteen (Y -12), Navik had finished collegiate level business classes and had earned his father's trust. Navik had enrolled into the Imperial Academy with the intention on becoming an Officer Candidate, but Haltyr put a stop to the process. Haltyr instead had entrusted Navik to head up the Kuati branch, a very prestigious assignment. Navik was then given his first starship and he shipped off to the Ikron Corporation space station in orbit over the industry planet of Kuat. His arrival sparked immediate pay off as Navik identified several short falls, correct them, and streamlined the processes for production.

The war broke out between the Galactic Empire and pockets of resistance and the need to produce armor and uniforms exponentially grew. Kuat became a hub for ship production and Navik decided to switch from generic production to streamlined production, purchasing several data card designs for better Imperial uniforms, utility clothing, and armor. Business became so successful that Navik formed his own middleman service trading company to facilitate orders and trades between the Ikron Corporation and the Empire.

Navik had fallen in love with what his father would later call “A damned mistake”, a young Kuati woman. The two eloped and Navik rented her a flat on the world so he could visit her. He knew his father would not approve and he strove to keep it a secret. His father had many spies and never fully trusted the youth and eventually found out about the young woman and had her spirited away. Navik had become furious, but feared the worst. If he acted against his father, who knew what would happen to his wife. Haltyr then had the Kuati Moff annul the marriage.

Despite his intelligence, Navik was still his father’s son, the emotions welled up and became obvious. His work habit worsened as well as did his demeanor. Both the Ikron Corporation and Navik’s trading business suffered as the youth involved himself more into the Kuati night life partaking of women and booze aplenty.

In a rare visit to the office, Navik received an internal memo from an anonymous source stating that Haltyr was selling the company and all of its holdings to the Empire. Navik had enough and flew back to Corellia. He demanded to know the truth. Haltyr passed him off for a few days and arranged a meeting back at their ancestral home in northern Coronet.

When Haltyr arrived, he was flanked by a squad of Stormtroopers. Navik ushered Ariana and Venix away and he alone awaited Haltyr’s entrance. The two Ikrons confronted one another while Ariana and Venix got to an awaiting transport and made their way into the wilderness. Navik wouldn’t know that it would be the last time he ever saw his mother.

The argument escalated and the Stormtroopers moved in to arrest Navik after the two had come to blows. The troopers incapacitated him and drug him prison for two months while Haltyr completed the company sell. It was Haltyr, a Captain on the ISD Shadowstone, who released Navik. Navik left and vowed that Haltyr would pay for his transgressions. Before he left Corellia, Navik sabotaged Haltyr’s personal landing craft, disabling and reversing the polarity of the starboard repulsorlifts.

Haltyr’s eventual accident nearly claimed his life, but the attempt caused Navik to be a wanted man on Corellia and by the Empire. Of course, Navik was nowhere near that planet.

Navik visited several worlds but would always find the Empire there and again would not stay long in fear of being discovered. He was credit-less and his starship needed desperate repairs.

Finally after a year of jumping and living on the fringe, Navik crashed on the desert planet of Tatooine, his ship finally unable to keep up with all the travel. After wandering he came upon a mercenary camp that housed many guns-for-hire. He lived and survived with the Mandalorian leader named Sevaronian. Sev had been living on the hot planet for quite some time and had taken another apprentice, a young man around Navik’s age named Sylkan Laire. Navik and Laire became eventual partners and the two proved to be a great one-two combo; Navik was the brains and Laire was the brawn. The two mercenaries were unstoppable and performed many missions together becoming something of the local folk lore. Navik lived in camp for ten years.

The mercenary camp, commonly called “The Camp” had gained several followers over the years due to Sev, Navik, and Laire’s notoriety and the camp was busy with training new recruits. A local garrison of Imperials had used The Camp from time to time, oblivious to a wanted man working within.

On one fateful day (Y -2), Navik and Laire went on a mission to help guard a water transport convoy heading to a remote town in the desert. Sev stayed back at their camp to command and communicate between all the mercenary missions going on. The Imperial garrisoned deployed to The Camp and decimated it, killing everyone and burning everything. They had been tipped off of Navik’s involvement by an informant looking for the reward.

Upon Navik and Laire's return, the two stood in shock. Laire dove into the smoldering remains of The Camp looking for Sev. Navik simply hung his head and deserted his partner and mentor. Navik found a beat down Y-TIE and fled the planet, running away - yet again. Laire would never forgive him for this being the cause of their mentor’s death.

For two years, Navik traveled the stars taking odd jobs with the Rebel Alliance. He had heard rumors that his brother was alive and making a name for himself near Endor working for a young mercenary group called The Wraiths. Being a ghost himself, Navik turned to Endor and joined the mercenary troop.

Combine History

Navik began his career as a Wraith under the leadership of Tibo Doinds. Tibo became his new mentor as Navik began his career in the Navy, serving under Tacitus Publius. Venix had adopted the name of Venix Fi’re, but reverted to his family name after Navik had asked for forgiveness.

Upon Tibo's capture by the Empire for attempted theft of Imperial starships, Navik became the leader and owner of the prestigious mercenary group. He used his business sense and helped rebuild the Wraith fleet from nothing and eventually bringing the troop to be the third largest organization in the galaxy, rivaling the Rebel Alliance and the Hapes Consortium.

The Wraiths were contracted by Hapes in a successful campaign against an encroaching Black Sun attack on Dathomir (now called Lorell). The Wraiths had infiltrated the criminal organization and found out that the attack would not come. The Wraiths had helped to rid of lingering Black Sun facilities and units to once again bring the planetary control once again to the Consortium. This successful campaign gained the attention of not only Black Sun but the Falleen Federation. Both Plojo Rosom and King Eldrik Kuraine vied for The Wraiths services as the galaxy started to tear itself apart with hostility.

Like with any business, Navik understood that the Wraiths needed to obtain a loyal clientele. Navik accepted Kuraine’s offer for work and soon after Navik passed leadership to Venix Soyak entrusting his brother to grow the Wraiths. He joined the ranks of the Falleen Federation as the Grand Admiral of their Navy. He had been personally contracted by King Kuraine to help the Falleen Federation battle the Imperial military. Navik had hoped secretly that he would perhaps battle his own father which became more and more of a motivator for his employment. He assisted the Falleen Federation in clearing Falleen Prime and the Beta system of hostile forces. He was also put in charge of an operation that had smaller attack detachments that harassed fleet components belonging to the warlord Venom Kazvar, though the credit to Venom's death was not their own. Kuraine had allowed Navik to become an honorary member of the esteemed Falleen Clan Huruk-Rah.

After Venom’s death, Kuraine tasked Navik to find and eliminate the Dark Lord of the Sith, Vodo Bonias. This was a daunting task, especially since Navik and Vodo had ran into one another previously in an asteroid system in which Navik and his Wraiths circled the Dark Lord and nearly killed him in space combat.

Kuraine’s mission had found Vodo’s location possibilities and Navik investigated each. After finally finding the correct location, Navik’s raiding party came aboard the Imperial Star Destroyer and found that it was full of Sith Lords who were preparing their assault on the Beta System. Navik was too late to prevent the Battle of Beta.

Navik returned to Falleen Prime, sullen and defeated. The Sith had killed many of his friends and had retreated to the safety of their coreward worlds. Navik eventually resigned his position and quietly left the Falleen to their sorrow for the loss of their king.

The allure of darkness found its way into Navik’s heart. He finally succumbed to the former request from the former Dark Prince Plojo Rosom, a request reciprocated through Dark Princess Xya Howie. He joined Black Sun. The irony wasn't lost on him that he was working for an organization he had been once contracted to fight against.

Little is known of what he did for Black Sun, but most believe that Navik simply mourned the loss of so many while others believe in more sinister dealings. Those who believe the second belief cite the disappearance of Haltyr Stronghold around that time period. Navik remains tight lipped to this day about that tenure of service.

What is known is that Navik had met Tara Tylger officially during this time period. He had previously attended her first marriage as an envoy of the Falleen. The two became an item and secretly wed with Alex Tylger performed the marriage rites himself.

Navik remained in the dark until rumors spread that his little brother had proven to be quite the entrepreneur and leader. Venix along with Kyle Rainer and Kayleb, were laying down the foundations of the Avance Coalition. Tara urged him to rejoin his brother and become part of the history. The Avance Coalition came into power and Navik created and became the first Consul of Diplomatic Affairs and Public Relations (DAPR) to which he served for five years.

The Avance Coalition comprised of many companies that Navik and Venix had created together. The company had become the Soyak-Ikron Corporation and comprised of the Wraiths and Rendili StarDrive. The inclusion of the partnership of Kyle Rainer changed the company name to Soyak-Rainer Enterprises. Historians believe the exclusion of Ikron’s name was not to spite Navik, but to spite their father Haltyr. It later was retconned to officially become SIRE as the reasoning became obsolete.

Navik excelled at Diplomatic relations and continued his naval building skills, solidifying deals with the New Republic, the New Anzat Order, and the Tresario Star Kingdom. He retained strong bonds and friendships that not only benefitted the military applications of the Avance Coalition, but for intelligence purposes. Despite this, Navik still felt a yearning to do more good and to protect the people he and his family were governing.

Navik and his good friend Jojoban Mosque then created the Jensaarai, a security company dedicated to protect the citizens of the coalition. The company flourished immediately and became the prominent defensive unit serving the Avance Coalition.

Upon the retirement of Venix Soyak, Horthon Gorthy took over as the First Seat, choosing Arklari Clise as his Second Seat. This leadership change did not last long and Horthon also abdicated his seat to Arklari. Navik had returned to diplomacy for a short term, but was soon pulled in to help Arklari run the Coalition as the Second Seat. During this time, Navik had gained the Avance Coalition a position in the Galactic Concordiate.

A year later, the two individuals had swapped positions and Navik became the First Seat of the Avance Coalition. Navik had hoped that his tenure would be full of success and he knew it would be a challenge.

Navik had identified a need to adapt the Coalition, but recognized a growing danger. The Coalition had been built with profit in mind, but its own houses were becoming too powerful, taking more and more from the Coalition than it was contributing. Often times the Houses were focused inwardly instead of working for the greater good and even more so, the House Loyalties were first over Avance loyalty.

With the fall of the Galactic Economy in Y 15, planetary taxes no longer were a sustainable way to gain credits. Local economies had shifted to a more centralized trade system using the Imperial Credit as the common currency. The Avancian credit tanked and its nationalized companies seized and all were worried for the future. Navik had warned that if things did not change, the Coalition would fall. His greatest challenge had gone from correcting an askew economy to unifying the Houses. Navik felt optimism when the Houses rallied. He even promised Arklari that he would once again be a leader by the next year.

Unfortunately the House’s rally was short lived and it was clear that the time of the Coalition was waning. Navik contemplated his options and delivered his plan to TACCOM (The Avance Coalition Command) to merge the Avance Coalition to their Concordiate partners, the Trade Federation. Navik wanted the best for his citizens and hard workers and Avance’s fractionalization just was not going to cut it.

Navik drafted the articles that created the Kingdom of Elysia, fulfilling his promise to Arklari that he would once again lead as he became the first King of Elysia. The Coalition had also gifted House Asclepius a large set of sectors, while the rest of the faction merged. No other Houses asked or demanded any type of reparations. The Avance Coalition then merged with the Trade Federation on Y16 D23.

Navik joined the Trade Federation and eventually became the Chancellor of the Government Affairs and becoming a member of the Cabinet. Even still, Navik frequents the Wraiths, his home, while still performing his duties as Chancellor

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