Tibo Doinds

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Tibo Doinds
Tibo Doinds Portrait.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Mon Calamari
Homeworld Kuat[1]
Died Circa Year 2 (presumed)
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.8 meters
Coloring Bluish-purple mottle
Eye Color Orange
Political Information
Affiliation The Wraiths (founder)
Title President

Tibo Doinds (pronounced: "Tae-Bo") was a Mon Calamari adventurer.[1] Alongside a Corellian stowaway named Elijah Nerwal, Doinds founded the long-lived mercenary unit known as The Wraiths on Year 0 Day 361.[1] Two years later, the daring Mon Cal was caught and indefinitely detained for high crimes against the Galactic Empire. Doinds was reportedly incarcerated on a remote prison-world and is believed to remain there to this day.


A Fish Called Tibo

Tibo Doinds began his storied existence on the terrestrial world of Kuat, an industrial planet located in the Core Worlds. His cephalopodan parents had likely migrated to Kuat from their watery homeworld of Mon Cala to avoid persecution. Despite their attempts to live in peace, the family soon learned that stark terror could occur at any moment due to the iron-fisted regime of the Kuat of Kuat, the hereditary ruler of the Kuat Drive Yards. Following a public act of civil disobedience, Doinds' mother was arrested by the Kuati regime and permanently disappeared. Emotionally distraught by her disappearance, Tibo's bereft father took his only son to Mon Cala to avoid further misfortune. This return to their species homeworld was ill-advised as the Galactic Empire had thoroughly subjugated the planet. Shortly afterward, a bloody uprising against the Imperial garrison occurred which prompted a harsh military crackdown. Amid the turmoil, Imperial riot-control officers wielding stun-batons clubbed to death Tibo's father. Following this brutal reprisal by the Empire against the Mon Calamari populace, the young Tibo began to entertain splashy thoughts of revenge. He obsessed over forming a guerilla band of resistance fighters known as "The Wraiths."[1]

A Man Named Nerwal

While the latter events were transpiring on Mon Cala, an individual who would play a meaningful role in Doinds' life was enduring similar misfortunes on Corellia. This individual was named Elijah Coinpenny Nerwal (later known by his core name of E. C. "Easy" Nerwal). His absentee parents served in the diplomatic corps of the Corellian government. When Elijah was fifteen years old, a terrorist bombing obliterated his parents on a molecular level. After his parents' disintegration, Elijah assumed care of his beautiful younger sister. However, when the Galactic Empire gained dominance over Corellia, Elijah and his sibling were cruelly separated by the planetary authorities. They sequestered her in a starport brothel frequented by Imperial Army officers, and she became a chattel-slave. Leaving his sister behind, Elijah stowed away on a Heavy Transport Barge en-route for wherever and escaped off-world. The barge's nightwatchmen discovered the frightened stowaway and, instead of being immediately executed, he was forced to clean the captain's encrusted fresher. Eventually, the barge's captain marooned the stowaway on a backwater planet. While stranded, he encountered a bearded human known only as Ceud who plied the young boy with Gamorrean Grog and transported him to The Wraiths' headquarters. Upon arrival, Nerwal was introduced to the fish called Tibo Doinds and enlisted in The Wraiths' Starfighter Corps. He soon became Doinds' trusted confidant and moved up the ranks to Vice President.[1]

Together, Doinds and his loyal comrade-in-arms Elijah Nerwal expanded their mercenary unit with the grandiose objective of liberating Mon Cala and other subjugated worlds. In their first operation, Doinds and the newly-formed Wraiths raided a space station that housed Imperial supplies and a Marauder-class Corvette. After seizing the Corvette and the munitions, The Wraiths continued to pummel the Imperial space station until a relief flotilla of Imperial warships arrived and repelled the plucky mercenaries.[2]

An Untimely End

Emboldened by their first successful raid, Doinds dispatched recruiters to the Outer Rim worlds, and The Wraiths' ranks began to swell. Daredevil star-pilots and blasters-for-hire flocked to the worlds of Enigma and Endor, the Wraiths' strongholds. Soon-to-be-famous personnel recruited during this early period included Venix Soyak, Jeupol Aphapak, Tacitus Publius, Navik Ikron, Scoma Govan, Samus Augill, Kam Farlight, Dereck Flejann, and Rygel Starshifter.[3][4] Tibo had high expectations for these recruits, and he trained them well. They quickly became a formidable mercenary organization, but then disaster struck.[2] The Empire hadn't forgotten the humiliation which The Wraiths had caused by their raid on the space station. Within months, Imperial operatives well-paid in stained coins ensnared Tibo in a sector dragnet and arrested him for high crimes against the Empire. Sentenced to a high-security penitentiary, he was tortured and interrogated for years. Although some optimists insisted he was still alive, others assumed his captors executed him.[2]

Tibo's capture shook The Wraiths to their core, but they rebounded stronger than ever. Although the Empire assumed Tibo's ignominious fate would shatter the Wraiths' morale and thus ensure their disbandment, this proved not to be the case. While the Empire myopically focused its attention upon the Rebel Alliance, The Wraiths took the opportunity to select new officers and to expand their operations. Under the auspices of Navik Ikron and Venix Soyak, The Wraiths re-outfitted themselves with new warships and weaponry. Ultimately, Ikron and Soyak would lead the mercenary unit to even greater fame at the Battle of Beta and in the many glorious years that followed.[2]

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