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The Imperial Army is the Galactic Empire's planetary military force, enjoying access to some of the most advanced munitions and technologies in the Galaxy, as well as coordinating with the Imperial Navy to better safeguard the Emperor's territories. Given the mandate of protecting and enforcing the rule of Imperial law on the scores of sovereign Imperial worlds, the soldiers and officers of the Imperial Army rely on superior discipline, advanced weaponry, and courage to carry the day. However, the Imperial Army's strength is not in its training regimen or vehicular might, fields in which it dominates nonetheless, but its strength lies in the dedication, devotion, and strength of character of its personnel, from the humble enlisted soldier, to the officers who comprise Army Command.

The mission of the Imperial Army, in short, is to:

  • Defend the sovereignty of Imperial worlds from foreign military forces and insurgent movements,
  • Enforce Imperial law and order in conjunction with the Imperial Navy, officers of the Imperial Security Bureau, and Imperial Intelligence agents,
  • Conduct regular training operations and maneuvers to ensure unit cohesion and efficacy,
  • Coordinate efforts with the Imperial Regional Government to ensure the Emperor's rule remains unchallenged in Imperial space, and lastly,
  • Provide assistance and support in the form of military action to allies of the Empire who so require it.

His Majesty's Imperial Army is led by Army Command, the highest echelon in the service. ACOMD, as it is more commonly known, is comprised of officers who hold the following positions: Army Commanding Officer, Army Executive Officer, Army Logistics Officer, and Army Signals Officer. ACOMD acts as an overarching body, controlling the three Imperial Legions, which in turn is divided into 2 Brigades each. Each of these Brigades is assigned to a Sector of Imperial space, and they can be identified as either Assault or Reconnaissance Brigades.

Current Army Command

Past Commanders

  • General Diablirus Balseraph[1] (Year -2)
  • Colonel Erwin Biel[1] (interim)
  • General of the Army Nyln[1]
  • Surface Marshal Trey Connel[1][2] (Year -1 to Year 1)
  • Grand General Clockwork
  • Grand General Beroge
  • Grand Admiral Black Lodge
  • Command General Skynet
  • Command General Sarge
  • Lord General Discord
  • Lord General Corranboat
  • Lieutenant General Skaaj Headstone
  • Major General Kaylene SyberJedi
  • General Sean Patton (Year 3 to Year 4)
  • Brigadier General David Terrio (Year 4)
  • Brigadier General Chiss Veers (Year 4)
  • Colonel Magnus Locke (Year 4)
  • Brigadier General Durand Somerville (Year 4 to Year 5)
  • Major General Ragnar Drakken (Year 5)
  • Brigadier General Joshua Chamberlain (Year 5 to Year 6)
  • Colonel Owen von Ismay (Raider Aspect) (Year 6)
  • Surface Marshal Trey Connel (Year 6)
  • Colonel Anain Aksun
  • Major Alan Steel (interim)
  • Brigadier General Yoshi Hikaru
  • Lieutenant General Dale Chambers (Year 8 to Year 9)
  • Brigadier General Alan Steel (Year 9 to Year 10)
  • Major General Bacara Kex (Year 10 to Year 11)
  • Lieutenant General Graeda L`Annan (Year 11)
  • Lord General Seele (Year 12)
  • Lord General Graeda L`Annan (Year 12 to Year 18)


  • Imperial Army Horizontal Holographic Year 2.gif (Year 2)
  • Imperial Army Horizontal Holographic Year 3.gif (Year 3)
  • Imperial Army Horizontal Holographic Year 4.jpg (Year 4)


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