Can'gal Mirshmure'cya

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Can'gal Mirshmure'cya
Production information
Galactic registry ID# 231703
Production date Day 333 of Year 12 (CGT)
Class Frigate
Model Lancer
Manufacturer Corellian Engineering Corporation
Technical specifications
Length 250 meters
Engine unit(s) KDY Galaxy-15 ion engine (4)
Speed Hyperdrive: 1.0
Sublight: 10 MGLT
Armament Heavy laser (80)
Standard systems Docking port (1)
Flight-grade repulsorlifts
Escape pod (3)
Modified systems Exterior paint scheme
Crew 900 (standard)
500 (skeleton)
100 (skeleton and slave-rigged/automated)
Passengers 550 maximum (typically naval infantry)
Cargo capacity 1,000 tons
Consumables 6 months (maximum crew)
2 years (minimal crew)
Commissioned Year 15 (CGT) as Can'gal Mirshmure'cya
Role(s) Patrol
Fleet Tomas o`Cuinn's naval fleet.
Affiliation Gree Trade Authority
Owner(s) Tomas o`Cuinn
Commander(s) Varik Shapris

The Can'gal Mirshmure'cya is a Lancer-class frigate that serves as a dedicated anti-starfighter platform in Tomas o`Cuinn's naval fleet. Captained by Varik Shapris, it is stored within the Reliance fleet carrier to serve as as support craft for the cruiser's independent operations.


Constructed late in Year 12 by the Galactic Empire, ownership of this frigate was transferred to Black Sun as a result of their new membership in the Imperial Union. The vessel's history since has been shrouded by the cloak of Black Sun's notorious secrecy, but while assigned to the defense fleet of the Gree system, it was captured by the Dael'mor Mandalorian clan during the system's liberation in late Year 14 (CGT). This Lancer-class frigate found its way into the hands of Tomas o`Cuinn, re-emerging in Year 16 as the Can'gal Mirshmure'cya.

Due to their lack of appropriate weaponry, many larger starships are vulnerable to coordinated attacks of fast-moving starfighters, forcing them to rely on wings of their own starfighters for an effective defense. The Lancer-class was engineered by the Galactic Empire to operate as an anti-starfighter frigate, capable of engaging the small, rapid fighters that posed a major threat to their expensive Star Destroyers. With eighty finely-calibrated heavy lasers, fitted on small towers to allow a larger firing arc than standard designs, the Lancer has proved extremely efficient in countering enemy starfighters. Its specialized weaponry, however, has left it vulnerable against turbolaser-equipped ships and thus, for its own protection, it must rely on the very same ships it was designed to protect.