Ciara de` Savona

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Ciara de` Savona
Biographical Information
Nickname Miasma of Falleen
Homeworld Quaensan Moon
Residence Quaensan System
Relationships None
House Savona
Father Aldo de` Savona
Mother Celeste
Siblings Aqua de` Savona (younger sister)

Giovanni de` Savona (elder brother)

Date of Birth Year 12 BCGT Day 277
Languages Galactic Basic, Droidspeak, Bocce
Quote Do your damn job.
Biological Information
Race Falleen / Arkanian
Gender Female
Age 28
Height 173 cm
Build Slim
Skin Pale White
Hair Dark Cerulean
Eyes Celeste Velato
Professional Service
Current Title
Prior Affiliation The Kingdom of Elysia,Faerytail Medical, The Demesne of Myrce, Housa Savona

Ciara de` Savona (Year 12 BCGT Day 277 - Present) is a relatively new, yet accomplished technical specialist and forefront politician; however, she is also known to be one of the few rising high-profile traders and an adept military strategist. She is the de facto Head of House Savona and liege lord of the Demesne of Myrce. Formerly, she also served as the Chancellor and Second-in-Command of The Kingdom of Elysia along with being the Chief Executive Officer of Golan Technologies. She was heavily involved in the massive urbanization efforts of Bhuna Sound VI and Gendius IV, which secured her position as Head of the Department of Infrastructure. She was stripped of her Elysian titles and positions after a failed coup, including an attempted assassination, against Elysian King Arklari Clise.

Despite succeeding to become a prominent leader within the government, she continues to privately oversee her illegal endeavors in human trafficking, specifically in the obtainment of specimens for unethical experimentation on sentient beings. Due to her numerous crimes specifically against individuals of her own race, Ciara holds the self-acclaimed title of the Miasma of Falleen.


Family Background: House Savona

House Savona is an exiled noble house of Falleen with significant ties and connections in the areas of finance and industry. The reason behind House Savona's exile is lost from history, but the resulting hatred spawned from their exile still exists. Later in life, her parents glossed over the details of the origin of this hatred, and all in all, Ciara had the impression that their hatred was disproportionate to the extent of a reasonable grudge. If such a thing existed.

House Savona is a united familial entity of several lineages of Falleen and Arkanians interbred; the source of this racial mixing is unknown, but rumors within the noble house go back several generations. When House Savona was exiled from Falleen, there was simply a disproportionate number of Falleen to female Arkanian servants. Despite the absolute tradition among the Falleen to maintain racial purity, House Savona ignored the rule in face of possible extermination and the genetic drawbacks of inbreeding. And most of all, House Savona felt no pressing obligation to follow the cultural and social norms of a society which they were exiled from.

Thus, after several generations of racial mixing between the Falleen nobles and Arkanian servants, no one in House Savona remained pureblooded. However, within the noble house, there still exists the belief that Falleen are superior to their Arkanian servants, and thus, a social hierarchy depending on how pureblooded a member of the noble house is. The result was the meticulous keeping of in-depth genealogical records by each individual noble house within House Savona. And, as one's true genealogical records could ruin any noble within the noble house, they are closely guarded secrets.

Diverging from sex of House Savona's politics, the foremost and most important entity one can possess in House Savona is wealth. Regardless of one's social power within House Savona, one's wealth rules above all. This pragmatic nature of those from House Savona allows them to objectively look at all decisions: which will yield the most profit, which will yield the most gain. Behind the guises of social values, such as morality, good will and altruism, lies a deep-rooted greed and obsession with wealth. In order to gain profit, House Savona will heartlessly and dogmatically pursue it, regardless of consequence.

House Savona was further divided into several different familial entities, each possessing its own Head and independent land holdings, resources and military forces. The Savona Family was the wealthiest, but weakest in terms of military forces and sizes of land, and held the title as the ruling family through sheer economic force. It served as the House's treasury, driving the economy of the House as a whole by funding the other Houses in their endeavors. And thus, it had the other Families by their balls, in a figurative sense, leading to great dissent against them as a whole.

Child Rearing

Ciara was born as ninth in line for Head of House Savona in Year 12 BCGT Day 277. Although born to the main Savona family, one of great prestige and honor among the other families in House Savona, she was simply another bastard child to the Head of the House. At the moment she was born, she had no prestige, wealth or privileges associated with her family and was forced to endure the harsh social consequences of being born out of wedlock, and furthermore, being born by a mere slave. In House Savona, bastard children were given the surname Green, and thus, Ciara was in fact born as Joann Green. Despite being of royal blood, she was automatically demoted to the status of a commoner and forced into the House's Accelerated Technical Apprenticeship (ATA), a system in which craftsmen and tradesmen of the House passed down their knowledge, education and skills to the next generation. However, the process of acceptan

under Chief Engineer Melusine of House Savona

Career History

Current Positions

  • De Facto Head of House Savona
  • Liege Lord of the Demesne of Myrce

Former Positions - Post-Usurpation

  • Chancellor, The Kingdom of Elysia
  • Lady, Head of the Department of Infrastructure, The Kingdom of Elysia
  • CEO, Golan Technologies
  • Lady, Director, Golan Technologies
  • Lady, Head of the Department of Foreign Affairs, The Kingdom of Elysia
  • Magister, Deputy Head of The Department of Infrastructure, The Kingdom of Elysia
  • Magistrate, Executive Officer of Project Phoenix, The Kingdom of Elysia
  • Magistrate, Executive Officer of Project Ascension, The Kingdom of Elysia
  • Artisan, Lead Architect of The Department of Infrastructure, The Kingdom of Elysia
  • Artificer, External Technical Specialist of The Department of Infrastructure, The Kingdom of Elysia
  • Faery, Faerytail Medical, Faerytail Conglomerate

Former Positions - Pre-Usurpation

  • The Drungary of the Watch of the Demesne of Myrce
  • Merchant Soldier of House Savona
  • Knight of the Demesne of Myrce
  • Vassal of House Savona
  • Liege of the Demesne of Myrce
  • Bastard Child of House Savona

Additional Details

Physical Appearance

Ciara is a pale, medium sized half-Arkanian/half-Falleen woman with short dark cerulean hair reaching her shoulders. She was born with white, pupilless eyes, one of the few distinguishing physiological traits of pure blooded Arkanians, but later replaced them with cybernetic eyes with celeste velato irises. Ciara stands taller than most female humans and near-humans and has a slender figure. One of Ciara's distinguishing features is her pale, unblemished skin, which is due to the fact that most of her natural skin was replaced with synthskin after being mutilated as a child.

Her casual attire usually consists of a battered Clone Pilot Flight Suit coated in Shadowskin, a Nexu-fur bomber jacket and black, Gundark leather combat boots. When hunting, Ciara prefers to wear a custom crafted set of Gundark leather armor or her modified set of Phase II Clone Trooper Armour.