Faerytail Medical

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Faerytail Medical
Faerytail Logo-Pink.png
General Information
Motto "We are Faerytail Medical, in our hands you will be healed."
Status Active
Leader Erik Thor
Owner Simkin Dragoneel
Historical Information
Founded Year 13 Day 356
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral, Faerytail Family
Industry Medical Service
Holosite Faerytail Medical

Faerytail Medical (FTM) is a private medical corporation owned by Simkin Dragoneel. FTM owns and operates many different medical facilities in the Tolonda sector, including many large Alazhi deposits and Bacta refinement facilities.


The Dream of Three Friends

Faerytail was a company that started out as a dream among three sentients, two Coruscanti and a Cathar, who were working together in Juganoth Mining Corporation. An idea of a company of their own without all the bureaucracy they had to deal with on a daily basis was a dream, and mere "Faerytail". But from that dream the three of them began collecting ships, credits, and property in order to one day make their dream a reality.

Formation of Faerytail Medical

One of the Coruscanti's ,Simkin Dragoneel, was offered Leadership of Anzatan Resource Extractions, the mining company owned by the Anzatan Commonwealth.

He brought his talents and personnel and threw himself into trying to fix what was a mismanaged and broken Mining Corporation. After massive improvements all over Anzatan Space, after creating millions of credits of infrastructure, and extracting millions of tonnes of precious and rare materials those who were bringing Anzat such prosperity were betrayed and cast aside by the new leader of Anzat, the paranoid dictator Azarin Isard.

Saddened and betrayed ten members of Anzatan Resource Extractions left to form Faerytail Medical together, using the assets that the two Coruscanti's had accumulated.

The Search for Medical Contracts and Takeover of Krmar II

Since Faerytail Medical had been formed independently, the Medical Company did not own any territory of their own. That being the case, the leaders of Faerytail tried to make mutually beneficial contracts with the major powers of the Universe in order to be able to start making Medical items for use by any who are wounded or in need. Unfortunately, none were willing to give Faerytail a chance, even though the leaders had large amounts of experience and talent.

Then, in the beginning of Year 14, Faerytail learned that the citizens of certain planets owned by the Infinite Empire were being used in cruel dark-side force experiments. A small delegation from certain effected worlds came begging for aid. Unable to look away while people were suffering, Faerytail Medical got involved in a war which ended with them in control of Krmar II.

Current Status of Faerytail Medical

With all the help and work of Faerytail members, Faerytail Medical now can fill almost any size medical order. Operating under the belief that it is not a "Privilege" to have access to affordable healthcare, but a "Right", Faerytail Medical offers their services to all sentient beings in the Universe. Together with other Faerytail sister factions like Faerytail Recycling and Guardians of the Fey Faerytail hopes and strives to be able to be of service to all.


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Faerytail Family
Family Members Faerytail Medical; Faerytail Recycling; Guardians of the Fey
Allies Faery Friends Sekkret
NAP's Sekkret
Sectors Dalchon; Likasha; Harrin; Renillis
Planets Krmar II; Oshara IV; Dalchon; Denubba; Harrin Prime; Harrin Minor; Harrix; Harrad; Harresh; Harrak; Mechis I; Mechis II; Mechis III; Foless