Critical Mass Mining

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Critical Mass Mining
General Information
Status Active
Leader Meretrix Druian
Historical Information
Founder Jophis Drazin
Founded Year 11 Day 348
Political Information
Industry Mining

Critical Mass Mining works to provide discrete services to those that are looking for help prospecting and mining of the materials found on their land. At this point in time CMM is focused on fulfilling the needs of its clients and is not selling to the public. While this may change in the future, the current focus of CMM is to provide first rate service to those that contract their expertise. Land owners prefer to have their fortunes enhanced by the very ground they walk on. CMM arose from the need of several businesses to have a dedicated low key partner to help them attain this goal. CMM expends considerable effort to have a low public profile and never discusses their client base. While the company is new, the individuals that form the working ranks have strong backgrounds in logistics and materials supply. If you wish contract the company’s services for exploration, facility construction or data card rentals, please contact Meretrix Druian