CryoMed Laboratories

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CryoMed Laboratories
General Information
Motto "We Care"
Status Active
Leader Obi Wan Soares
2IC Silvian Night-star
Owner Obi Wan Soares
Historical Information
Founded Year 10 Day 271
Political Information
Affiliation SoroSuub Corporation
Industry Medical Service
Holosite CryoMed Laboratories

CryoMed Laboratories (CML) is a medical corporation formed by Anakin Aikinar and Obi Wan Soares in Year 10. The corporation was created to provide medical care to all sentients and to provide construction of space stations to all sentients at affordable price. Later on Anakin Aikinar, due to the lack of time and the pursuit of new adventures leaves CryoMed Laboratories. Obi Wan Soares assume full ownership of the medical corporation continuing is hard work as leader/now as owner he form the CML High Council, where with the help of the High Council members put CML on the path to prosperity.

CryoMed Laboratories History

CryoMed Laboratories was founded on Year 10 Day 271. The idea of CryoMed Laboratories came from various sentients who got acquainted with each other over the years. At first, they all were to be found in different organizations, all with a common idea. Being familiar with each other, many informal talks where held. Speculations about forming a brotherhood, an alliance, to improve healthcare for the entire galaxy. Unfortunately, their status of individual scientists never changed, despite the best efforts.

At at certain point, a few of these sentients got an opportunity to start a small organisation to unite all those with similar ideas under one roof. One of these scientist had gained some profits in a good deal, providing the needed funds for a small group of 10 people.

After finding a cheap and compact head quarter area, they started collecting the needed materials to create a laboratory. Research needed to be done, in order to reach the goal the always dreamt of. A new branch in Medical Healthcare for the Galaxy.

At this point, the idea of CryoMed Laboratories emerged. The idea of this newly formed group was to combine the existing bacta-based treatments, with a new way of frost-based healthcare.

Many years of testing, trial and error, and looking for new funds passed. The scientist began to get desperate, since every attempt for this fusion, resulted in a failure. New methods for a fusion began to diminish and people where starting to leave the group.

One day, after having a reactor meltdown in one of the research facilities, a strange discovery was made. After radiating the bacta before combining it with cold molecules, the bacta underwent some biological changes, allowing a better connection with the frost molecules.This was the breakthrough they where looking for in all these years. The creation process was carefully stored, and send to a vault for safekeeping. Low scale production could now take place in the small laboratory.

Working hard, learning new ways and having fun lead to the creation of a new name in the Medical field. CryoMed Laboratories was born! A small production line was sent out to the public market, to see what the broad public would think about this new product.

After a few months, the product had really found its way into the mainstream medical market. CryoMed's labs started to become to small to keep a fluent production running. More funding was needed to enlarge the operation, new members needed to be found.

CryoMed's leading figures decided that it was time to form a council for a better steering of the organisation. The creation of this council had many positive affects on the democratic s of the group. Spokesmen where elected, new employees got attracted and better wages could be paid. With this new formation CryoMed began it's climb to its own peak.

Founded by a few base members, CryMed had now grown to a large scale medical company, who provided a new form of healthcare to a broad public.

Big changes are still at hand.


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